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How Jobsite won the F.A.Cup

Every sporting team, at every level from local under 9’s to top of the premiership have a company name across the front of their shirt. I’ve done it myself for a local rugby team when I ran a local recruitment business. I’ve also been a Director of a business that sponsored Huddersfield Town and was involved in 20 other sporting partnerships. Why do companies put money in to sport and what kind of return can they really hope for?

On a local level, it brings good will. If you have potential customers or candidates involved in the club as players, parents or supporters you can win business opportunity in return. The investment is relatively low against the potential return, as well as the opportunity to get some local good will.

On the bigger stage, in the professional game, the investment is much larger and a much bigger risk. The return lies in how people buy. Name recognition is the key to winning the lions share of the floating consumer. In any town, the football or rugby club is the best known brand. Think of a town, you think of a team. Think of a team you see images of often, you think of the sponsor. We trust names we know even if we don’t know the company, and the constant exposure means everyone knows the Jobsite name. Combine this with a call to action like TV ad’s, and you are on to a winner.

Jobsite sponsor Portsmouth. There were many this year where the benefit of sponsoring a team entering in to administration was questioned. The reality is, outside of the big 4 clubs in the Premiership, Portsmouth have been photographed and featured more times than any other club. This came to a peak with the cup final which was watched by an audience of over60 million worldwide, and was featured in nearly every newspaper across the globe. Portsmouth may not have won the cup, but Jobsite certainly did!

Brand recognition is a key part of marketing strategy. The more people who know your brand, the more people will favour you over another potential employer or recruiter. Not everyone can afford the investment needed to sponsor a club, but you can build large and targeted social networks that will keep you constantly in front of potential candidates and clients. The bigger your relevant network, the more people will recognize your name.  After all, most are just lurking and watching.

Be the ambassador of your brand,


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