#HRCarnival Day 8: Its a Wrap!

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I’m drawing #HRCarnival to a close with this post, thanks to everyone who visited, left vlogs, votes or comments. I appreciate your support. The response has been outstanding and I hope you keep up the video work.

I will be listing the most popular video’s by vote later in the week so that you can make your final votes for who will win the tickets to a #tru event of their choice.

Next week,I will be continuing the video theme. I asked questions on LinkedIn over questions to ask the tracks at #trulondon 2 and thoughts on the big challenges for the coming year. You can add your own comments either by video or by leaving your own thoughts in a more traditional way. We will take the full posts to #trulondon to start the conversation.

On with the final call for #HRCarnival.

Video 81 is from Traci Deveau. Traci is known as @devoted2HR on twitter, and it’s a name she lives up to. She has spent much of 2009 looking for an opportunity to continue her career, but as she say’s in the video, she has now secured that opportunity. I wish you well with it.

Traci began her H.R. career back in 1992 with the Fairfield Mortgage Corporation, serving for 6 years as the Director of H.R. for over 6 years. Traci had 2 spells with Bernard Hodes managing recruitment advertising accounts, latterly promoting the use of social media in paticular twitter. This gives Traci a good understanding of how to leverage these mediums to attract talent, a knowledge she is more than happy to share.

Latterly, Traci worked as the National Business Development Director for R.C.I. Recruitment Solutions, promoting best practice in talent acquisition. When looking in to Traci’s background, what stands out from her referrals is her commitment to building strong relationships and going the extra mile to find the right solution. I wish her well in her new career in 2010.

Video 82 is from Hassan Rizwan. Hassan is the V.P. sales for talent assessment company HireLabs Inc. Hassan combines his partner development responsibilities with training, development and consultancy in H.R. primarily in Pakistan. Hassan’s training and consultancy background gives him a really good understanding of developing people in the asian culture. This perspective makes him a sought after presenter on all subjects recruiting.

Video 83 is from Lisa Scales. Lisa is the founder of Talent On View, the technology provider for this vlog series. Talent On View is easy to administer and run, and is well worth looking at if you are considering video for branding or training. In particular, the back-end makes organising video easy and can be branded for corporate presentation. Thanks for all your help Lisa with this #HRCarnival series.

Most recently, Lisa has been developing a community platform for corporate use, that has lots of potential as an in-house social media platform. I see this as being an area more businesses will be looking to develop. If you work for one of these companies contact Lisa to look at the product and get best advice.

Lisa has worked in and around recruitment for more than 15 years, having had a succesful management career with Kelly Services and Select, and H.R. with a city law firm. This gives her a great understanding of the needs of recruiters that enables her to develop services that enhance the whole recruitment process. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next from Talent On View.

Video 84 is from Shannon Russo. Shannon is best known on twitter as @kinetixhr where she dishes out great career advice, HR comment and good conversation.

Shannon is the C.E.O. of Kinetix, a business that can best be described as a talent business. They are involved in recruiting, but  go well beyond that with offerings that incorporate R.P.O, H.R. consulting, Outplacement and Coaching. Shannon clearly has her finger on the pulse of whats needed by today’s talent company with a range of service solutions for most businesses.

Outside of talent, Shannon leads an active life as a mountaineer, having climbed Mount Rainier in 2007 and becoming a nidan in karate. (i think that means she is quite tough!)

Prior to Kinetix, Shannon has held Senior roles in finance with such companies as Spherion, Mars and Kidder Peabody, giving her over 15 years experience of real leadership to call on with some major corporations.

Shannon’s blog, “Kinetix”, gives some straight talk and advice on a whole range of talent issues with some personal reflections thrown in to the mix. what i like about it is that there is plenty in there for job seekers, hiring and HR Managers and even Recruiters. Give it a read, i’ve no doubt you will add it to your reader.

Video 85 is from Mike E Taylor in which he is enjoying the recent snowy spell in the UK. (you might snigger in Canada and elsewhere, the country really closed for 3 days leaving plenty of snow man time. We are not used to the white stuff!)

I have to thank Mike for official launching me on to the social recruiting circuit, when he staged the first Social media in recruitment conference in the UK last year. I haven’t looked back since, so I guess you can hold mike responsible! Mike is repeating this event in April when I will be part of a panel fielding questions.

When he is not organising conferences, Mike runs Web Based Recruitment, a business that was established in 2001 with the emergence of internet recruiting, to help  businesses develop strategy and embrace it fully, so he has seen it all from the first web sites through to the launch of the wave.

Prior to starting on his own, Mike spent 12 years in HR for major blue chip companies including I.B.M, Motorola and Nokia, where he launched their first on-line recruitment strategy.

Video 86 is from Paul Harrison. I don’t use the term “guru” lightly, and I dont use it often, but when it comes to social recruiting Paul is both a guru and an enthusiast. Every time I speak to Paul, I learn something new.

Paul set up Carve consulting in 2006 to encourage businesses to engage with their market via social media channels, but more importantly to listen to what is being said, delivering 360 strategy and implementation. I’ve seen Paul’s work and it is impressive. Carve are based in the UK and Australia, giving Paul great exposure and experience to thinking across a number of continents.

For #trulondon 2 Paul will be running a live lab that i’m really excited about. The room splits in to tracks and each has a track secretary and a micro-blogger. The questions for the tracks, and opinions come from the twitter stream using the hashtag #lab. This could be huge and a great opportunity to involve many more than those in the room. Hats off to Paul for taking this on, and for twitter job search for providing a venue where we can project on the side of the building!

Video 87 is from Alasdair Murray. Anyone outside of the U.K. can be forgiven for being confused by this video and the reference to Terry Wogan, who is a radio and television presenter of great acclaim.

Alasdair is known on twitter as @alconcalcia where he is often found talking about the quality of on-line copywriting. Alasdair has a real passion for this, having had a background in copywriting and other pursuits. Alasdair has had an interesting background which spans a failed music career, writing comedy for T.V., stand-up and other activities, and currently plys his trade as a web-site reviewer, voice over artiste, designer and free-lance copywriter. This work centres on the recruiting and H.R. sector, giving him a unique insight in to this often overlooked area.

Video 88 is from Lucian Tarnowski. Lucian is well known to me and has packed a lot in to his 26 years on the planet. Lucian is the C.E.O. of Brave New Talent and bills himself as a Social recruitment entrepreneur. Lucian is probably the only person (apart from RadicalRecruit), who is planning on racking up more air miles than me this year.

Brave New Talent are a business built on a social recruiting platform where employers build a talent community pre-application and enter in to conversation in order to choose where they will make their applications and ultimately end up. Employers create on-line communities to promote employer brand and attract the best candidates whilst they are still studying and finalising their career plans.

Candidates create an on-line profile, which acts as a network resume and join forums and discussion groups around the career markets that interest them and get to engage and research potential employers in one place. It works a lot like Facebook without having to be concerned about your on-line footprint. The list of employers using the site makes for impressive reading and includes the likes of McKinsey, MI5, Microsoft, Unilever, Microsoft, Oxfam amongst a host of others. I’m watching this platform closely to see how it changes the way graduate recruiting is done.

Aside from Brave New Talent, Lucian is at the forefront of thought on using social media to make communities truly global. He has been the winner of the Global Enterprising Young Brit of 2009, finalist for young entrepreuneur of the year and was listed in “The Top 10 entrepreneurs to watch in 2010.” and is on the U.K. trade and investments global entrepreneur programme.

February will be a busy month for Lucian. On Feb 8th – 10th London is playing host to the One Young World summit. This is an event for tomorrows young leaders born since 1984 and Brave New Talent has been responsible for the global social media outreach for the event with delegates selected in proportion to the worlds population.

If that wasn’t enough for one person, Lucian runs a charity founded by his father in the 1960’s, “Take Heart India.” which is a youth charity that focuses on IT education projects for blind and disabled students in India, based on creating work over charity, on the principle that work builds ans charity destroys. A very worthy cause that deserves the support of this community.

As an extension to this Lucian set up GIVEN . Given was built by a team of 20 volunteers in just 48 hours and enables fundraisers to promote their cause via Facebook. The website of this is well worth a look, and shows how 48hours, unconference style with a totally collaborative attitude can achieve so much.

Lucian was a track leader at the inaugural #trulondon in November last year and will be leading tracks at #trulondon 2 as well as #truIndia  in November on among other things “Gen Why.” Worth checking out

Video 89 is from Karen Thompson. Karen is the State manager for Western Australia at marketing recruiters Aquent. Aquent is headed up by the un- inimitable Greg Savage, and many of his principles in candidate care and principled recruitment is reflected in her writing. Karen has been with Aquent since 2006, working her way up through the ranks, after a career in HR and Customer Service.

Karen is a regular contributor to the Aquent blog with a host of well written, good advice for job seekers and a general commentary on recruiting, social and otherwise. I know Karen from twitter where she regularly tweets news on what is happening in her part of the world (Perth, Australia) and other personal comments. I enjoy her commentary and think she is worth following if you are not already.

Video 90 is from Louise Triance. I’ve known Louise for quite a few years as she built one of the first recruitment communities in the UK via her weekly newsletter and website “UK Recruiter.” This is a free to subscribe to service that keeps you up to date with what is happening in the market and is supported by a very active forum and discussion board where an argument can usually be found.

Louise runs a regularly updated blog of the same name where she comments on the comings and goings in the UK market as well as personal musings on all things recruiting. I admire Louise for being one of the first to identify the potential of building a community dedicated to recruiting at a time when websites were largely corporate and static affairs. I’ve been honoured to contribute on quite a few occasions in the past and enjoy dipping in to the banter in the forum. It really has continued to grow as a useful UK resource.

Prior to venturing in to the on-line world, which has literally taken over her life, Louise built a succesful career in recruiting and consultancy with Highfield Human Solutions, where she worked at every level up to 1998. No doubt this gave Louise many of her early thoughts and views on recruitment that she has gone on to share. In addition to running UK Recruiter, Louise is  qualified to level A & B by the British Psychological Society, and offers a range of testing and profiling services through her consultancy. combining scientific profiling and good old fashioned recruiting is an interesting mix, and one which I know from recommendation has brought lots of success.

I think it is now pretty much time to call time on this vlog series for #HRCarnival. It has been time consuming but hugely enjoyable, and I feel I know my community so much better. big thanks to Louise from Talent On View for supporting me in the quest to bring video to the #HRCarnival. Thanks to all who contributed, recorded or commented. Please remember to keep voting. Will have a count up in a week and announce the winners for #tru tickets. lots to choose from.

There will be a closing video, number 91 from me that will be out this week.

In the meantime, I hope to see as many of you as possible getting involved in #trulondon 2, whether physically or virtually on Feb 18th & 19th.

Keep being ambassadors,


2 comments on “#HRCarnival Day 8: Its a Wrap!

  1. Cheers Bill. Didn’t think for one monent you’d actually use my lame effort. As a result though guess what? I’m co-hosting the Eurovision next year! Only joking, I’ll be too busy tweeting and stuff!

  2. Nice final crew (although we know some videos still to come in a final final posting)

    Most entertaining, Alsadair as Terry Wogan (for the Yanks, think of old time talk show host Dean Martin)

    Best prop: Mike Taylor’s giant snowball

    Best Content: Traci Deveau with her upbeat approach of Positivity and Pay it Forward

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