Track 1, Round 1, Ding Ding!

This is the first of what i intend to be a daily post on the unblog, prompted by talk in the twitter stream. I hope these posts will begin conversations on line that will lead to conversation and some conclusion at The Recruiting Unconference London on November 19th. Todays topic was prompted by a retweet of a blog i found interesting from Alan Wainkrantz’s PR weblog entitled: Should PR Own Social Media?.

I retweet quite a lot. Anything i find interesting or topical, i share with my network. i get the occasional comment but this one really set the cat among the pigeons. Interestingly, the comments came throughout the day and from three countries. Exactly what twitter is for.

I’ve reproduced the stream because i think it is the beginning of @mattalder’s track “Social Media Circus.” if we can have this much debate from one tweet and with only 140 characters, what is going to be possible in person with free discussion and enthusiastic contributors with lots of opinions. If you want to comment, start the ball rolling here and bring your thoughts to London on November 19th.

@garelaos: Should PR own Social Media? What????? God no please!! No one owns social media, we ALL do. Aaaarrrggghhhhh!

@BillBoorman: This is the debate. If not PR then who? Social needs guidelines

@garelaos: I think an obsession with controlling it by people who mainly don’t get it is the biggest mistake

@gareleos: one of my biggest challenges in our co is too much fear/res over SM. Too many involved who don’t actually partake.

@BillBoorman: People need guidelines from the company over content, then need trust to get on.

@gareleos: Id rather ALL my consultants partook in SM and crossed a few boundaries than just the 2 that are! @MervynDinnen is my SM god!

@BillBoorman: I wrote a guest blog on this recently for @theredrecruiter. Here’s the link

@gareleos My consultants see SM as being owned by Marketing which is wrong! They need to be in it, to own it themselves.

@WendyJacob: I’m butting in, sorry! Don’t totally agree w either of u: if I tweet from a personal acct I do not expect to be told>

@WendyJacob: what I can/can’t say. HOWEVER, if I openly represent a company then I wld have no problem with rules/guidelines.

@BillBoorman: if your company is your bio on twitter or Li you are linked. You would advise a candidate to think about it.

@Dannuroo: worried abt what you say having an issue on personal brand or corporate one.?? make a twitter non de plume! nice and fun

@WendyJacob: t is a difficult issue. But whatever happened to free speech?! I cld advise a candidate to consider what they post if they’re

@WendyJacob: actively using twitter to job search, but it’s ultimately their choice. You are what you are. Chances are if you write totally

@WendyJacob: idiotic stuff on here then you’re probably a bit idiotic in real life too and would I really want to hire you…?! I just think

@WendyJacob: ppl should be themselves and use the same, common sense restraint we they use in every day life! :o)

@WendyJacob: But advising and ordering (bad word choice, sorry) are different things. I think that if you actively use SM for business then

@BillBoorman: Advice is guidelines in my book. Clear guidelines then trust. Avoids ambiguity.

@WendyJacob: you shld absolutely have guidelines. But each case is unique really & who are either of us to say what’s right or wrong?! ;o)

@garelaos: And there’s the problem, mainly caused by gen x decision makers trying to manage gen y type attitudes to comms

@garelaos: We don’t have pub and agreed rules and guidelines on what emp say on the phone do we? SM is no diff

@BillBoorman: We have guidelines for calls, SM is no different.

@garelaos: No guidelines for phone in any company I have ever worked for – just trust & comm sense. Those that abuse go anyway!

@BillBoorman: Don’t you think it might be a good idea to share what is acceptable and what isn’t?

@MervynDinnen: management need clear vision on SM for their business & then have to trust employees to be professional

@MervynDinnen: very soon ‘what is your soc med policy’ will be a vital question from interviewee to interviewer…

@WendyJacob: Whatever happened to good old fashioned common sense? When’d we start needing guidelines for everything?

@BillBoorman: Do you use a different avatar/name for your business tweets & your personal ones then?

@MervynDinnen: use this avatar for twitter, LI & blog…think consistency is key to building a brand and community..

@MervynDinnen: i’ll probably cover it on T Recs very soon…and will certainly be happy to talk about it at #trulondon !!

@BillBoorman: You need a clear strategy if you want to monetize SM, as well as guidelines. Without it, it’s chat

@MervynDinnen: hmm…IMHO i suspect that social media is more artform than science…

@BillBoorman: I know people who use one or the other and make money from social recruiting.

@MervynDinnen: IMHO social media happens, you can’t control it or strategize it…I appreciate tho that it is MHO & not all will agree…

@BillBoorman: You need a plan, target audience and message. That is strategy.

@MervynDinnen: IMHO there are also people scared of social media & how it can change our industry, hence desire for strategy, ROI etc

@BillBoorman: without measuring return and having targets how do you know if it’s working or worthwhile?

@Greg_Savage: Its a challenge, but you can exercise some strategy over content and message. Across an organisation I mean

@MervynDinnen: I would think that it would have to be very light touch..how do you do it??

@MervynDinnen: I love the way your website encourages contact with the recuiter..no jobs listed…I do believe it’s the way to go

@Greg_Savage: Loving the debate but 9 am Sydney time and first of about 1 million meetings starting! Gotta go. Cheers

@garelaos: Damn missed the best bit! Stepping into the unknown is scary but we need to, we need to innovate

@MervynDinnen: and its a level playing field..consultants, managers, directors all learning at same time..thats scary!!

@MervynDinnen: I believe that nature of true social media makes it unmeasurable…but its just my view & I look fwd to debating at #trulondon

Quite a few views and points coming out of the debate. Personally, i challenge peoples tweets if i disagree. it creates the best debate. It’s not disruptive or sugary, with everyone agreeing with each other. I encourage all to do the same. It’s from these conversations and debates that original thinking comes out.

Let the track begin!


4 comments on “Track 1, Round 1, Ding Ding!

  1. Some very interesting debate here and definitely a key issue to explore during “the circus” at #trulondon!

  2. Well that’ll teach me to go to switch off early on a Sunday night – I missed even more of the great debate! 😉

  3. […] and will continue to be debated, and there is a great summary of the conversation on the unblog for the London Recruitment Unconference…there you will see me say “management need clear […]

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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