@TheHRD Unmasked? A Bigger Mystery Than The Loch Ness Monster

Who Is The HRD?

In recognition of “International talk like a pirate day”, I’m going to do a different type of post. It’s also a Sunday and you need something different. Normal service will be resumed on monday with a business post announcing the Blog Squad.

Theres a big question going around that is causing debate throughout the Pubs and Clubs of the U.K., as well as the entire twitterverse.
Is the pressing issue causing so many sleepless nights:

  • Will recruiters ever get social media
  • Are suspicion over privacy settings on Facebook going to kill off the channel for recruiters?
  • Will H.R. really get social and start tweeting as a whole?

All of these are biting questions, but the big question is :

Just who is @TheHRD?

I can share the facts that my secretive researchers and sourcers have been able to find out:

1: He writes a great blog: “My Hell Is Other Peoples.” I read it by subscription. It is like a daily dose of Eastenders (substitute another soap for any US readers unsure of Eastenders.) In this soap, your life is made to feel slightly better in comparison to the lives of others less fortunate. It also always makes me smile. (The blog, not Eastenders!)

2: He goes by the name of “Theo” on Facebook.

3: He is probably Male because he has a “seat at the table” and regularly complains of ailments including flu.

4: A few people have claimed to have met him surfing, but it is rumoured that different Theo’s are sent out to tweet-ups and social recruiting events to protect his identity. (Saddam Hussein employed a similar tactic!)

5: He is rumoured to work for MI6 or a similar organisation, hence the reason for his secrecy.

6: He is believed to be the slower driving Son of “The Black Stig.” The other Stig was recently fired by the BBC for revealing his identity. A warning to Theo.


7: He can be seen typing in to a lap-top frantically and tutting loudly on early morning trains between Northampton and Euston most days. It is believed he switches routes often to avoid detection. If you spot him, do not approach him. It is not known if his bite may be worse than his bark. (He barks very loudly!)

8: Despite being an out of work job seeker, this man recently issued a denial of being Theo. Can he be trusted?

"It's not me Guv " says mystery job seeker!

9: He is known to live close to the birthplace of this man:

It is believed that he may possess similar regenerating qualities with his first recorded blog being titled “Henry v’th”. He may have gone under the name of Sir.Francis Bacon, who lived 1561-1621 before regenerating.

Was this the first sighting?

10: He once wrote a blog post that was an open letter to me. I consider this the highlight of my blogging career, that concluded, after a battled peace, with promises of beer all around. I’m still waiting.

11: Theo once said of Consultants: “They sell you a watch then give you a price for the time!”

12: He has promised to put in an appearance at a future #tru event, to lead a track on HR B****S***!He will speak from behind a screen with a disguised voice.

13: He will almost certainly be found at the forthcoming #connectingHR unconference in London on October 21’st. You should buy a ticket and hang about in the shadows! It’s worth £65 of anyone’s money just to find out!

All joking aside, whoever he is, he writes a great blog. The price for getting bloggers who are active HR practitioners may be to respect anonymity. If that is the cost of more HR blogs in a similar vein, it is a small price to pay!

Disclaimer: @TheHRD had no knowledge of this blog post. It will self destruct in 30 seconds!

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4 comments on “@TheHRD Unmasked? A Bigger Mystery Than The Loch Ness Monster

  1. Some say @TheHRD is illegal in 27 States.

  2. Some say that his first name really is “The,” and that if he went on Celebrity Love Island, they’d all be pregnant, including the cameramen… all we know is, he’s called The HRD.

  3. […] part of the TRU series of events run by the effervescent Bill Boorman (who incidentally wrote about me this weekend but in no way relating to that – we’ve had our ding-dong, it is over and […]

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