#HR Carnival Day 7-The Show Goes On


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I was pleased to see the tweets referring to Video 56  from Blake Cannon on what he is doing to get veterans returning to the U.S. to get in to work.

I think this has been the stand out discovery for me in researching the carnival and is to be commended. It also got me wondering whether anyone else is doing this in the U.K. or anywhere else that are providing troops to the war zones. Whatever your personal view on the war itself, we should be doing more to help those returning and needing work. If anyone knows of any similar scheme please let me know, I’d like to promote it.

The votes seem to be slowing down. Please remember to place your votes for Best Message and Most Entertaining each day.
The real #HRCarnival is also continuing. You can find 21 blogs over at The Devon Group. Good reading as always, hope you enjoy and continue to support all who take the time to pull this great resource together.

On with the show:

Video 61 is from Janice Worthington.

 Janice has run Worthington Career Services for an impressive 37 years as an executive career coach, resume writer and advisor for job seekers. Janice is well-known on twitter as @ExecJobCoach and as a regular guest on blogtalk radio. (Janice now co-hosts the Ex-Recruiter Show with Paul Parris.).

In addition, Janice writes a regular blog for job board “CareerBoard.com” that is packed with useful tips for job seekers and includes plenty of Janice’s “tell it as it is” personality. Janice is well-known for being straight talking and no-nonsense.

What impresses me about Worthington’s is that they have really embraced social media in to what is essentially a family business established over 3 decades ago. As well as the blogtalk radio, they host webinars, tweet often, have an interactive forum for questions on the job board and include LinkedIn coaching in their range of services. I think all business needs to adopt this approach to creating an on-line service that compliments their traditional offering.

Video 62 is from Graham Salisbury.

 Graham is a U.K. based H.R. professional who spent 13 years with BAE Systems as head of HR to the end of 2008.  Graham now combines HR practice with lecturing in HR and business studies at the University of Central Lancashire and writing for educational websites.

Graham hosts an excellent resource and blog at HR Case Studies. The site is a collection of HR related updates and case studies from the UK press.

I have to confess to having missed this one in the past thinking it was probably a bit academic. I was very wrong! This is actually a brilliant read and great for anyone interested in UK H.R. and with 135 entries for 2009 and already 3 for 2010 there is plenty there to read. I enjoyed Graham’s writing style that delivers the facts with a little “northern” humour thrown in. Thanks for the time you obviously put in Graham. You can find Graham on twitter most days.

Video 63 is from Anita Santiago.

Anita works within higher education at the St.Charles Community College and the University of Phoenix as an Adjunct Faculty. (For those from the U.K. that means a role combining teaching and research.) specializing in Social media courses. Anita combines her academic role with being a Senior Admin and Finance specialist for the U.S.Department of Commerce.

Between 1993 and 2002 Anita served as a civilian Paralegal Specialist with the U.S. Army Reserve at the U.S. Army Human Resource Command. Anita’s specialities include federal and military H.R. I’d be interested in having a conversation on how things are different between these disciplines and general commerce!

Anita blogs at “The Workforce Connection.” on tips for job seekers, on areas like using Facebook in the job search. Anita is very active on twitter and is always happy to comment or contribute to the conversation.

Video 64 is from Jon Ingham.

 Jon is an international speaker and consultant on all things H.R. He is M.D. of  U.K. based Strategic Dynamic Consultancy Services Ltd, a human capital and change management consultancy.

 Jon’s career reads a bit like a “Who’s who” in management consulting, having worked for Andersen Consulting, Ernst & Young & Penna-Buck.

He  has worked on some major change projects for blue chip clients across the globe and is an in demand speaker with healthy air miles. He has written many articles in the HR press and authored a top HR seller “Strategic Human Capital Management”  (You can read a detailed review on the link.),which charts a number of the research projects he has been involved in and carries real lessons for everyday business. Jon hosts a fortnightly show “Talking H.R.”  His next show is on 11th Jan. Give it a listen.

Jon’s blog, “Strategic HCM” outlines his views on moving from HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital Management. Human Capital Management is defined  as:

“HCM is an evolving approach to creating value in an organisation based upon the capability of its people. HCM strategies are tightly aligned with a business’ needs. HCM strategies tend to be unique and innovative, going far beyond HR best practice. HCM programmes rely on excellent delivery and an appropriate approach to measurement. The resulting development of human capital helps transform the way that business is done and that service is provided. This delivers significant bottom-line benefits for a business.”

I think anyone working in and around H.R. would agree on this sentiment and Jon is an H.C.M. evangelist. It’s well worth the read and was listed at 13 in the  top 25 H.R. Blog’s  by Fistful of Talent in July 2009.

Jon will be a trackleader at #trulondon 2. I’m just working out what we title a dedicated H.C.M. track but it will definitely be worth being in the conversation.

Video 65 is from Jeremy Worthington.

 You may recognise the name Worthington from video 1.

Jeremy followed his mum in to the job search business with Buckeye Resumes. Jeremy is a strong advocate of utilising all of the social media channels in the job search. Jeremy founded Buckeye in October 2005, having been a part of Worthington Career Services since 2000. Buckeye offer a job search and resume service at entry and junior level, combining with Worthington’s at the executive end. This enables them to cover the whole market, offering a tailored service across the board regardless of salary level.

Jeremy is the technical brains behind the operation and is particularly strong when talking Linked In, and the best way to make a profile or resume searchable. Jeremy has recently launched WCSJob Tweet on twitter as an additional means of notifying his customers in the job search of opportunities as they arise. I think this is a very good use of technology and offers a further service to job seekers at no cost.

It’s not all on-line, Jeremy is also a strong advocate of eyeball to eyeball networking. In June of last year Jeremy and the team at Worthington organised the job seekers triathalon to bring together 10 hiring and HR Managers, Recruiters,Job Search Coaches and Job Seekers together to provide coaching in the job search process and they even produced a YouTube commercial to promote the event. This event stuck in my mind for 3 reasons.

Firstly, the concept of networking between all the interested parties is a good one particularly at a time when the job fairs were so quiet.

Secondly, the coaching included sessions on social media and coaching from Stephanie A Lloyd on the phone interview. I find this key part of the job search process is often overlooked and where many fail.

Thirdly, that this event was largely brought together by a twitter network. Old fashioned networking meeting new technology.

I think this is a great type of event, and with the H.R. networks being built, one that could be repeated everywhere for the benefit of both the companies involved and more importantly, job seekers as a whole.

Video 66 is from Stephen O’Donnell.

 Stephen is a well-known character in U.K. Recruitment as the founder of Alljobsuk.com and owner of the Nora’s (National On-line Recruitment Awards.) Stephen has a long history in recruitment stretching back over 20 years when he started out in his native Scotland.

Alljobs list jobs from recruiters, job boards, direct companies and publications with an on-line presence. This gives job seekers one port of call for finding the right opportunities assisted by reviews and ratings of the service by other job seekers. Alljobs lead the way last year with the launch of an i-phone application, further linking job seekers with the platform.

Stephen compliments this with his ownership and running of the annual N.O.R.A.’s. These are awarded to the websites that offer the best functionality and service to the job seekers regardless of turnover, size or statistics. The awards are much sought after and encourage best practice amongst the job board industry and plenty of debate afterwards.

On top of this, Stephen is responsible for the sales within 1job.co.uk that lists over400,000jobs from job boards, recruiters and direct advertisers. A busy workload.

Stephen is one of the industries innovators and fiercely passionate about best practice and standards. One request I have for Stephen in 2010, can we see your blog back again? I know you are busy but your forthright views would be welcomed. I would expect nothing sterile and a provoked comments section.

You can connect with Stephen on twitter and find out for yourself. (As a foot note to blogtalk hosts, Stephen is a master of the stats on the U.K. recruitment industry and runs a number of tracks on job board activity. For facts and figures get in touch.)

Video 67 is from Marie Journey.

Marie has a recruiting career going back to 2003, having sourced for such luminaries as Microsoft and Hitachi Consulting. Marie is one of the leading names in the ” sourcers ” club and uses her extensive knowledge of technology and searching to identify the best talent for her customers.

Marie will be spreading her message at Sourcecon2010 on March 14th – 15th in San Diego, where she will be sharing her beliefs in the benefit of building a virtual talent bench in an advance of requirements in order to enable the sourcers to meet the “I want this and I want it yesterday!” client.

Marie uses the orthodox and unorthodox methods to reach talent including blogs and video. A great example of this was Marie’s video of the “boolean dance reconstructed” , “Kelly the go girl sourcer”  and “Talented Hogan developers in the hands of a facilitator.”, which achieved a 1st page Google, 1st Rank within 48 hours of release. Unorthodox thinking that has brought great results in finding the unfindable! You tube is for more than laughing at people falling down holes!

Video 68 is from William Strauss & Shane McCusker.

Shane is the founder and Managing Director of Intelligence Software.

The business is much more than a software company, working to the key objective of making recruiters more efficient and profitable. If you talk to Shane or listen to one of his presentations, the overriding message that stays with you is that recruitment software should be about information retrieval rather than information storage. (what he feels most recruiters focus on.)

Shane is passionate about efficiency, and though their main product is low cost software, he sees the function of Intelligence as helping recruiters identify how to be more efficient, ask the right questions, employ the right process consistently and as a result increase billings and profitability. He is more management consultant than software salesmen and is well worth consulting on how to make a recruiting function, third party or corporate, more effective.

Shane is a trackleader at #trulondon 2 talking the technology of the future and divides his time between Belfast and south Africa.

His partner in crime in the video is William Strauss who runs the sales operation in South Africa. William co-ordinates the fortnightly webinar and monthly sales competition where both Shane and William offer a free service in making recruiters more efficient.

Video 69 is from Paul Paris.

 Paul has a long and distinguished career in recruiting, having worked as a Senior Recruiter and vice president in financial recruitment for such businesses as Aon consulting, Mellon ACS and AIG/Royal Alliance from 1988 to 2009. In Feb 2009 Paul set up Recruiterreqs.com and the Employment Cafe.

Recruiterreq’s is an innovative business that acts as an on-line broking house between recruiters and hiring companies. hiring companies register their positions on the job board which sits behind a detailed company profile and the recruiters “bid” for the business according to their capability and fees. Each of the recruiters complete a comprehensive profile prior to pitching for the business. The hiring companies choose to work with the best 5 recruiters and the vacancy is withdrawn. All placements are subject to a 90 day guarantee and Recruiterreqs handle the whole of the invoice and payment process. 

There are benefits to both recruiters and hirers in this mutual bid process improving efficiency in the placement process.

In addition to running Recruiterreqs, Paul is a regular blogger on recruiterreq’s blog. The blog combines news from the company and Paul’s unique and highly personal view of the world of recruitment. The Recruiterreqs.com Employment cafe is a ning Network which is packed with resourcers for job seekers in transition.This group includes blogs, chat, forum and groups where job seekers can collaborate and help each other in the job search. A great idea and useful platform.

Paul also hosts “The Ex-recruiter Show” on blog talk radio with co-host Janice Worthington, and to complete Paul’s full suite of social media, he hosts a Linked In group for HR and recruiting professionals named “The Art of Recruiting.” Paul is a man making the most of all the social media channels, to complete the set you can follow him on twitter!

Video 70 is from Dee Allan.

Dee is a genuine global recruiter, dividing her time between Singapore, the UK and Asia as Director of 3C Synergy.  3C Synergy are the only Chartered Building consultancy specialising in recruitment in Asia. The businesses utilises a range of traditional and the latest recruiting techniques including e-interviewing, a dedicated Facebook group,psychometrics, podcasts and sourcing to attract the best candidates and offer a value added service working across the whole of Asia. Dee joined 3C Synergy in 2006 and has worked in recruitment since June 2001.

In March 2009, Dee was involved in the launch of a really interesting project that combines her passion for good recruitment practice and social media with the launch of Redmos. 

From what I’ve seen of this product it could genuinely change the way recruitment training is delivered and given Dee’s background, it has a global application. Redmos is a training product for recruiters that combines D.V.D.’s including extensive resource on recruiting through social media, an activity based workbook with over 150 activities and a fully interactive social media area that includes groups, learner to learner communication, access to forums, blogs and networks and the flexibility to create an in-house social network. This is a product I’m really excited about and I look forward to seeing more of it in 2010.

This concludes today’s carnival but there is more to come. please remember to vote and keep the videos coming. Today we’ve been to the U.K, U.S, Singapore and South Africa. It really is a small world!

Keep being global ambassadors!


16 comments on “#HR Carnival Day 7-The Show Goes On

  1. Blake gets my vote for Best Message. I hope that we all continue to support those transitioning out of the military.

    Have to vote for Vixen as the Most Entertaining. She is my rock, my road, and my companion 🙂

  2. Another great set of videos, and I like the musical instruments showing up! My votes for today go to Dee Allen for best message and Stephen O’Donnell for most entertaining (nice use of props!).

  3. Vixen gets my vote for Most Entertaining!

  4. Marie love your videos! Very much looking forward to the Sourcer role in 2010.
    See you at SourcCon!

  5. Vixen rules! Having met her IRL, have to agree, she’s definitely Most Entertaining!

  6. Marie Journey of the brightest, creative and the passion she has not only for sourcing, but for the cutting edge technology that is moving recruiting to the next level!
    MARIE JOURNEY – Gets my vote!
    She would be a awesome add to TRU-London!

  7. Sourcing definitely relies on FIFO, and the message it carries relates so much to the current climate, so I will have to vote for Marie Journey and Vixen!!

  8. Vixen, (and Marie) hands down! Keen insight and straight shooting fun. Nice job!

  9. Vixen and Marie get my vote they are very very entertaining and that vixen is one sexy….

  10. Video 67 gets my vote – Hot!

  11. Vixen with his honey get 10/10 – lights, camera, action… 😉

    I would love to see Vixen at trulondon 2

  12. Video 67 gets my vote!!!!

  13. Awesome!!! Number 67 Marie gets my vote!! My favorite Sourcer!!!!!

  14. Delightfully refreshing clip and exciting predictions for 2010. My vote goes to Marie Journey #67. Excellent!!

  15. Content: Stephen O’Donnel
    Most Energy, hence entertainment: Marie Journey and Dee Allan
    Most entertaining:

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