Who do you want to be in 2010?

Some great people!

Some of the great people I've followed in 2009. Thank-You!

This is a bit of a random blog following a twitter stream  started yesterday. It’s not important really, but it does make you think about who and what you want to be in 2010.
If I think back to this time in 2008,I had no idea that I would be flying to America and Canada to lead tracks at Unconferences, in fact I had no idea what they were. I had a Linked In network of about 50 UK-based recruiters and didn’t know any of the people who I communicate with daily. I ran a fairly traditional training and consultancy supporting third-party Recruiters and didn’t imagine this would change. The concept of internet radio was not even on my radar, much less collaborating with others globally on interesting work.
Come 2009 and the reality of the severe recession we all found ourselves in. I had some time on my hands and felt it was worth having a look at social media. I was somewhat sceptical but willing to give it a go none the less. I created a Linked In group, The Good News Group (Recruiters.) and in May I joined Twitter and started tweeting. It was twitter that opened the globe to me and radio shows, conferences, unconferences and other networking activities followed. I’m sure 2010 will be much the same, there has never been a better time to determine your own destiny by sharing, networking and setting objectives to give the most and make the most of your network. Who knows what I will be saying this time next year, but in the mean time, these are the 10 people I’d choose to be for 1 day in no particular order:

1: Tiger Woods

Might seem a bit of a surprise given recent headlines but 2010 is going to be very interesting for Tiger. No doubt a stint with Oprah will soon be announced, some tears and opening of the soul, a return to golf (for the sake of his fans) and a rebuild of the personal brand. Tiger will be finding out about now who his real friends and fans are, and who are the many hangers-on. Just for one day, I think that would be interesting.

2: Jason Davis (Recruitingblogs.com)

Just for one day I’d like to be the man known as Slouch.  Firstly, I’d like to good in a beanie and I don’t, J.D. does. More importantly, I admire the way that he can add value to the networks while making money at the same time. Having spent some time with Jason at Recruitfest, I know he is always thinking ahead about what is going to happen next. I also think #Hashlove Cards is a neat yet simple product. I’d like to know what J.D. is thinking for a day and see the future of the market.

3: Matt Alder

Matt manages to combine wisdom with modesty. I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t like him yet. Matt is also much traveled, and is listed in John Sumser’s top 100 influencers, the only UK entry to date. Not being a recruiter originally, Matt sometimes looks at things through his digital marketing glasses. I’d like to spend a day looking to the future through them!

4: Greg Savage

I’ve known Greg through twitter and his blog the Savage Truth. Greg has been succesful in recruitment in Australia and has been speaking for some years at industry events, long before the advent of social media. Greg is the C.E.O. of global marketing recruiters Aquent. Greg has offices in 17 countries, and it would be great for a day to plug-in to this spread of information. 2010 also sees some brave initiatives that are candidate lead. I’d like to be a part of this pioneering, even if just for one day.

5: Paul Harrison

Paul is the M.D. of Carve Consulting in the U.K. A business that advises on the integration and use of social media.  Paul has some interesting projects going on in and out of Social Recruiting. Paul is the “listening” expert and I’d like to spend a day “hearing” all those voices. Dressing is also simple when you own only one style of shirt!

6: Laurie Ruettimann

The one and only Punk Rock H.R. Firstly it would be good to find out if H.R. women really are that hard done by! Secondly, I really enjoy Laurie’s blog, and so do lots of other people. It would be great to have the level of readership that Laurie has so that you can get your voice and views heard by many. It would also be good to utter the odd profanity during the day and be considered cutting edge!

7: Andy Headworth

For much the same reasons as Laurie without the lady H.R. bit or the profanities. Andy is a blogger I admire with his blog Sirona Says. I’m still fairly new to hosting my own blog, it would be good to spend a day in Andy’s head thinking about how I could make my blog better, knowing my luck however, I would get the day as his alter ego Worthing Crocman, have to dress in green and jump in to the sea, breaking a few ribs in the process!

8: Steve Boese

In my opinion, H.R. Happy Hour is probably the leading blogtalk radio show in our sector at the moment, certainly in terms of following and conversation. I think a lot of this is down to Steve’s style and his following of credible commentators. I’d like to host H.R. Happy Hour for the one day and see what I could do with it.

9: Paul Jacobs

I’m impressed with the work Paul has done with Deloitte’s in N.Z. They have created a great platform on Facebook that really promotes the employee brand. This is run by the recent recruits and i’m sure will have great success. I’ve not done a lot in Facebook, so I’d enjoy getting the knowledge Paul has in this area, as well as integrating social media strategies in a practical way with leading brands.

10: Jim Stroud

Jim is the Searchologist. Much as I would like to spend a day knowing all that he knows about sourcing and social media, thats not why I’d like to be Jim for a day. Simply, I’d like to be as happy as Jim is. Every time I see a video or a webinar, it is the humour and the smile that stands out, it’s infectious.  I’d like to spend a day like that even if my jaw would be aching by 10.00a.m.

That’s my list, and there is quite a few more i could add. Last year, I knew none of these people. This year I have spoken to them all with the exception of Tiger Woods! That for me is the highlight of 2009 and I hope to add plenty more names in 2010.

Who would be on your list for 2010?

It’s a small world, be an ambassador of your network!


9 comments on “Who do you want to be in 2010?

  1. Very flattered to be on such a prestigious list. Thank you so much!!! See you at TRU London!!!

    Smilin’ Jim

  2. Hey Bill,

    I just read your blog, good luck with being Tiger for a day. Just make sure the day you pick is the Oprah appearance and not the other 364 days he’ll spend in divorce court.

  3. Thanks heaps Bill for including me on the list – you’re ace! You will definitely be on my list if I established one. Rumour is that Tiger is looking for a career change as a recruiter and online radio show host 🙂

  4. Hey Bill thanks for the mention, we can try and get you a guest host spot on the show next year. Let me figure out a good idea and we can make it happen. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks. You are a funny guy Bill.

  6. Thanks Bill. One of my resolutions for 2010 was to be included on a list somewhere next to Tiger Woods: preferably through sharing a £25 million Gilette contract (I have been nurturing this stubble for a reason) but since the big G are gonna drop the big T, I happy that the “Being Bill Boorman” list came through. Have a great Christmas

  7. You can be me for a day if you clean @misterscrubby’s litter box!

  8. Bill

    I can’t believe I am not on the list; gutted 🙂

    How about being Bill – isn’t he good enough?

    You do make me smile if nothing else…..


  9. This is a good question to be asking at 12:00 31st 2009……..Diana Travel baby

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