Take a look at the Twintettes

A new blog was launched this week, The Twintettes, and it makes me feel like a proud Dad. The reason for this feeling, is that this is the latest offering from 2 interns I mentor and manage, that have been implementing social recruiting for Jack Barton’s Oyster and Ocean Partnership, as well as JobshopHQ.

They have done a great job, and their blog highlights their experience and learning during their internship. Somebody should hire these girls quite soon, they really are making the most of the learning opportunity.
I have been running these “twinternship’s” for a while now, and it is working well for all parties. I’m currently recruiting for interested interns for projects in Central London and Peterborough. If you know anyone, get in touch. Equally, if you want to discuss how this project could work for you, drop me a line.

Here are my 5 tips to making internships work:

1: Pay them!

2: Have meaningful work they can complete, not filling time on mundane work or P.R. gusting in different departments.

3: Appoint a mentor who will spend time working with them and follow-up/feedback on tasks.

4: Dedicate the available time to a meaningful project they can learn from, and something that will make them employable in the future.

5: Integrate them in to the team by applying reverse mentoring. Older employees mentor the interns on the realities of work, whilst the interns give back by developing an understanding of Gen Y, communication and technology. Removes the threat and builds the team.

Please stop by the Twintettes blog and leave comments. Any new blogger deserves encouragement. I loved their recent post on Gen Y. Unusually it was written by real Gen Y, read well and wasn’t a party political broadcast on behalf of the “Yoof”.

Be ambassadors for 2 great interns and spread the word!

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2 comments on “Take a look at the Twintettes

  1. Hi Bill

    Like your graphic says, I have cliqué the nouveau blog and I like it very much. Thanks for the recommendation!

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