#HRCarnival – Day 4 in the Big Brother House

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On to-day 4 and our next offering. Still the video’s are arriving. Keep them coming. There is no end date till they stop.  

 I’m really enjoying collating your ideas and seeing all the effort that is going in to it. It is a great way to see the faces and hear the voices behind the tweets. I feel I know you all just a little better. It’s also been really impressive looking at the variety of great blogs out there. No shortage of reading material  and great opportunities for self-development, an area often overlooked when talking social media.  

If you haven’t done it yet you can record or upload direct HERE. Don’t miss the parade.  

Also, don’t forget to keep voting. The 2 winners get tickets to the #TruEvent of their choice. You can vote by posting your views in the comments section for best message and most entertaining.  

Curtains up on todays offerings:  

Video 31 is from Sarah White. Sarah has the interesting job title of Chief Strategy Officer of HRMDirect. (I think this means she thinks and plots a lot.) In addition, this gives Sarah the vehicle to combine her passion for conversation.  

Sarah talks and blogs a lot through her entertaining blog “Im so corporate.” She was also made for twitter because like me, she is active in the twitter stream. She has a good operational background in Recruiting, H.R. and Technology which makes her ideally placed to find real solutions.  

Sarah has an impressive list of past speaking engagements and will be combining her love of travel with her love of stoking things up, as a trackleader at #TruLondon 2 and the recently confirmed #TruUSA.  

Video 32 is from Marianthe Verver. Marianthe is a corporate recruiter for Neo Spire in Dallas and is an active member of #DFWTRN (Dallas Fort Worth Texas Recruiters Network.), serving on the Social Media committee, an area where she has a keen interest.  

 I know this community well having spoken at their #TalentNetLive event in September last year where I had the opportunity to get to know her.  

Marianthe (the names Greek in case you’re wondering), has worked in and around corporate recruiting since 1997 and is highly principled in the way things should be done.  

Video 33 is from Geoff Webb. Geoff is best known as @radicalrecruit on twitter and other social channels. Geoff is a master sourcer for Hewitt Associates and my partner in crime at #TruEvents. When he’s not hunting talent down, Geoff makes great videos (including this one for #Trulondon 2), runs Facebook fan groups and co-hosts The Recruiter House Party on blogtalk radio.  

 Geoff literally is Mr.Webb and a good friend to boot. Geoff will be leading tracks on sourcing at all the #TruEvents and blogs mostly in the RecruitingBlogs.Com and the recently launched  TruBlogs Community.  

Video 34 is from Bill Vick. Bill gave me my first introduction to video and social media when he interviewed me for XtremeRecruiting.TV.  In addition to XtremeRecruiting Bill also runs EmploymentDigest.Net. Like everyone here it seems, a busy schedule!  

 Bill has been around recruitment for many years and was one of the first adopters of the web for building communities. He is seen by many as one of the “Recruiting Elders.” Bill is an ex-Marine who still turns in excellent times in road races 10k and above.  

When you network with Bill you quickly notice how often he refers people to one another for projects, work or just people who have so much in common they should be talking. I learnt this from Bill and always try to practice what is the real essence of community. I know Bill is now working on a new project aimed at the ” Boomers.” I have no doubt it will be a success and wish him well with it. Thanks for the encouragement Bill.  

Video 35 is from Karla Porter. Karla is the Director of Workforce Development and Human Resources for the Chamber of Business and Industry and economic development agency in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The opening line to Karla’s introduction to herself on her blog best sums up Karla’s approach to life and work.  

“When you do what you love it’s not work and I’m very fortunate to be in that position”  

I think we all aspire to achieve that,  but having got to know Karla through my network and at Recruitfest09 (See a few familiar faces here.),  I know that this is not just a quote from the Woodstock Management Handbook. Karla’s aim for 2010 is to “Create the best internship program on earth for the 5 area colleges and universities in my area of service, a Chamber affiliated human capital committee to help increment the number of area employers of choice and a Latino business council to foster growth of this emerging entrepreneurial sector in the Wilkes-Barre area.” 

If you can help Karla to achieve this in any way please do. She is a woman on a mission!  

You can find Karla’s blog on people, social media and food at “Karla Porter, Human Capital and New Media.”  

Video 36 is from Scott Gordon. Scott has an enviable record in technology recruitment, having been instrumental in aiding the growth of 2 businesses nationally and internationally.  

 Scott has been adopting social media to his repertoire (and he hates the term) with proven success in recruiting including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others for some years.  

Scott writes an abrasive and honest blog “The Anti-Pimp” which is always a great read and watch. Never one to be behind the crowd, Scotts blog is now also available via Kindle.  

 Behind the gruff exterior lies a great recruiting brain with a very good understanding of the effective use of technology.  Scott will be a track leader at #TruUSA. Light the touch-paper!  

Video 37 is from Jessica Lee. Jessica combines working as an Employment Manager for APCO Worldwide, based in Washington,D.C. and fills the rest of her time as the editor of H.R. community “Fistful of  Talent.”   

Along with editing, Jessica posts often on a whole range of H.R. topics and is well-known as a speaker of some renowned on the H.R. conference circuit. Jessica is a very good read with some interesting views on how H.R. should really work, while showing plenty of empathy for her fellow H.R. Pros. The one question I will ask Jessica when we meet, “How do you fit it all in? That looks like 3 full time jobs to me!”  

Video 38 is from Jennifer McClure. Jennifer is best known, to me anyway, as @cincyrecruiter on twitter as well as other social channels. Jennifer is an executive recruiter and executive coach,speaker and blogger and has a very good presence across the social channels.  

Whenever Jennifer joins the conversation, listen out to what she has to say. I’ve always found her insightful and  her contribution valuable so you don’t want to miss it. You can find Jennifer’s blog at Cincy Recruiter’s World.  

Video 39 is from Stephen Moyer. I first came across Stephen when he was working as an inturn for Karla Porter. I  saw a tweet about him working for Karla and took a closer look at his twitter bio. In his bio Stephen stated the he was actively looking for a career as a recruiter.  

 With this in mind I invited him on my blogtalk show to talk about why. (Stephen subsequently got help from a few serving and ex-recruiters including  Steve Levy, Paul Parris and The Recruiting Animal among others.)  

Listening to the show was Chernee Vitello, owner of Whiting Consulting. After a few conversations and meetings Stephen started his new career on December 21st 2009! Good luck, I hope it turns out to be all you expected.  

Stephen is charting his experiences in a newly launched blog  “Stephen Moyer’s Blog. A look into the life of a recruiter from the beginning.”   

I think this will be a unique diary and very interesting reading. Perhaps showing Karla’s influence Stephen states his reasons for wanting to be a recruiter as follows:  

” I understand that recruiting is hard work and takes time but if you are fully engaged in your job then it’s not hard work, it’s a flourishing career and it’s completely worth it.”  

Video 40 is from Jessica Miller-Merrill. Jessica is known on twitter as @Blogingforjobs and runs a weekly webinar for job seekers on a whole range of useful topics on MomTV (Sunday nights.)   

 Jessica founded Xceptional HR to provide H.R. and Social Media Consulting to business as well as providing a whole range of services to job seekers through her popular webinar and pink slip party’s. Jessica is also well-known on the conference circuit and will be putting in an appearance at #Trulondon 2.  

Most recently Jessica has published an e-book on Twitter for Business, having gained a sneak preview it is well worth a read. Jessica’s blog is unsurprisingly called “Blogging4Jobs.”  

This brings down the curtain on day 4 of #HRCarnival. Before you go, don’t forget to vote for the best content and most entertaining video in the comments section.  

On Monday we will be discussing all of the #HRCarnival videos received and the trends among the predictions for 2010. You can call in and have your say.  

The Australian/NZ show goes out at 06.00 – 07.00a.m. (GMT)  

You can call in on U.S. (646)-595-2337  

You can listen in or download HERE.  

The U.K. show goes out at 12.00 – 1.00 (GMT)/7.00 – 8.00a.m. EST  

You can call in on U.S. (646)-727-3988   

You can listen in or download after the show HERE  

The U.S. Show goes out at 6.00 – 7.00pm (GMT)/1.00 – 2.00. EST  

You can call in on U.S. (347)-838-9882  

You can listen to the show or download HERE  

I hope you are continuing to enjoy the carnival, and despite being the first day back for many of you on Monday, that you will be able to call in to the show and continue the conversation started by the video’s.  

Be ambassadors in 2010.  


12 comments on “#HRCarnival – Day 4 in the Big Brother House

  1. Wow, a lot of social media focus in today’s videos, which were all very cool! My vote for best message goes to Jennifer McClure and most entertaining goes to Scott Gordon!

  2. Here’s to another band of thought leader brothers and sisters. Solid messages all around. Gotta give it up to Scott for keeping it real.

  3. I am voting for Sarah, because it was Christmas Eve, and it was her Basement…and Bill’s pressure is unrelenting…yup, that’s my vote.

  4. Oh snap this is a tough one so I will go with what I liked!
    Scott Gordon – was the best and straight forward. While I personally don’t believe you HAVE to focus on 1 thing, i do think it helps in this economy.
    I thought Sarah’s shirt was the most entertaining 🙂
    Have a great week.


  5. And the great messages continue. I am going to put in a nod for Jessica Lee for sharing the message I had in my head. I turned on the webcam expecting to declare 2010 as the year of the organizational HR practitioner but under the glare of the webcam. cool HR came out instead. Anyway, you know what they say about great minds 🙂

  6. My vote is for Jennifer (Cincy Recruiter) for the best message. I hope it comes true!

  7. Message-Jessica Lee, Entertaining-Sarah White

  8. Can I just say that I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing? I need guidelines people!!! Thanks for the votes for most entertaining, best t-shirt and most in need of makeup.

    See ya in London!!!

  9. @mverver sounds a lot like @cincyrecruiter to me.

    BTW @CincyRecruiter – Recruiters have been doing business with other recruiters they met on social media for some time.

    @Slouch & I were partners on Recruiting.com and altho we live a few miles from eachother we met online.

    I replied via email to an invitation to network with other recruiters that I found on his abandoned blog, Recruiting101.

    That was Aug 2004. And certainly, before then, there must have been a number of recruiters doing deals with people they met on ERE or on other discussion groups.

  10. My vote for Best content goes to Bill Vick, although he should be disqualified for blowing out the 1 minute guideline 🙂

    A great round up of all of the main themes, and a terrific bit of ‘crystal ball’ gazing.

    My vote for best comment (new category?) is Animal, for pointing out we have been using social media, i.e. communication tools, for many many years to find and link to each other.

  11. Oops, forgot the vote for Most Entertaining.

    Geoff Webb, gave us the weather report – and has the most interesting background – what is that T-Shirt?

  12. […] to you, to be here for you if you need me. Recently I was happy to be invited to participate in HR Carnival, hosted this month by Bill Boorman. You can watch me talk about 2010 being your year in the Vlog […]

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