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#HRCarnival TV: The first 6 interviews

Welcome back to friends from the #HRCarnival. It is great to host again. There is more time to record interviews, and I know there are plenty of invites that have been requested, just waiting for you to jump on-board.

I’m grateful to my technology sponsor and provider Ovia from Inovaz, who have adjusted their platform to include a public link for recording without invite, and given access to the back-end of their system so that you can organise your viewing as you want to, like (recommend) video interviews and post your own comments.

Todays debutants in the interview hot seat are:

1: #HRCarnival Queen and co-host of #HRHappyHour. The lady with the laugh, Shauna Moerke, better known as @HR_Minion

2: Renowned HR marketer and all round good guy Kevin Grossman, better known as @KevinWGrossman

3: From the Job Board World, Jeff Dickey-Chasins, who offers a different take on the current market from his unique perspective. Better known as @JobBoardDoctor

4: New dad to twins and all round HR good guy and co-founder of #HREvolution, Ben Eubanks from UpstartHR shares his wise words of advice. Better known as @BenEubanks.

5: From the U.K, well-known commentator and blogtalkradio regular guest gives his take on the european market, drawing on his experience as the owner of the RCEuro community. Better known as @Alanwhitford.

6: Closing todays show with Margo Rose, who shares her vision for #HireFriday, and why even Chris brogan thinks it beats #FollowFriday. Margo is best known as @HRMargo.

That is todays contributors, who all took the time to answer the 3 simple questions. Take the time to sit in the big chair and record your own answers. It’s great exposure and I will feature all contributors.

There is a simple log in process as follows, that gives you access to see all the questions and the interviews.

To log in:

1: Click on the link at the end of this post. (Don’t do it yet.)

2; At the Home screen click Log In

3: When you are asked for an e-mail and password enter the following details:

E-Mail: contact@billboorman.co.uk

Password: HRCarnival

Now you’re in the #HRCarnival. You can view any of the interviews in the gallery by clicking on “Review Interview.”

You can navigate between the questions using the arrow keys and leave comments in the comments box.

When leaving comments please start by posting your name followed by your comments.

Sounds complicated but it is very simple, and once you’re in you will find everything clear and really well laid out.

Enjoy todays offering and record your own entry. you should be the best ambassador for your own brand.

Todays Links:

View #HRCarnival TV



Kevin Grossman

Job Board Doctor

Ben Eubanks

RC Euro


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