Ready to win it?

Thanks to Pinstripe Talent , we have 2 i-pads to give away at #truUSA in Madison on 19th /20th April. I will be blogging the rules and how you can take part but here is the outline:

On the 18th and 19th we will be running the “Battle of the Bloggers” and “Recruiter Big Brother” tracks. Attendees will be able to enter the competition by shooting a 2 minute video on any Recruiting/HR subject of their choice. You can add up to 140 words of text to your vlog to combine video and word. The blogs will be typed, video uploaded and posted to “The Recruiters Lounge” using the i-pad.

Readers will be asked to score the blogs in 5 areas and the blog with the highest score at 3.00PM EST on 20th April will win i-pad number 1. Anyone that blogs, tweets, re-tweets or comments about #truUSA between now and the 20th will be able to enter to win the other i-pad. A tweet under the #truUSA #truPinstripe hash tag will mark a new post. You can vote on every post, one vote per post using a twitter poll we will be posting on the 18th and 19th. (In the event of a draw, a blogoff will be held. Details of the blog off will be published on the 17th.)

When all the voting has finished, we will be select one of the voters from a random draw. The lucky voter will get the second i-pad thanks to Platinum Sponsors Pinstripe Talent.

It really is that simple.

Who’s in? Be ambassadors of your message.


2 comments on “WIN AN I-PAD!!!

  1. Pinstripe is on a boycott list because of $10,000 in donations by CEO Susan J Marks to the campaigns of Wisconsin’s Temporary Governor Scott Walker. Please join in this Boycott of Pinstripe and encourage others to join in too.

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