Talking Heads

Be a talking head

If you read my last post you may have noticed a comment from Gareth George that expresses concern about the position i took over Recruiters use of social media, even though he agreed 100% with the points made. I’m glad Gareth posted his view, in much the same way as i’m glad Peter Gold commented on my Twitter style. I like the conversation and debate that a good blog should provoke.
Jason Davis (A.K.A. Slouch), founder of Recruiting Blogs  made an observation recently on Recruiter House Party that interested me over the significant decrease in comments and conversation on blogs and in forums since the increased use of twitter by recruiters. It’s much easier and instant to have the conversation in real-time and 140 characters than it is to give a more lengthy response and wait for a reply from the author or others. I’m sure the volume of blogs brought to our desktop via twitter can also be  overwhelming.

 I sometimes see up to 20 blogs a day that i want to comment on but there really isn’t time and they get forgotten, and it is often only those blogs that provoke extreme emotion,positive or negative that end up with a comment that i can’t hold back.
I’ve managed to build a  network i value by getting in the conversation whether on twitter or any of the other channels. The conversation, and sometimes the disagreement is what has kept this alive and built both connections and friendships on and off-line. The best way to build a network is to get involved in the conversation and make comment positive or negative. Some comments on my blog, Linked in group, twitter or radio show have made me rethink an issue or position sometimes radically because the comment is valid. The discussion is the best way to learn in any channel. If you want to build a network and make the most of the social media channels, start chattering and enjoy the conversation.

I’m really looking forward to #trulondon 2 on Feb 18th & 19th because that is when the conversation starts again in person. We get off-line and debate the points of the day. I learn from the conversation, sometimes by listening to others and other times by jumping in. I don’t think my learning with social media channels is any different. Please keep disagreeing with me, i might just learn something!

Be the ambassador of your views,talking heads network best!


3 comments on “Talking Heads

  1. I enjoy a rant too Bill. Here’s my latest. A bit long I know, but I like to try and provoke debate.


  2. Great blog Bill.

    I agree with you that all content and interaction allows people to see different views and opinions. I really enjoy the stuff you right and agree with 99.9% of what you say- I only disagree with your reasons for frustration when it doesn’t happen as we’d like.

    Keep writing!

  3. Spot on Bill. The Social Media world incites more discussion and interaction, learning and debate than ever before. The more of that that happens, the more people will step in and air a negative view, because the platform is easy.

    The trick is not to take it all personally, and sometimes not to take it too seriously! – but engage and learn from it.

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