H.R. Helping Hands.

Whilst attention from the H.R. and Recruiting community is on this blog for the #HRCarnival, and in the spirit of the season, I want to offer some help and encouragment to job seekers in these sectors. This came about because I posted quite a long response on Margo Rose’s blog advising how she might be able to use her network better in the job search. These are my tips, some of which you may well disagree with but I felt (after suggestion) that they were worth reproducing here for other job seekers.

From the reaction and feedback I have recieved from H.R. job seekers, it seems the biggest barrier to using well built social networks is a fear of reaching out for real help in time of need. It seems the H.R. community is not always good at taking it’s own advice and self-promoting.

My comments were as follows:

This is a good post that highlights the need of a meaningful plan if you want to get back in to work. I couldn’t agree more that you need to combine your on-line activity with physical networking both on the phone and in person for maximum impact.

    A few tips that I think would help you personally:

1: Make it easy for me to find you from your blog. There are no direct links to your Linked in profile or your twitter account that I can just click on. Put some widgets in, along with a direct e-mail link so that I can contact you easily, maybe even a contact me on Skype button.

2: Use the about section of your blog to be your advert for you. If you don’t sell yourself nobody else will. Think “what would a recruiter say about me to get me through the door” and write that.

3: I’d attach your resume to all your profiles. Make it easy for me to get to it. Post it on your blog as a tab with the “about button.” You only need one person to read it who is looking and you could get lucky. I would be as bold as to label this “I’m looking for a job.”

4: Your blog is a good advert for you with some good content. Use it more. Blog headlines rather than blog addresses attract readers. I don’t understand why more bloggers don’t embed their blog in to the body of their linked in profile, preferring to say “Read my blog.” Use the WordPress application feature to embed your last 5 posts. Very easy to do.

5: Despite what some have said recently, I would attach your resume to your Linked In profile. Use the box.Net application to do this. This enables you to post any document to your profile for easy download. If I can get to your resume easily I am more likely to contact you.

6: I find linking my Twitter stream to Linked In works well for me. I post the last 5 posts on the right hand side of my Li profile. This has attracted followers and keeps the profile fresh. I also update my status direct from twitter by using #in. It helps to do this every few days as changes to your status are flagged up to those who are connected to you when they log in. This is very effective for me. In your shoes, I would be very bold with your status and change it around job titles you are looking for by posting updates such as: “Currently applying for training roles within H.R.”. You never know who might read it, and if you build your network around people who might hire you as well as people who will talk to you then you are reaching your targets.

7: Reach out more often on blogtalk. Each time you go on, make sure you communicate that you are a) Interviewing and b) What you are looking for. Use the opportunity to remind everyone you are in the hunt. The hosts will not mind, as long as you are also adding content.

8: Be specific in your profile over the types of role by job title you will consider. this means you are far more likely to come up in a search.

9: Ask your network for help more often. We share the same network but I can’t recall you asking for opportunities. You give to your network freely and often, could be the time to do some taking. You have earned it! Ask directly via twitter if anyone knows of any roles that fit your background. Ask people to help and they will. Having invested the time in building your network, you should be using it about now!

I hope you don’t take this as criticism; I have noted your mission for 2010 and thought this might help. Think like a recruiter. Get aggressive about your personal marketing and sales and ask at every opportunity!
Be an ambassador for brand Margo! Best of luck in your search,

These are my tips, I would be interested in hearing any other useful hints anyone else may want to add.

You can find Margo’s details on Linked In. Can you take a look and see if you might be able to help, offer encouragement or even have an opportunity.

For anyone reading this who is in the same position, I’m more than happy to offer similar advice if you want to forward your Li profile.

I would also recommend that you leave a small ad for yourself in the comments section, and ask everyone to look at the profiles to see if you can help.

If the #HRCarnival can help just one professional to get back to what they do best it will have been really worth while.

Be ambassadors for great H.R. Thanks in advance for helping,


3 comments on “H.R. Helping Hands.

  1. Great advice Bill! I am looking as well. Senior level position in HR with a focus on Employee Relations and/or Learning and Development.
    There I came out woo haa lol

    Thanks again

  2. Dear Bill:

    I’ve taken your suggestions and added my resume to my linkedin.com/in/margorose profile. I’ve also added it to my blog. My blog now has links to twitter, linkedin and a resume link. I’m going to add an informational profile snapshot. In addition, this week I’m going to create a post that consists of my resume and expresses exactly what I want. I’ve already started to express my elevator speech on blogtalkradio programs. Shennee Rutt and I are launching our own blogtalkradio show, Compassionate HR which will feature HR Pros going above and beyond the call of duty to be stewards in their community. In addition I want to offer a voice to Companies who are embarking on humanitarian efforts. It’s been a dream of mine over the past couple of months to do a show like this. Inspired by Paul Paris, and Karla Porter, Shennee and I hope to highlight the heart and soul of human resources, and put the “HUMAN” back into HR. We will also advertise our career goals so that we may both land incredible jobs in 2010. Both you and Alan Whitford have been so helpful to me over the last several months and I thank you.


    @HRMargo http://HRMargo.com Margo Rose

  3. Hey Bill

    I’m going to take you up on your offer, and drop an ad here. I’m working as a consultant right now for some clients around talent acquisition, but I’m also looking for something, well, “juicy” in the space. Ideally it will let me keep my hands in, but balance that with allowing me to have strategic input into the direction my company is taking in talent acquisition & retention (hey, I sound greedy, but I did qualify it by saying “ideally”).

    I’m in Boston, in the States, but I’m open to relocating – especially the Pacific Northwest down to San Francisco, as well as the UK (my wife’s a dual citizen, and my time living in London was some of the best of my life – I’d go back in a heartbeat).

    My background is a mix of award-winning agency recruiting (6 years, leader board every year, President’s Club, etc), as well as running corporate recruiting for ZoomInfo, a leading recruiting tool, for close to 4 years.

    Here’s all my info (resume, LinkedIn, blog, Twitter, etc): http://unhub.com/martinburns

    I’m mrtnburns on Skype, btw.

    Thanks for this, it’s appreciated. Hope to buy you a pint next time I’m in London, in thanks.

    All best
    Martin Burns


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