#HRCarnival Update – Day 8

I’m working on day 8 at the moment to get the last of the video’s out to you. In the meantime, I remembered an old blog entry from Andy Headworth in his excellent blog “Sirona Says”, and i’ve reproduced it with Andy’s kind permission. If you liked your video and you don’t want it to drop off the radar with the last of the #HRCarnival viewers, (and theres been over 1000 for each video!), why not embed it in your Linked In profile? This blog entry tells you how to bring your profile to life and stand out from the crowd.

December 07, 2009
How to embed video into your LinkedIn profile using Google Docs
Twitter is fast becoming THE font of all knowledge! I came across this absolute gem last week on Twitter – sorry I just can’t remember who shared the golden nugget 😦

Getting video on your LinkedIn profile has always been a bit of a mystery, but thanks to Niall Harbison, this mystery has now been uncovered, using Google Docs as the vehicle to show you how.

Here Niall demonstrates in a very easy to follow way, how to embed a video into the applications section of your LinkedIn profile. The only criteria, is that video must be hosted via YouTube first.

This is easy to do and I have already put a video on my profile – check it out here, it works REALLY well!

So now you have no excuse, bring your LinkedIn profile to life with some video!

I think this is would be a great use of the video you took pains over and look forward to seeing a few links to profiles showing videos posted here.

Don’t forget to keep your votes coming. Day 8 for real will be out over the next day!

Keep being ambassadors of video,


2 comments on “#HRCarnival Update – Day 8

  1. I wish I were there on HRCarnival to demo – HirePlug.com capabilities.


  2. Thanks Bill and Andy,

    I have managed to do it on my profile, appreciate any thoughts or comments. This is the video I have recorded for the #HRCARNIVAL.



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