Happy Birthday To Me

It’s my Birthday today. A time for celebration for having managed to stay around for another year, and a time for reflection. It has been a really tough year in many ways as most who know me will testify. Being in training and consultancy to Recruiting businesses during what has been the toughest recession in living memory has not been easy. It would be easy to mourn the loss of the good times and feel hard done by. That would be nonsense. While the year has been tough, it has also taught me a lot about myself, and I count my blessings and look forward to the coming year with optimism and enthusiasm. It is going to be a good one.

What do I have now to feel good about?

My Children are a year older. Happy and healthy. Both are doing well at school and developing real personalities and life skills.

What I’ve lost has enabled me to appreciate what I have got. The latter by far outweighs the former.

I’m winning new work advising recruiters on social media, and my recent work with Jack Barton, implementing Social Recruiting through a team of interns has brought me a lot of satisfaction.

I have significantly increased my networks, and many connections have turned to real friendships. This would not have been possible even 2 years ago. Technology has enabled me to dispense with geography and find like-minded people wherever they may be and start connecting.

12 months ago I had not attended an unconference. I was unsure what one was. Through #tru, we have now run 2 events in london, the last attended by 170 people, Madison in the U.S.A. (although the ash cloud prevented me attending), Amsterdam and next week in Manchester. 5 events in a year is good going by anyones standards. Before the end of the year we will have hosted #truNoras (for Job Boards), #truAmsterdam 2 (with RIDE), #truCanada and #truSource in Atlanta. Quite a busy year, and I still have plans for Australia, New Zealand and India, as well as going on the road in the UK and hosting smaller regional events.

My wife has put up with me for another year including my unsociable networking hours.

I’ve spoken on recruiting and HR in the U.S, Canada, Netherlands and throughout the U.K.

I’ve guested on 72 blogs. It’s great to get exposed to new audiences, and I’m grateful to those who have given me space on their part of internet real estate.

Through twitter chat, in particular #blogchat, I have learnt lots of new things that are helping me develop as a blogger. 12 monts ago I didn’t have a blog, I now have The Recruiting Unblog (#tru), Social Job Search and #TruManchester, with a new micro-blog in the wings. I hope i’m developing my writing, and my blog makes me constantly learn new things. The fact that I get increased readers is a constant source of satisfaction. Thanks to you all for reading my musings.

The list of people I have to thank for being friends this year when I have needed them is too long to publish here, but in paticular I would like to mention:

Andy Headworth, Geoff Webb, Jack Barton, Felix Wetzel, Lisa Scales, Laurie Ruettimann, Mike Van DerVort, Paul Jacobs, Trish MacFarlane, Alan Whitford, Matt Alder, Stephen O’Donnell,Craig Fisher, Keith Robinson, Karla Porter and many more. Thanks guys!

Lets see what the next year brings. Hopefully less stormy, but no less fun!

9 comments on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Happy Birthday Bill! Here to this one and many more years to come… Best wishes!

  2. Happy Birthday! Here’s a toast to older + wiser!

  3. I remember you telling me about some of your plans and ideas last February while we were standing on a chilly London street 😉

    And now look at all the things you achieved, including organizing several events all over the world and creating an online presence by being (almost) omnipresent and helping out whenever you can.

    Can’t wait to see what happens during the next 12 months!

  4. Great blog Bill. So true that this year has been a toughie in our changing world and look at how adventurous and innovative you’ve been in searching out new avenues to prospect and prosper! Good luck to you (and your family) in the next adventures! Who knows what this new year holds.

  5. Bill – It has been my pleasure to be your friend over the past year. Your positive attitude, abundance of energy and flexibility, and creativity to transform and forge ahead with gusto is admirable and inspirational. Happy birthday – may the coming year shower you with much love, personal and professional satisfaction and success! ~Karla

  6. Happy Birthday Bill. A lot done, A lot left to do! The future look bright.

  7. Happy Birthday Bill! Best wishes any many thanks for sharing all your experiences of the past year with us.

  8. Bill, thanks for mentioning your friends, I am honoured to be in that group. A better year for all is the forecast, let’s make sure that in 2010 we plan a Bill Boorman UnBirthday UnParty.



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