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Think Inside The Box

Is reinvention best?

I was recently asked in a tweet by @JustinHillier:  “Recruiting in 2021 – Whats your out of the box idea. http://bit.ly/bqy5Q0 #socialrecruiting”

This is not an uncommon question and got me considering if “out of the box thinking”, is the big challenge faced by recruiters and H.R. now, or whether we should actually be looking closer in to the box we are already in.

These days, the constant quest seems to be to reinvent everything. To constantly change things, come un with something new, shiny and exciting.

In my experience, there is little that is genuinely new in recruiting. Usually, new means repackaged or relabeled. What concerns me is that in the constant quest to reinvent and change, do we ever actually get good at what we do now before we reinvent it?

There is a constant quest to do something different to your competitors. To come up with the elusive U.S.P. Well, people have been recruiting and hiring as far back in time as you care to look. The process of finding, meeting, interviewing and hiring has not changed too much over the years. We have found new ways of marketing and communicating, but the message has largely been the same.

Before you look to do things “out of the box,” look in your current box. how can you keep doing what you do now only do it better? How can you improve your process and build on what you do well now, while improving what you do badly? Work on integrating new technologies, channels and techniques to enhance rather than replace what you do now. After all, it’s what you do now that got you to where you are now. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Happy 4’th July to all my readers in the U.S. Keep being ambassadors.


One comment on “Think Inside The Box

  1. Bill, you have a great point.

    Too many times it is quote “easier to look for something new” than to ask what I call smarter questions: What do I do now that I can improve on and raise my skill-results?

    Love how you make my brain think about how to want results from your posts.

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