#HRCarnival Day 6 – The Cavalcade

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I’m really impressed by the number of first time “vloggers”. I hope this trend will continue, it’s not so hard and really brings your pages to life. I have plans to do a few more things with video, so watch this space.

If you haven’t recorded an entry yet don’t hang about. You can record your entry HERE

On with the cavalcade:

Video 51 is from Jacqui Barrett-Pointdexter. Jacqui is best known on Twitter as @Valueintowords , one of the band known as “The Resume Chicks.”

Jacqui is a certified master resume writer and career strategist according to her LinkedIn profile, and is founder of career advice business “Career Trends.” The business provides predominantly executive level resume writing, (Jacqui is quite proud of her qualifications in this area), Career coaching, on-line job searching and other tailored services.

In her blog, also called “Career Trends”, Jacqui outlines her past history  from divorce, unemployment, changing career direction and moving her business from a traditional “in person” model to a virtual on-line business via twitter, LinkedIn and other channels.

I found this months blog, “Digging out from under the snow storm”, to be honest and again another example of how you really can shape your own future. Most of Jacqui’s  blog posts combine passion with some good advice for job seekers.

With Miriam Salpeter, best known as @Keppie_Careers, on twitter, Jacqui formed the Career Collective 

This is a collection of 20 bloggers who are career advisors and resume writers, and is a real example of the beginnings of a true community, set up to help job seekers at a time of real need.

I have no doubt many of these bloggers connected through the shared medium of twitter, and shows how relationships can be built quickly and that when you strip out competition you can produce something really worthwhile. I wish them well with this initiative.

Video 52 is from Jessica Booth. Jessica is a Senior H.R. advisor in a large government organisation in Australia.

 In a short space of time, Jess has packed in some great experience and was recently recognised by the AHRI awards as the HR Rising Star of the Year  for 2009.

In the words of the judges:

 “She has developed a strong track record of advice and assistance to her client base, which has ensured her position as a trusted adviser to senior staff. Jessica has developed niche areas (such as emerging technologies) where her ability and knowledge are particularly useful to her colleagues and client group. Her ability to selfmotivate and operate in a singleton role in the Sydney area has been particularly notable for its success. Jessica’s performance and progress since joining CSIRO has been remarkable”

High praise indeed. Jess has recently completed her Masters of Education (Adult), and has a varied set of other qualifications that includes B.Bus (HRM & IR), a Cert II in retail operations and a certificate of attainment in bakery skills! (this is probably something to do with her role at Sara Lee.)

In particular, Jess has a passion for community and collaboration. To this end, she has set up the “HR Club Sydney”, which is a ning based community to encourage conversation and discussion of all things HR.

 This is the motivation behind this enterprise:

“I think in HR we don’t always network as well as we could, nor do we share our experiences enough to prevent people from re-inventing the wheel. We could turn workplaces into great places to work if we were able to share what we knew and collaborate more.”

I think we can all share those sentiments to some degree, and recommend that you drop by to share your own comments.

Jess is clearly a Gen Y to look out for. When we hold #truAustralia on May 21st – 22nd there is already a track with Jess’s name on it if she wishes to take it up.

Video 53 is from Michelle Fischer. I first met Michelle at #trulondon 1 when she stood out in the “Social Media Circus” track, talking about applying profiles to social media users.

I was also impressed that she took the time and effort to send me an unsolicited LinkedIn reference following the event. Very few people are so thoughtful, and it made a big difference. We should all practice this more often for those people who make a real impression.

Michelle is the founder and M.D. of “Creative Leadership.” in the U.K.

 The business specialises in providing Recruitment, Resourcing and Talent Management tools that save time and reduce cost.

Michelle’s background prior to founding Creative Leadership is  6 years as a Recruitment Manager & HR Advisor & 3 years as a 3rd party recruiter. Michelle blogs at “Talent Management Matters.”  Recently,Michelle has conducted a fairly extensive research project in to how  social media is used in recruitment. The snapshot of the findings are:

  • The most popular ways to recruit are Job Boards and Employee Referrals BUT – social media is EQUAL with the use of recruitment agencies coming in third place for popularity
  • The vast majority of companies spend less than £500 on recruitment – regardless of the position being filled
  • Almost 90% of respondents said their companies had used social media within the business YET just over 50% have used it in recruitment
  • The top driver for using social media in recruitment is ‘reducing costs’
  • Overwhelmingly though, businesses do NOT have a policy in place for using social media in their business

You can get a full copy of this research  by contacting Michelle via her blog or on twitter. Michelle will be a track leader at #trulondon 2 and other #truevents globally. Look out for her in 2010.

Video 54 is from Laura Vezer. Laura is an Australian expat, who after 2 years of travelling, has settled in Calgary,Canada. I’m sure this is to be near to the snow and to pursue her love of snow-boarding.

When not in the mountains, Laura is a Resource Manager for I.T.  recruiters Saphire Technologies.

 I always imagine Laura to be wearing a striking beany (slouch style), whenever she calls in to blogtalk radio because of her distinctive avatar and blog pictures.

Prior to travelling, Laura worked for Saphire in Melbourne and Perth, Select Apointments and  as a recruitment advisor for WestJet Airlines.

Her blog “IT Matters Canada”, contains a mix of good advice for job seekers, personal recollections and views and occasional job postings, including a week of contract of the day. I’m really interested in how effective the job postings have been, because if it works, it makes a compelling argument for blogging on the company’s time!

Video 55 is from Paul Jacobs. Paul is known @pauljacobs4real  on twitter and runs the very active “Recruitment 2.0 Asia pacific” community, which has about 2,500 members.

Paul prefers to use the title “community D.J.” over “Community Manager” believing that no-one is in charge demonstrating some of his attitude to networking. In his words:

“The Community DJ provides the venue, selects the right music to get people on the dance floor, and lets people dance to the beat of their own drum.

“The Community DJ has to show up, keep things fresh, experiment a bit, and create an environment where people want to participate. The show isn’t about the DJ, they are merely a sort of passionate facilitator.”

It might sound a bit Woodstock, but I think he may have a good point, very much in the spirit of the unconference. Perhaps all of us that are involved in running communities in there various guises should all become D.J.’s and ditch the Manager tag.

When not spinning tunes for the community, Paul runs a Consulting business in the talent sector,  Engage, based in Wellington, NZ. (please note: NZ not Aus!)

 Engage evolved from a traditional H.R. practice and was set up to enable businesses to take control of their own recruitment process. Engage promote employer branding, give access to technologies and support the internal recruitment process.

Paul is also involved in some other innovative projects. He has a great knowledge of all things Facebook, and has launched a community on behalf of Delloitte’s, NZ.

 The community is run by last years graduate intake and the management stay out of it. Delloite’s use live  sessions where prospective candidates ask questions of those employed in order to atract an active pipeline from the best graduates. Have a look at the banner for the live events and the branded fan page. From what I hear, it is proving very effective. 

Paul is currently working on a project to develop TribeHQ, a platform for targeted communities in the same profession to communicate and Deepsearch, a social sourcing service. Busy times for the D.J.

Video 56 is from Blake Cannon. Blake runs C.G.C.I. a recruiting firm labelled as “Experts in Information Brokering.” 

There are 2 sides to the business. The first is the traditional third-party recruiting/search business that specialise in placing staff who have worked at a hospital information systems company.

I believe that one of the impacts of 2010 is that recruiters will become more and more specialised and become  very good in a niche within a niche. This is a good example of one such company.

The other side of the business works in line with the message in the video. They assist new military veterans with the transition from service to civilian life.

Blake works with both veterans and potential employing companies to identify skills available that are transferable from military life and in managing integraion in to the workforce. I think that this is a very commendable endeavour, and one we should all try to support!

Up to November last year, Blake was the Senior Manager – Recruiting for Higherout Hero, a business dedicated to similar aims.

 Blake’s passion for this cause is perhaps born out of the fact that he is himself a disabled military veteran, having served for 8 years as a Cavalry Scout in the U.S.Army and been decorated in the process.

Out of Military life, Blake  worked first in I.T. technical support and management, before entering in to recruitment, working in roles from Senior Recruiting Manager to Director.

With recruiters  receiving bad press for a variety of reasons, it’s great to be able to feature a recruiter giving something back at a crucial time. Please look  Blake up on twitter, and give what support you can, even if it is just encouragement.

Video 57 is from Eric Winegardner. Eric will need little introduction to many of you, being the V.P. of Product Development for Monster Worldwide.

 Eric has an opinion on all things recruiting and is very willing to share it. (Hence the 4 min video, try keeping EW to 1 minute!)

He was recently placed at 42 in John Sumser’s “Top 100 influencers” and this is well deserved. He has a job that takes him to most conferences as either presenter or delegate, and is passionate about moving recruiting from being just about the transaction.

 In Eric’s own words from his LinkedIn profile, he is a:

“Human Capital practitioner with experience in staffing industry, fortune 500 HR, and vendor environments. I am a student of employment science and work every day to master the art of recruiting.”

Prior to joining Monster in 2004, Eric had a career as a Recruiter for a fortune 500 business and time in the trenches as a third-party recruiter. This gives Eric a great insight in to where Monster need to be going next.

Eric is a real believer in community, and gets involved in blogtalk, blogging, conferences, unconferences, forums, and looks for every opportunity to both give and receive views. When we met in Toronto at Recruitfest09, I found him to be as large a presence in person as he is on line, I look forward to meeting him again.

Video 58 is from Gregg Dougarian. Gregg is the C.E.O. of TempWorks software.

The video clip is a snapshot of his presentation to the Minnesota Recruiters conference in December 09. In a short time, he makes some excellent points. TempWorks offer enterprise business software, staffing software and payroll funding and processing in and around the staffing industry.

In addition to running a software and support company, Gregg can often be found in the social media channels talking staffing. (Who says you don’t get C.E.O.’s on twitter, you can find Gregg here.) In addition Gregg hosts a weekly webinar each Friday at 10.30 CST on staffing start ups. This webinar series has proved popular and is now moving to live video streaming. You can catch the show at Staffingtalk.Com. 

I mention the show because the technology supporting it is quite easy to operate. It is well worth looking at, ( theres a blog at Staffingtalk on the technology) to see how you could utilise it in your own communities.

I think the convergence between H.R, Staffing, Recruiting and Technology Vendors, is stronger than it ever has been before. This sharing of views and expertise in a community can only be good for everyone. Connect with Gregg for some interesting view points on staffing and business as a whole.

Video 49 is from Ryan Leary. Ryan is a Senior Sourcer and Client Recruiter for global R.P.O. Kenexa. Ryan sees sourcing very much as a science, and has a self-confessed geekiness for the technology. His responsibilities within Kenexa are leading all social recruiting efforts, acting as a strike team for senior and executive level sourcing, business mapping, talent mapping and talent community management. Ryan is ever evolving new ways to use the technology at our disposal to build his reach. I have personally learnt from every conversation I have had with him and as a true networker, he will welcome all comers on LinkedIn or twitter.

As a real networker, Ryan set up his blog, “Cruiter.Com” in June 2007 to talk all things recruiting and technology with a social media slant. Ryan is building Cruitertalk as a community, rather than a one man soap box. The 2010 carnival (30 days of 30 bloggers) has just started and looking at this years guest list, is well worth adding to your reader.

What I like personally about CruiterTalk, is that they are not over techy in terminology and contain lots of nuggets of information, and Ryan’s passion, which borders on obsession for social recruiting, translates in to his writing. Cruitertalk has built a steady following, and in the tail end of 09 joined the Recruitingblogs.com family. This will only serve to take it from strength to strength.

Ryan will be be sharing his expertise as a trackleader at #TruUSA in Maddison on the 28th and 29th April.

Video 60 is from Frank Zupan. Frank is a Talent Acquisition professional, specialising in recruitment, development  and retention strategy.Since September 2008  he has been working with Dealer Tire, executing the talent acquisition strategy at professional levels for a supply chain management consultancy in the automotive sector.

Previously, Frank was Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Operations Officer for Visium Resources Inc, a family owned I.T. business, where he oversaw growth and restructure. Frank’s background in H.R. goes back to 1996 and his references repeatedly refer to his team based approach and clear understanding of the law and how it applies to operational H.R.

Most recently, in December last year, Frank was struck down with a serious medical condition which resulted in lung surgery and having to learn to breathe again. Quite a scary time I’m sure.

Frank has used this time to reflect and has written a very honest blog post in RecruitingBlogs.Com.

Frank highlights  4 key points for consideration:

1; focus on the fundamentals. (KISS)

2: Stop whining and sweating the small stuff.

3: Reach out. (Frank is building a community using his sourcing skills to build a support community of others who have suffered from the same condition.)

4: Don’t take things for granted. sometimes you need to have a serious crisis to focus on what you do have, rather than what you don’t.

I urge you to read this very good post and to follow Frank on twitter so that you can wish him well personally in his recovery and rehabilitation.

That ends today’s offering. Don’t forget to place your votes for each day in the comments section of the blog. You can vote for “Best Content” and “most Entertaining” for each day.

As Frank says in his blog post, don’t sweat the small stuff!

Keep being Ambassadors.


4 comments on “#HRCarnival Day 6 – The Cavalcade

  1. I have to comment on Paul Jacobs (vid 55) from New Zealand.

    He has been an integral player in creating a social media buzz in NZ and specificially in the Recruitment arena. His Recruitment2.0 website is insightful, thought provoking at times and a fantastic way to network.

    It’s a shame that NZ does not have more key instigators who would be able to drive the social media message through so we would be able to have more conferences etc here instead of in Aus.

  2. Another awesome set of videos! I love how people from across the world are participating! So my thoughts for today’s are that I thought Jessica’s was funny and Eric went way over 1 min (but we love Eric so now worries!) but in the end my vote for best message goes to Jacqui and most entertaining goes to Paul (puppies!!!!! I’m simple like that).

  3. @Simone @HR Minion thanks! Simone, you’re an integral part of the Asia Pacific recruitment community too. Where’s your video? 🙂 Maybe Australia needs more conferences because their skill levels are lower (just joking!). Though I’m a parochial Kiwi, I support anything that promotes or furthers the recruitment industry in the Asia Pacific region. People in our part of the world are doing some great things. And there are emerging big players – eg China. The world is bigger than North America and Europe.

    I think ALL the vlogs are great. I’ve enjoyed seeing the faces of people I’ve connected with online.

    ‘Some’ thoughts of this block of 10:
    @Jessica – the yard glass , THE YARD GLASS!
    @Michelle – thanks for the ride. Mac for the win.
    @Laura – would be good to get your thoughts one day of the Oz vs Canadian market.
    @Blake – your message was unique and important – and a transferrable to other countries.
    @Frank – my dogs want to eat your cat.

  4. Message: Hands down winner is Blake Cannon
    Honourable mention to Jacqui, Jessica and Paul

    Creative: Michelle for the rollercoaster ride
    Honourable mention to Blake for integration of video and music

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