#HREvolution, not Revolution

Next week I am going to Chicago to keep a promise I made some time ago to a good friend, Trish McFarlane, to lead a track at #HREvolution.
I’m really looking forward to this event for quite a few reasons, not least because I don’t have to worry about the coffee. It’s not a #tru event, but it will always be top of my “must go” list.

Quite a few events have been labeled unconference’s recently, but seem to be more like facilitated conferences. A bit more interaction, which is great, but still plenty of powerpoint and presentation. This event promises none of either, and that’s great.
I know nearly everyone attending, even if i haven’t met them yet. I know already I’m going to have a ball. I’m also going to be in the presence of greatness with Lance Haun from E.R.E, Sexy Thinker Amanda Hite, Cincy recruiter, author of “Staying Power” Jason Seiden, Stelzner, Mike VanDervort and a whole host more. I will also get to say hi again to Laurie from PunkRock HR, Trish, Steve Boese, Blogging4Jobs, Fishdogs, Ryan Leary, Sarah White and many more.
Theres lots of people attending who have never been to an unconference, so for you, here is what you can expect.

A video from when I met Mrs.Mac:

I will be blogging from Chicago and running a track with Radical Recruit on  #TruStorys and why recruiters hate HR. (Thats a bit like Daniel in to the lion’s den!)

If I survive I will tweet, and if your going, be an ambassador!


2 comments on “#HREvolution, not Revolution

  1. Looking forward to meeting you! Thanks for the mention!!

  2. Looking forward to meeting you in person Bill!

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