Remembering 07/07

5 years ago today, 57 people died in London as a result of 4 suicide bombs that were detonated on 3 tube trains and a bus. The day after London celebrated being awarded the Olympic Games in 2012, London was in mourning.
While not on the scale of 09/11, this was particularly disturbing for me, being on routes that I have taken many times. I was due to be in London that day but had been rescheduled the day before, if not I would have been affected in some way.
One of the fallen, David, was a former recruiter who I had trained 2 years earlier. I did not know him well, but I think of him each time I travel through liverpool Street Station. Originally from Manchester, he was one week in to starting his dream job as a journalist in London. A dream cut sadly short.
Today, 5 years on, spare a thought for all of the 53 innocent victims (there were 4 bombers) and think of their families. I’m not a religious man, but god be with them. They are not forgotten.

2 comments on “Remembering 07/07

  1. Even one innocent life lost is too many. Thoughts and prayers to all the survivors and families of those taken too early.

  2. These events defy evolution Bill..

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