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10 Web 2 phrases and what they could mean

1: Transparency – What your willing to publish

2: Seat at the table – want a promotion

3: Personal Brand – What you are trying to sell

4: Corporate Brand – What you hope is being said about your company

5: Employer Brand – Not sure on this one. Depends if you ask a: a) Branding Expert b)Recruiter c)Employer d)Employee

6: Community – Group of people who share tweets

7: Statistic – A number either made up or taken from your existing fans or customers (90% of zoo visitors like Animals.)

8:Tweetup – Pub visit with purpose

9:Facebook Friend – Someone FaceBook thinks you should be mates with

10:Like – Something you read or a post from a friend

11: Crowd Sourcing – Quick tweet to ask for opinion

12: Gen Y – a) Workshy (over 30) b) Know it all (over 40) c)Know best (under 30)

This post is tongue in cheek. But how many phrases do you read and re-read, sometimes post or retweet without asking for definition? I know what I think they mean, but there is plenty that need definition from the author.

What definitions would you add or what phrases fall in to this category for you?

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