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Candidate Commercials on YouTube #socialrecruiting

Today I’m giving over this blog to promoting a candidate commercial from YouTube for super sourcer Marie Journey.
I was planning to write a post on how candidates can use the channel to promote themselves in the job hunt on my sister blog, Social Job Search.

I’m not a fan of the video resume for many reasons, but this kind of promotion really stands out and grabs the attention. With the right network, it can also take your message viral and lead to opportunities.
In this video, Marie showcases both her personality (which is infectious), her results and  the type of role she is seeking. It showed up in my Facebook stream this morning and is already getting passed around by some well-connected networker.
If you are looking to employ someone that can harness the web for global talent attraction, you should look Marie up. geography really isn’t important these days!
If you’re looking to promote yourself, watch and learn!

Marie is an ambassador, use of YouTube could get you plenty  more in your corner.

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One comment on “Candidate Commercials on YouTube #socialrecruiting

  1. Thanks Bill! I’m not one for a video resume, but I’m a huge promoter for creating a Video Talent Profile & had a reason to try it out myself. Notice, you don’t have to video yourself or use super expensive software. Prezi.com is free Youtube.com is free Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin? Free as well…They key is to highlight your talents and skills.

    Results in under 24 hours: 3 Interview calls AND 1st Page Google What? http://dld.bz/u5sV Why? http://dld.bz/usbp Oh My! http://dld.bz/u5z5 Not sure what the next 24 hours will bring, but I do appreciate the support and hope that this method gives job seekers one more tool to land a job as quickly as possible 🙂

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