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#HRCarnival TV: X Factor Edition – Take Part

I have the pleasure of hosting another edition of the #HRCarnival, starting from September 1’st. I say starting, because I’m doing things a little bit different again. The last carnival I hosted was a #vlog carnival  which attracted 100 contributors featured over 10 days. In any one day there was up to 1000 visitors to the blog, and I hope we can attract the same numbers again. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your talents.

The format this time consists of a video interview, using technology generously provided by Ovia from Inovaz. It is very simple to use. All you do is log in with your name and e-mail and you go direct to the interview site. There is a short video you watch that explains how Ovia works and a set up screen for checking that you are happy with the picture and sound. When you are happy with everything, the fun starts:

When you continue to the interview screen you get a video question from me. Once you play the video you have a minute to compose yourself, then up to 2 minutes to record your answer.

There are 3 questions you will need to answer, to give you some sneak prep time:

Q1: Tell us who you are and what you do. (call it your elevator pitch.)

Q2: What advice would you give to job seekers in the current market?

Q3: What do you think is going to be important in HR/Recruiting over the next 12 months?

When your interview is recorded I will give you a preview so that you can O.K. it before publishing.

I will start publishing the videos from September 1’st. It is always good to see the faces and views behind the avatars, so please take the opportunity to promote yourself and your views. It’s not too scary once you get started.

To take part click on this #HRCarnival TV link.

Be the ambassador of your brand,


One comment on “#HRCarnival TV: X Factor Edition – Take Part

  1. Hi Bill

    Video completed. Hope you get swamped. Looking forward to watching them all.

    Best regards


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