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Live Social In London 15th July

Being social is still a face to face activity, despite all the on-line networks available. You build a much better relationship with someone when you can see the whites of their eyes. I have some great on-line relationships with people I talk to regularly, but the closest relationships, most of which started with a tweet, are the strongest connections I have.
This Thursday, I’m heading to the Star & Garter in Poland Street, london for an informal meet up with anyone that wants to drop in. It’s nothing formal, though you can register and forms part of the #EREmeetup series of events that are happening around the world. Over 1000 recruiters will be connecting in their home town, in person at venues in 116 venues in 14 countries.
This is a great social initiative from Dave Manaster and the team at ERE. Real social media needs to be just that, social. If you’re in London on Thursday, drop by and join us for a beer. We have been sponsored by JobShopHQ, so there is no cost to attend. Register your interest HERE and join the network.

Come and be an ambassador,


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