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What works?

I’ve just taken part in the monthly twitter chat, #TNL, hosted by Craig Fisher. (@fishdogs). The topic of the chat for July was “Cool Tools and Location Recruiting.”

Leaving the location bit out, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the applications mentioned and there uses for social recruiting. Most of these were new to me, so I can’t vouch for how they work operationally, but were refered by trusted sources in the #TNL network.

1: BranchOut

BranchOut is a FB application that works in a similar way to LinkedIn. You can see your FB Friends and where they work, as well as their connections. You can group together your friends by employer and search who you know, as well as who they know by company.

With connections increasingly choosing FB as their channel of choice, whilst I don’t see it ever taking over as the business channel from LinkedIn, it is a useful research and networking tool. You can also post jobs to the job board, invite friends and search for companies and people, a function previously unavailable in FB.

2: JobMagic

JobMagic is a great application for integrating your job postings and your social media profiles and channels including FB, Twitter and Li. I particularly like the function that allows job seekers to connect to all your profiles via one button.

Features include:


  • Unlimited job posting.
  • Social media enabled personal microsite.
  • One-click buttons to recruiter’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.
  • One-click job sharing via email and 300 social networks.


  • Feature all jobs on your Facebook profile.
  • Increase efficiency with automatic job publishing.
  • Send job notifications to Facebook contacts.
  • Use Jobmagic conveniently on Facebook – no login required.


  • Tweet unlimited number of jobs.
  • Increase efficiency with automatic job tweeting and re-tweeting.


  • Increase efficiency with automatic job opening status updates.
  • Post jobs to LinkedIn Groups.
  • Send job notifications to LinkedIn contacts.


  • Jobs submitted to all search engines and job aggregators.
  • Search engine optimization of all job postings.

You get the first month free then it is $39 a month. I’ve heard great things about this application and think it is well worth taking up the trial.

In addition to these tools, I also tweeted about my own favourites at the moment:

3: WWW.WTHashtag.Com

WTHashtag enables you to search hashtags for conferences and twitter conversations. This is great for finding new twitter chats that you want to join, identifying #’s that you don’t know or finding out who are the active tweeters on any stream. By connecting with the most active tweeters, and building a relationship, you can greatly increase your connections and the potential influencers in your network.

4: WWW.Zubed.Com

I love what the guys from Zubed can do with location-based mapping. Recently they have produced some outstanding research for me mapping the available skills in 6 key cities around the world and the advertised jobs to show where the skill gaps are. This is great for identifying the best locations for recruiters to sell in to or source from, and to understand the skills you should be working on attracting in to your talent pool.

They can build maps from your data or by scraping the web and moving data to a central location, as well as giving the capability to drill down in to specific searches. There are lots of ways these maps can help with strategy and planning as well as helping with very targeted recruiting or sales campaigns.

5: WWW.Twittersheep.Com

Twittersheep displays the key-words in cloud form of any tweeters followers, taken from their bios. This is useful for identifying if an individual is followed by people who are in your target market, enabling you to prioritize who you want to list as your favourites.

Personally, i keep a favourites list of 250 at any one time in tweetdeck, to ensure I don’t miss any of their messages and take every opportunity to engage. By engaging with tweeters that have a good “flock” of targets, you can quickly build relevent connections.

You can see my “flock” HERE.

6: WWW.TweetCloud.Com

TweetCloud has 2 useful functions. Firstly, you can see in cloud format, what is being tweeted about on a subject. If you know what is being tweeted about on that topic, you can either run searches on the key-words to find contributors or pick up on what you need to be tweeting about to get in the conversation.

Secondly, you can use the twitter username tab to pick up on what you can tweet about or post a question on to get the attention of a target. By seeing what you are most commonly tweeting about, it’s fairly easy for me to identify a topic you are most likely to respond to. Once we are exchanging tweets, we can begin to build a relationship.

You can see my Tweetcloud HERE

If you want to read the full transcript of the #’TNL chat, and I recommend taking a look, you can see the whole conversation at www.tweetgrid.com. I use tweetgrid for all the twitter chats I take part in, as well as looking up the transcripts for the ones I missed.

These tools and applications make our social media much easier and more effective. If you know of anymore, please share them.

Keep being ambassadors of your network,


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