#HRCarnival Day 5 – Video killed the radio star


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Welcome back to the carnival and the show goes on. 3 things to remember for today:

1: If you haven’t submitted yet, you can record or upload HERE
2: Don’t forget to vote. You can vote by leaving your view in the comments section. You can vote EACH day for Best Content and Most Entertaining.
3: Remember to listen to the radio shows from today, in which we were discussing the #HRCarnival Videos and the stand out points.

The Australian/NZ Show.

The UK Show

.The U.S. Show

The shows covered the key points raised on the videos so far, the emerging trends and the consensus for 2010.

Enjoy the shows at your own leisure.

Now to showtime:

Video 41 is from Melyssa Bernstein. Mel is known on twitter as @melshel99. Melyssa is a Recruitment Advertising and Marketing Executive for Recruitment marketing, branding and advertising agency CKR. CkR are a global agency, and Melyssa has particular responsibility for employer branding, social-media and interactive platforms.

Melyssa’s background is in marketing, stretching back to 2001. This gives her  particular expertise in Employer Branding, and she sat on the expert panel at the Kennedy/Onrec Online Recruitment conference in November 2009 discussing “Corporate Career Sites: What separates the best from the rest?”.

 Melyssa has plans to launch her own blog early 2010. One to keep your eye out for.

Video 42 is from Chernee Vitello. You may recall reference to Chernee in yesterdays #HRCarnival, as the new employer of featured recruiter Stephen Moyer. Chernee is the founder and C.E.O. of senior level technical and technical support  recruiters Whiting Consulting.

In addition to traditional recruiting services, Chernee offers a comprehensive candidate coaching service based around Web 2.0 including using social platforms in the job search, blogging, resume review and networking. It is interesting to note how many third-party recruiters are increasing their service offering across a broader base rather than concentrating on a purely placement service.

Chernee blogs at “the high-tech recruiter” and mixes job postings with personal musings. This is an unusual mix that has some potential for maximizing the return from your blog.

I would also like to take the opportunity of thanking Chernee for supporting #trulondon 2 as a lunch sponsor.

Video 43 is from Joan Ginsberg. Joan must have one of the most unique backgrounds I have come across in the H.R. Sector. It’s amazing what you find out about your twitter followers when you try hard enough.

 Joan has been a uniformed police officer in Detroit, is a Michigan licensed attorney who has worked as a general counsel, taught classes as a law professor in contracts and commercial law before a move in to H.R.

Joan got in to H.R. by moving in to her husband’s business, a small food processing/manufacturing plant and took on the responsibility because there was no one else to do it.  In June 2008 Joan left the business to find a new role and is currently looking for an opportunity. Look up her profile and see if you can help.

You can find Joan’s blog at “HR University.”

Video 44 is from Jennifer Miller. Jennifer is the founder of SkillsSource, a business she founded 15 years ago. SkillsSource focus on performance consulting as well as providing a wide range of training solutions and products including assessments, on-site consulting, train-the-trainer programs and take-away resources. Prior to this, Jennifer had a  background in training and building teams for corporations.

Jennifer describes herself as a people watcher and communicates her thoughts through a very informative blog, “The People Equation.”

Video 45 is from John Nykolaiszyn. John is best known on twitter as @BKRecruiter.  I have to quote John’s twitter bio directly to explain what John does for a living: 

 “Corporate Recruiter for BK. Making things happen one WHOPPER® Sandwich at a time!”

You should take the time to read how John ended up as a Senior Recruiter for BK in his own words on his blog, ” My brand journey.”

It is a very honest account of working for third-party recruiters in the technology sector, being sued, being fired, becoming a partner, going close to bust (and other disasters) as a result of 9/11, becoming a generalist before joining the company he describes as “The King” 2 years ago.

I think this gives a great example of how you can adapt and get to where you want to be if you stick at it and don’t give up whatever life throws at you. (I think this would make a great movie!)

John describes himself as ” Strategically opinionated,and suffer from “esprit d’escalier” when I’m in meetings that have no end.” 

I think that translates as he likes a good dust-up. I’m looking forward to following John closer in 2010 for signs of this!

Video 46 is from Steve Levy. This one breaks all the rules in that its on Vimeo and runs well over the 1 minute. I think the content makes it worthwhile. Steve is never one to mince his words and is well worth following.

Steve is a New York based technology recruiter for M.T.M. Technologies, who describes himself as caring with a social conscience  and a recruiting evangelist in his LinkedIn profile.

Steve is a fairly regular guest on my U.S. show and I never find him without an opinion he is willing to share, or without a valid viewpoint. I also know that he is a true networker who has really gone out of his way to help  people.It’s a pleasure to be connected.

Video 47 is from Mike Ramer. Staying in New York, Mike is Founder and President of Ramer Search Consultants Inc. 

Mike has an interesting business mix with 3 product lines, Executive Search, Training & Consulting and Expert Services. The Executive Search service combines traditional search and executive career/job search coaching and representation in the market.

The training and consulting side of the business deliver Mike’s  “Art of ” series of training programmes and seminars  to recruiters. Mike is also a regular key-note speaker, having addressed The American Staffing Association, New England Association of Personnel Services and The Fordyce Forum over the last 12 months.

The Expert Services brand offers an innovative service calling on Mike’s experience within the staffing sector acting as a vocational expert witness.

This is another example of a staffing business finding ways of generating revenue out of the norm, and is a good example of what is possible. Mike’s blog,covering recruiting with a big social media slant can be found at  “Recruiting in New World”.

Video 48 is from Mike VanDerVort. Mike can best be described as an H.R. veteran having spent over 2 decades in the discipline. Mike currently combines being a workplace writer at Examiner.Com and working as a self-employed H.R. Consultant doing web-based research and “think-tank” projects on H.R. and employee relations issues, for one of Florida’s largest employers.

Previously Mike has been a full-time blogger running the “Best Practice Exchange Blog” between December 2007 and July 2009, which shared profiles of the best employers and the best work practices from the best companies.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved with Mike’s “Over there” series where he introduced bloggers from the U.K. and Australia to the U.S. audience. I think introducing variety to your readers from time to time and is a good practice.

In Mike’s reporting role he attends plenty of conferences and has lot’s of reports and updates on current thinking on his excellent blog “The Human Race Horses.” Follow mike’s blog for all the conference updates.

As a final point, I think Mike is to be congratulated for attracting charitable donations via his hosting of #HRCarnival of giving, resulting donations of $1,900 going to charity “Children Awaiting parents.”

Well done Mike!

Video 49 is from Jacco Valkenburg. I have known Jacco for some time through his LinkedIn group “Recruitment Consultants and Staffing Professionals” that has over 40,000 members and is probably the most active group I belong to for daily postings.

Jacco splits his time between running the Recruiter University in Amsterdam, writing books on recruiting via LinkedIn, advising corporate clients on recruiting practice and has recently launched “recruit2” that is a next generation referral recruitment platform that launches branded campaigns via trusted social networks. It is an innovative product and well worth a look.

Prior to running his own businesses, Jacco spent more than 13 years as a corporate recruiter for major organisations in the Netherlands including financial giants I.N.G.

You can find and translate Jacco’s blog at “Recruiting Roundtable.” It’s a good insight in to the European recruitment market and the pressing issues.

This is Jacco’s real video. (Please watch this one too)

Jacco will be a track leader at #trulondon 2 and will no doubt be taking an active part in the “Culture Clashes” track.

Video 50  is from Michael Keleman, hence the name for today’s blog, in tribute to @Animal. The video goes well over the 1 minute, is nothing to do with the subject and ends in unusual silence from the Animal. I felt it was worth keeping in because the content is valid and the advice good.

Michael has been a head hunter in Toronto since March 97, citing the assignments he handles as being generalist including headhunting, sourcing and reference taking. The blog refered to on his Linked In profile goes to a site called Canadian Headhunter.

This photo from 1994 shows a younger looking Michael . This innocent looking head hunter grew in to the animal we know today.

Prior to working as a recruiter, Michael had a varied  career as a bus boy among other trades which he freely talks about in all his bio’s.

Michael was partner in a blogging community, Recruiting.Com with Jason Davis (Who went on to found Recruitingblogs.Com) when blogging was a fairly new subject and twitter was unheard of . Recruiting.Com was launched in August 06. After a period of being left idle the group was revived by Animal in August 2009.

 He has a long history in the development of  communities and continues to build  following by combining a mix of provocation and help in equal measure. Many of the illustrious names in recruiting seem to have passed through his network in one way or another. From personal experience, I know the advice he gives is usually right however it is delivered. The Recruiting Animal ultimately seeks to help and direct. No doubt in his current twitter or radio following will be the next big name.

He is best known by his alter-ego “The Recruiting Animal”, made famous by the blogtalk radio show of the same name. I have guested on the show twice and have always found him to be well prepared and helpful and his questions very well researched. I have no doubt that the show will continue to attract “cult” status.

This ends todays entries in what has been renamed from #HRCarnival to the #HRCavalcade. A fitting tribute I think from the Recruiting Animal. I have about another 30 videos to go through so we should reach at least day 8. If you haven’t submitted yet please do so.

Keep being ambassadors for great H.R. and Recruiting in 2009.


7 comments on “#HRCarnival Day 5 – Video killed the radio star

  1. My vote for today is tied- loved the “Year of the Employee” message from Chernee and the “Reach Out” message from Joan! Enjoyed all the videos a great deal!

  2. There were a bunch of really creative ones today!! I thought Joan’s and John’s were super cute, Jacco’s was really cool, but Chernee gets my vote for best message and Animal gets my vote for most entertaining because dude, it’s Animal. 🙂

  3. Also, what’s with the driving Mike?! OMG be careful! 🙂

  4. Yeah I’m gonna have to go with Chernee for “best message” and Animal for most entertaining, because he’s the Animal.

  5. Most funny and entertaining was Michael Keleman…but lost the last bit of the video. Good message from Chernee and Mike (BKRecrtr) – look forward to your tweets. Mike Ramer’s way of saying “Ooodles” was kinda funny 🙂

  6. Message-Joan Ginsberg, Entertaining-Michael Keleman…I want that hat more than I want Slouch’s hat.

  7. Today was tough, great line up of videos and messages

    Most entertaining – the creative approach of Mike Ramer, with a good message as well.

    Message: The reach out messages from Joan and Chernee

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