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For #HFUK and #HireFriday

In case you haven’t heard of Hire Friday, it’s a twitter stream on a hashtag for posting jobs and C.V.’s, aimed at job seekers and recruiters.
The stream started about 10 months ago by Margo Rose in the States and was picked up by Cathy Richardson in the U.K.
The difference between the U.S. stream and the U.K. stream is that here it’s mostly jobs. I’d like to see more people posting links to their details in the #HFUK stream. Seems we are a bit more conservative in our job seeking over here, and don’t use twitter in quite the same way. If you are out of work, use this channel to let recruiters and hiring companies know you are looking. There is no cost and really nothing to lose, and you stand to send your details viral via retweets. There is no shame in asking your network for help, with hiring companies increasingly looking to referals for source of hire, this could provide the leg up you need.
Gary Franklin is running a daily blog on his job search that is an excellent read, but beyond that it puts him in the shop window daily and reminds the whole network that he is available. I think others can and should take a leaf out his book and be very public about your skills, experience and just what you are looking for. Social Media becomes a very powerful tool used in this way.
I recently completed 2 interviews that cover using social media for job seekers. One for the excellent Undercover Recruiter Blog, and a video interview for the newly launched Oyster Partnership blog. Hope you find them useful, and get your details out there on #HireFriday or #HFUK. Be your own ambassador in the job search.

One comment on “For #HFUK and #HireFriday

  1. […] otherwise (Please know I like Bill dearly.) He and @CathyRecruit Cathy Richardson set up HFUK (HireFriday UK-see his post here.) They chose to replicate their stream for mostly job postings. They’d like to see more job […]

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