The other “Avatar” movie. #HRCarnival 2010

Thanks to our technology platform sponsors.

After much asking, pleading,bullying, mentioning and twittering, the 2010 Video Edition of #HRCarnival is here. Thanks to everyone who contributed, sent out the message and made this possible.
Without sounding like an oscar speech, VERY SPECIAL THANKS to 2 people who have made this possible:
Lisa Scales from Talent On View who provided the technology. (Not only did Lisa provide the platform but she also spent christmas moving servers when her last provider fell over in order to ensure #HRCarnival could continue and for converting video submissions in various formats in to a format that can be posted here.) Thanks Lisa for all you have done!
Thanks also to Shauna Moerke, better known as H.R.Minion for continuing to organise the project in the background, making sure there is always a host and plenty of content. Like lots of minions Shauna makes both the Carnival and #H.R.HappyHour happen without enough recognition. We appreciate all you do at making us all look good!

Now to the show itself. I will be running 10 video’s per day in no particular order until we run out of video’s. (So far we have about 50.)
You can continue to submit your video HERE for inclusion. For those without a webcam or too shy for camera, I have a solution that means you can take part. Send me a 4-5 slide power point presentation with your picture, thoughts for 2010 and contact details. We will do the rest to turn it in to video and include your thoughts in the 2010 #HRCarnival.

Competition Time:
To make things interesting I will be running 2 competitions each day. You can nominate a video of the day for Best Video and Best Message. At the end of the Carnival I will run the 5 video’s in each category that get the most votes. (1 vote per day in each category per person.) To vote leave your nomination in the comments section.

The winning videos will be screened at #Trulondon 2 in February and the producer will win 2 tickets to a #TruEvent of their choice. You can choose from any of these events taking place globally in 2010 as well as the coveted title of #HRCarnival King/Queen.

Get voting!

Thanks for being ambassadors of both your brand and our community in general. Send for the popcorn and enjoy the show!

Video 1 is from Laurie Ruettimann, well known for her blog PunkRock H.R. and track leader for #trulondon2 in Feb.

Video 2 is from Benjamin McCall who blogs on H.R. and other matters at RethinkHR

Video 3 is from Wendy Jacob, Recruiter who recently launched the blog Wendy The Recruiter

Video 4 is from Raj Mennon who responded to a twitter post. Raj blogs on leadership on his blog 13 apples. A new one to me but now in the reader!

Video 5 is from Jim Stroud. Jim shot this video over the Christmas break as you can see. Jim blogs, trains and makes video’s on recruiting, sourcing and all things social media and is a track leader for #truLondon 2. You can find Jim’s entertaining blog “The Searchologist.”

Video 6 is from Andy Headworth. Another shot over the Christmas break hence the hat and the first signs of a beard. (Do you call that “Green Shoots?”) . Andy is an influential blogger in the U.K. through his blog Sirona Says, was a track leader at #trulondon 1 where he inspired at least 4 new blogs out of would be bloggers (me included), and is a track leader at #truLondon 2.

Video 7 is from a recruiter known as the “Big Biller.” I refer of course to Jerry Albright who is often found (when not filling contracts, counting money or complaining about twitter) on most of the blogtalk radio shows. Jerry blogs at Jerry Albright, Staffing Artist where he also provides a range of downloadable resources free.

Video 8 is a double-header from Michael Long and Kelly Mitton. Michael is well-known for always wearing red shoes running the red shoe project (send Michael pictures of red shoes!) Don’t ask, have a look, and blogs as TheRedRecruiter. Kelly has recently graduated from the University of Buffalo with a degree in business and a concentration in Human Resource Management. Kelly blogs on H.R, Gen Y (unusually from a Gen Y perspective) and other things on her blog tHRyving.

Video 9 is from the recently announced top H.R. influencer (on line anyway) Mark Stelzner. Mark influences, among other places, through his must read blog Inflexion Point.

Video 10: Last but not least is reserved for the real queen of #HRCarnival, Shauna Moerke. Shauna keeps things ticking over as well as co-hosting hugely popular blogtalk radio show #HRHappyHour. Looking at Shauna’s blog, HR Minion, she is currently between contracts so if you have an HR opportunity in or around Minnesota look her up.

That ends today’s episode of #HRCarnival. We will be back tommorow with another 10 videos from the lucky dip that is my in box this year.. I hope you enjoyed these enough to come back. Why not save time looking for tweets and subscribe here for instant notification of the posting.

Two other things to look out for during this carnival. On Monday I will be hosting 3 blogtalk radio shows to look at the predictions from the videos. These go out in Australia and New Zealand at 6.00am – 7.00am GMT (5,00 PM Aus/7.00PM NZ), in the U.K. at 12.00 – 1.00.P.M. and in the U.S. at 6.00 – 7.00 PM GMT (1.00 – 2.00 EST). I will be publishing the dial in numbers and show links tomorrow.

Whilst we have H.R. attention on the Carnival, I will be publishing a special post for any H.R. or Recruiters currently job hunting. The story behind this is that I recently posted some detailed advice on another blog about how to promote yourself through social media. I’m going to reproduce these comments as a blog post and invite any H.R. professionals or Recruiters currently out of work to post links to their linked In profile or resume. Please take a look at the links and help if you can.

Thanks for watching. Keep the entries coming. You can record direct or upload HERE.
Be ambassadors of great HR/Recruiting!


21 comments on “The other “Avatar” movie. #HRCarnival 2010

  1. Aww thanks! Bill, you have done an absolutely wonderful job on this carnival, the first set of videos are totally awesome, people are so creative and I love it, and I absolutely can’t wait to see the rest of them! My vote for best video today goes to Mark Stelzner, just too funny!

  2. Great idea for the HR Carnival Bill & fantastic job push/pull/tug/towing everyone into submitting videos. Love the first 10!

    Best video vote from this bunch goes to Mark Stelzner – but I think you may have to disqualify him for going double the 1 minute limit. So much for the guy who’s going to “talk less” in 2010 – http://www.inflexionadvisors.com/blog/2009/12/29/an-hr-new-years-resolution/. πŸ™‚

    Best Message vote – Jim Stroud. I’m all about more money being invested and more opportunities in 2010!

  3. Top shelf idea Bill putting this together and my thanks to the sponsors too =) for being good to our community. Mark gets my vote for concept and creativity and Jim for content –> that was an absolutely awesome VC tip!

  4. Way to go Bill, another leading edge communication coup. And yes, my video is on the way πŸ™‚

    Watching and votes to come.


  5. Great concept Bill! I applaud you and your crew for the creative spark in approaching the HR Carnival anew.

    Loved the videos. Here’s my two cents:

    – Video #1: I think Laurie is right. Good message.
    – Video #2: Benjamin had rocking visual aids. πŸ™‚ “Ponder. Prepare. Action.” <— Nice strategy.
    – Video #3: I wanted to hear Wendy sing!
    – Video #4: Raj believes in the "era of collaboration". Would have liked to have heard more about that.
    – Video #5: Jim's video was the most upbeat and I really thought his suggested strategy was rock solid. Well done!
    – Video #6: Andy had the best hat (and moose voice). Two words? "Get it!"
    – Video #7: Jerry was a nice proxy for Animal…. or vice versa. πŸ™‚
    – Video #8: Very cute. Love these guys.
    – Video #9: Skip it. Raving lunatic using way too much drama to make a point. Wish that guy would stop talking (good point McClure!).
    – Video #10: The quietest I've ever heard Shauna. "Appreciate the good…". Great message.

    All in all, very well done everyone. So glad to have participated and Happy New Year to all.

  6. Everybody did a great job, but I’m going with Benjamin because of the hope and the ILM effects in his visual aids. Brilliant.

    Mark’s was next for me, but in the end there’s more hope in Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”. Someone throw me off a bridge now.


  7. I haven’t watched them all yet but I can’t wait to comment:
    Great idea for Carnival, and great videos from the participants. I don’t have to see all of them to say that, because the fact that you took the time and made the effort is great in my book, no matter what the content!

    Sometimes you all make me feel like the most insignificant fish in the largest ocean, but I am okay with that because I LOVE being in this damn ocean.

    Way to go, everyone.

  8. Best Video: Video 9 is from the recently announced top H.R. influencer (on line anyway) Mark Stelzner.

    Best Msg: Video 5 is from Jim Stroud.

    Bill: love the videos! Tell @animal that calling Jerry on the phone during his video is LAME.
    And Jerry – you look younger than I had you pegged in my mind.

    Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s videos…..
    Also, is there anyway that you can give us the twitter handles of all of the participants. I don’t have all of these folks on twitter.

    Happy New Year.
    Peggy McKee

  9. Wow, I’ve had three realizations: 1) Bill B. wonderful job bringing this to a reality on my laptop, very cool 2) The contributing talent for these videos are both clever and insightful 3) I definitely don’t fall into the β€œclever” category.

    I can hardly wait to see the rest of the assembled talent. Also, additional thanks to Talent On View I’m very impressed with your platform.

  10. Ben and Mark get tops marks from me! But LOVED Jerry’s also!

    And Mark – if you really want to hear me singing, that can be arranged! Better bring your ear plugs though! πŸ˜‰

  11. Love this. Lots of laughter and reality checks.

    My votes for today:
    Best Video – Jerry (& Animal)
    Best Message – HR Minion

    Looking forward to seeing more of them. : )

  12. Every have a big bowl of AWSOME SAUCE in 2010!
    I love this, of course I have to put myself for #1! Who else will look out for you but you. ha ha
    but seriously if I had to pick:

    #1 I would put Jerry Albright “I met a lot a cool people, I didn’t make any money from them but enjoyed the meeting them” got to love that.

    Honorable mentions:
    Laurie Ruettimann is hot-seriously πŸ™‚ “if you get bored with social media, don’t worry there will be others to replace you”

    HR Minion is The Whisperer! πŸ™‚

    Thanks to those who even put my name close to the top. I feel lucky even being mentioned.

  13. This was just plain fun! Thanks for getting us all in the act Bill!

    My prediction for 2010 is that you are going to rock out! Keep it up πŸ˜‰


  14. Loved the first round of messages, thoughts and smiling faces – looking forward to the next. I can’t pick and you can’t make me – happy new year all!

  15. Looks wonderful, enjoyed hearing peoples different thoughts for the coming year!

  16. Thanks for putting this together Bill. You’re doing a great job. My votes go to:

    Best video- Stelzner. I almost felt like I was watching the Blair Witch Project.

    Best Message (and artwork)- Benjamin McCall. Glad to finally see and hear him live.

  17. Message-Mark Stelzner. Entertaining-“Big Biller”

  18. OK, first day comments (naturally I have done this in reverse, going from Day Four to Day One)

    Most creative, hands down is Mark S, although Ben is close 2nd with his visual aids

    Best message: This was too close to call, different strokes for different folks. so…
    Andy and Ben tie,

    Best Tip, Jim Stroud

    Best assistant, Andy’s Moose

    Best Hats – Jim and Michael and Kelly

    Nice concept, but is best Cop Out – Animal channeling via Jerry πŸ™‚

  19. Fantastic idea and great seeing and hearing all those who are normally reduced to 140 characters.

    Blake Cannon that was quite a production and I thank you. My son just came back from Iraq and though he’ll return to flying for Columbus police, many don’t know what to do!

    Janice :o)

  20. […] Bill Boorman has been running the 2010 video edition of #HRCarnival with really quite a phenomenal number of entries! HR professionals and recruiters from all over the […]

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