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Helpful Social Recruiting Tools

I’ve just taken part in the monthly twitter chat, #TNL, hosted by Craig Fisher. (@fishdogs). The topic of the chat for July was “Cool Tools and Location Recruiting.” Leaving the location bit out, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the applications mentioned and there uses for social recruiting. Most of these were […]

My Inspirational Journey: Preston to Northampton

Tonight I took 3 trains to get  from Preston (North West of England for anyone out of the UK), to Northampton. To pass the time, I was re-reading a career book I particularly enjoy, “How to Self Destruct. Making the least of what’s left of your Career.” I was surprised when a man sat down […]

In defence of Recruiters

This post has been written for the latest edition of #HRCarnival, which is hosted by Jennifer McClure. Jennifer is best known as @CincyRecruiter. I was lucky enough to meet Jennifer at #HREvolution, and I’m delighted that she will be sharing her wisdom at #truManchester on the 8th/9th September. Not to be missed! I have been […]

Refreshingly Social (Recruiters, H.R. and L.F.C.T.V.)

This week I spoke at a conference on Social Media In Sport organised by Daniel McLaren and The UK  Sports Network. It was a really enjoyable day. The speaker list included brands that roll off the tongue like Liverpool Football Club, Lotus Racing, The N.B.A. among others. How was I a speaker you might be […]

Live Social In London 15th July

Being social is still a face to face activity, despite all the on-line networks available. You build a much better relationship with someone when you can see the whites of their eyes. I have some great on-line relationships with people I talk to regularly, but the closest relationships, most of which started with a tweet, […]

Remembering 07/07

5 years ago today, 57 people died in London as a result of 4 suicide bombs that were detonated on 3 tube trains and a bus. The day after London celebrated being awarded the Olympic Games in 2012, London was in mourning. While not on the scale of 09/11, this was particularly disturbing for me, […]

Think Inside The Box

I was recently asked in a tweet by @JustinHillier:  “Recruiting in 2021 – Whats your out of the box idea. #socialrecruiting” This is not an uncommon question and got me considering if “out of the box thinking”, is the big challenge faced by recruiters and H.R. now, or whether we should actually be looking […]