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The Best Networking Application #socialrecruiting

Record your interview for #HRCarnival now

Due to requests I’m keeping it simple. Click on the button below,reply to the e-mail link that comes back and record your interview. E-mail addresses are for sending the link only and will not be retained for purpose of Spam. 3 Questions to answer with answers up to 2 minutes each. All you need is […]

For #HFUK and #HireFriday

In case you haven’t heard of Hire Friday, it’s a twitter stream on a hashtag for posting jobs and C.V.’s, aimed at job seekers and recruiters. The stream started about 10 months ago by Margo Rose in the States and was picked up by Cathy Richardson in the U.K. The difference between the U.S. stream […]

#HRCarnival TV: X Factor Edition – Take Part

I have the pleasure of hosting another edition of the #HRCarnival, starting from September 1’st. I say starting, because I’m doing things a little bit different again. The last carnival I hosted was a #vlog carnival  which attracted 100 contributors featured over 10 days. In any one day there was up to 1000 visitors to […]

10 Web 2 phrases and what they could mean

1: Transparency – What your willing to publish 2: Seat at the table – want a promotion 3: Personal Brand – What you are trying to sell 4: Corporate Brand – What you hope is being said about your company 5: Employer Brand – Not sure on this one. Depends if you ask a: a) […]

New Cool Recruiting Tool

Under the influence?

Who really influences you? Who makes you change your opinions or take new directions? Who helps you choose what to buy? These are questions I’ve been thinking about recently. Authors of good books like Jason Seiden or Chris Brogan have done that for me. I have blogs that I trust, and every so often I […]

BlastFollow: Follow The Hashtag

I’ve just found a twitter application that I think is great for finding new followers and follows that have a shared interest. It’s called BlastFollow, and enables you to follow anyone using a given # to tweet. With twitter chats springing up all over the place, and the significant increase in the use of # […]