Turning Your Stream In To A Twitter Toilet Book

Posting The Quotes

I have taken two sets of posts direct from todays twitter stream. These are real and have not been edited in any way. I have taken off the twitter names, not to plagiarise, but to protect the innocent, the guilty and the gurus. If one of these tweets belong to you and you can recognise it, let me know and I will credit you with the work.


Group 1:

“Borrow trouble for yourself, if that’s your nature, but don’t lend it to your neighbours. Rudyard Kipling #quotes”

“Any time the going seems easier, better check and see if you’re not going downhill #Quotes”

“Image is what people think we are. Integrity is what we really are. #Quotes”

“You were born to #win, but to be a #winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” – Zig Ziglar #quotes”

“It is not length of life, but depth of life.– Ralph Waldo Emerson”

“You wouldn’t care what people thought of you if you realised how seldom they do”

Group 2:

“15 Killer #Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts That Might Surprise You http://t.co/vfy6Spb”

” Print vs. Social Media – http://youtu.be/PnqjPjbVcrE best line … What’s Revenue? #marketing #socialmedia #socialrecruiting #MBA”

“@BillBoorman nice blog post Bill http://bit.ly/b3I34W – hope you had a great birthday”

“#Blogchat I greatly appreciate if you had a couple of seconds to share your thoughts on the subject http://bit.ly/9IhODv Thank you in advance”

“@mackcollier how would you handle it if someone started using your #blogchat hahstag for their own chat?”

“Thanks to @hrconnexions for a great response to my post. Enjoy my slightly tongue in cheek comment http://wp.me/pYWLP-3w #trumanchester”

You don’t need to be Einstein to work out the difference. Each of the quotes in section 1 are valid and have deep meaning in the right context. You’ve heard or seen them all before in one guise or another. They hold no interest or attention for me in the twitter stream.

In the right and appropriate place, they are powerful messages in posts, papers or books, but sometimes they clog up my twitter stream, which reads like the twitter toilet book.

Personally, I know which of the quotes catch my interest. Those with the @ replies, the conversation and the links to posts that might be of interest to me. I ignore the top section because it’s not original and offers no value, help or inspiration. Don’t turn your twitter stream in to a Twitter Toilet Book.

Post your own thinking, opinions, links and engage with others, that’s how I believe you get the most out of twitter, and how you are most likely to reach the targets you are looking for.

Rant over! Be an ambassador for free thinking.


3 comments on “Turning Your Stream In To A Twitter Toilet Book

  1. “There is no I in team, but there are plenty in Platitude Spouting Idiot” – sometimes, Bill, I like the quotes 🙂

  2. I disagree Bill. Quotes have their place and you have a choice or not whether they catch your attention. Everyone is at a different place as what they find attractive and compelling.

    A junior high student will not resonate with what a PHD would so while I appreciate the intention, I would have added if you ONLY tweet quotes then you are missing out.

    One thing I have found is to use a quote and add a question to it.

    I do love how you bring up points we can examine.

  3. Karen Siwak :
    “There is no I in team, but there are plenty in Platitude Spouting Idiot” – sometimes, Bill, I like the quotes

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