The 4 most important tools in social recruiting

I get a lot of posts in to my google reader, networked blogs on facebook and many thousands more through my twitter stream, that educate me on social recruiting and the latest must have applications. Be they mobile, twitter clients, you tube channels, lot’s of new toys I just can’t live without.

I read even more on employer branding as the most important thing in social recruiting. On my part, I have also written plenty of blogs that follow in the same vein.

Here’s the thing, I didn’t read anything about what I consider to be the 4 most important tools in social recruiting. My thinking is that all this talk is good and useful but we miss a key point.

They are all involved in talent attraction or social sourcing. This is only the first part of the recruitment process, and all social recruiting is, is hiring using social media to attract and communicate. The hiring is still pretty much done in the same way as it has been for the last 27 years that i have been involved in the industry.

The 4 most important tools in social recruiting, or any flavor of recruiting in my book are:

1: A good, detailed job spec.

For me that means understanding 5 key areas:

The Company (warts and all)
The Job and the duties involved
The person that would fit this job and the company culture
The decision making process. Who is involved and what each person involved is looking for.
The points of appeal. (Why someone should really want to work with you and what you can realistically offer.)
The most important thing every candidate needs to have. This is where you start your search.

In my experience, this has only ever come from having a process that includes conversations and face to face and a vacancy take on form to record the information in a structured way.

2: A structured interview and understanding of the candidate.

This means digging in to the following:

Personal details
Work history by job
Skills and experience
Reasons for leaving
Aspirations and wants for the future (to match against what you can really offer)
Character and personality
Commitment to move

Again this comes from a face to face or telephone meeting and a structured interview process to cover all the information with all the candidates consistently. Again, an interview form helps to achieve consistency.

3: A recruiter (Corporate or third party), to match the candidates sourced and interviewed against the job spec to find the best fit. Skills and experience get interviews, and to some degree you can automate this, but the real match and subsequent hire is in the person fit. You can’t automate that.

4: A telephone to TALK to people. Not tweet, not message, not friend. All of the above are dependent on detailed conversation on the phone and face to face, throughout the whole recruitment process.

There you have it, the 4 killer tools have been around all along. Most of the talk is really about social sourcing. I don’t deride it. I think that used properly, you can get the best talent in to the top of your recruitment funnel, which will get you better hires, but the real recruitment does not involve technology.

If anyone wants copies of my interview or job spec forms I will be glad to send you them, just leave a comment.
I will also be taking copies to H.R. Evolution, and talking to H.R. about thinking like recruiters.

Be ambassadors for real recruiting, no hype!


5 comments on “The 4 most important tools in social recruiting

  1. Hi Bill
    Here here ! Excellent post. I agree Social Media does not replace the good old fashioned way of recruitment. Whilst we have a structure and forms which we use and are happy with, I’d LOVE to see your forms. Never too old to learn !

  2. PS: I would add though that Social Media is a very useful and fun additional tool.

  3. Hey Bill, good post however I believe that the biggest part of social recruiting I being social and interacting in person with your candidate or client. Building that relationship is paramount. I’d love to see your forms if you don’t mind sharing!


  4. Hi Bill, thanks for the refresher. It’s easy to get carried away with twitter etc and lose focus on the important things. Would love to take you up on the offer of seeing your forms. Good luck at #HREvolution.


  5. Bill, I find you very refreshing! You mix the traditional and social side of recruiting with brio!

    I would love to get your job specs form 🙂

    Thanks for inspiring me.

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