140 Blogs on HR and Recruiting #truManchester #ConnectingHR

I recently commented on a blog post on XpertHR from Michael Carty about UK HR Bloggers. My comment related to:

1: What constitutes an HR blog
2: The lack of HR Practitioners blogging (I don’t know more than 10 globally)
3: Why that might be.

It provoked quite a discussion. I’m all in favour of consultants (I’m one), vendors, event organisers etc etc blogging. They quite often have an area of expertise that supersedes practitioners. That’s why they get paid for what they do.
Most people with something to sell, blog. I think that is quite right, and the best way to share their expertise and show case their talents. for many, it’s how they get their business.
Provided you don’t write a brochure and you’re not afraid to state a view, you will attract a following who will spread your message as well as a few customers along the way.
By my definition, these are corporate blog and represent about 95% of the blogs out there. Perhaps this comes from a willingness to invest time, research and money, as well as the discipline to blog in order to get a return. I’ve reached a decision that a corporate blog should not be a term of endearment, as most of the blogs I read are in one way or another corporate. A corporate blog rarely means an advert, unless there is a PR company behind it.

The call to action was to list the HR or HR related blogs that you read in order to build a list. i could think of 30 or so off the top of my head, but to make the list accurate I went back over the blogs I have either bookmarked or liked over the last month. The list totals 140 and I’ve listed them all below. I have not included any from outside of HR or Recruiting, or the list would be twice as long.

The thing that I picked up from the list is:

1: All the blogs came to me via social-media. Principaly Twitter but also networked blogs on Facebook and Linked In. i have been tracking this for another post. 45% were referrals from others and 55% direct links. This shows the importance of being active in social in order to spread your message. I’m a grazer rather than a subscriber, and come to most material on impulse clicks. I only follow25 blogs by subscription.

2: What entices me to click a link is either a blogger I know or the title in the link. Think of this when deciding on your title, would you click on it?

3: I have met 92 of the bloggers in person at least once and talked to another 30 on the phone. relationship with audience is key in blogging.

4: I have recommended these blogs at least twice to others. Engage and encourage those who share your links. For me, that means asking for comments and feedback via twitter or Facebook. Personally, I take no notice of you saying thanks for the RT.

Before you look at any other blogs, please take a look at my recently launched blog “Social Job search.” Feedback and comments would be really welcomed.

I’ve not provided descriptions, only the URL’s. give each blog one look to see what it is all about. If I’ve missed you out, feel free to add your blog in comments.

Trish McFarlane – HR Ringleader – http://www.hrringleader.com
Paul Smith – Welcome To The Occupation – http://www.welcometotheoccupation.com
Jon Ingham – Strategic HCM Blog – http://strategic-hcm.blogspot.com/
Kevin Grossman – L3 blog (with others) – http://glowan.com/wordpress/
Benjamin McCall – Rethink HR – http://ReThinkHR.org
Lis Wilson – HRConnexions – http://www.blog.hrconnexions.co.uk/
Peter Gold – Hire Strategies – http://www.hirestrategies.co.uk
The HRD (He who should not be named) – My Hell Is Other Peoples – http://www.myhellisotherpeople.com
Charlie Judy – HRFishbowl – http://hrfishbowl.com/)
Laurrie Ruettiman – The Cynical Girl (Her NEW blog) – http://TheCynicalGirl.com
Rich Dematteo – Corn On The Job – http://CornOnTheJob.com
Voice Of HR – Voice Of HR (Blogging/SM Collective) – http://www.voiceofhr.com
The Buzz – Newsletter from Keith Robinson – http://myemail.constantcontact.com/The-Buzz
Jessica Miller-Merrill – Blogging4Jobs – http://www.blogging4jobs.com
Jobsite – Insider – http://www.jobsite.co.uk/insider/
Fistful Of Talent – HR Blogging Collective – http://www.fistfuloftalent.com
Glynn Lumley – The HR Maverick – http://www.glynlumley.co.uk
Andy Headworth – Sirona Says – http://blog.sironaconsulting.com
Paul Jacobs – Paul Jacobs 4 real – http://pauljacobs4real.com
Lance Haun – Rehaul – http://rehaul.com
Steve Boese – HR Technology – http://steveboese.squarespace.com/
Kevin Ball – People Matters – http://www.west-consulting.com/people-matters/
Steve Ward – Cloud Nine – http://www.cloudnine-media.co.uk
Paul Herbert – Incentive Intelligence – http://www.i2i-align.com/
Select People – @RecruiterBlog – http://selectpeople.wordpress.com/
Mike VanDervort – Human Race Horses – http://thehumanracehorses.com
Mirriam Salpeter – Keppie Careers – http://www.keppiecareers.com
Gareth Jones – Inside My Head – http://garethmjones.wordpress.com
Chris Hoyt – The Recruiter Guy – http://www.recruiterguy.net/recruiterguy.html
Craig Fisher – Branding for Humans – http://www.fishdogs.com
Mark Sullivan – Lets talk recruiting – http://letstalkrecruiting.wordpress.com/
Matt Alder – Recruiting Future – http://recruitingfuture.com/
Glen Cathey – Boolean Black Belt – http://www.booleanblackbelt.com
Nick Price – Whatever You Think – http://www.whateveryouthink.com/
Recruiting Blogs – Vey busy blog community – http://www.recruitingblogs.com
HR Zone – HR Community – http://www.HRZone.Com
Jason Seiden – Fail Spectacularly – http://failspectacularly.com
Mark Stelzner – Inflexions Advisors – http://www.inflexionadvisors.com/blog
Sharlyn Lauby – HR Bartender – http://www.hrbartender.com/
Felix Wetzel – People, brands and random thoughts – http://www.felixwetzel.com
Michael Long – The Red Recruiter – http://www.theredrecruiter.com
Greg Savage – The Savage Truth – http://gregsavage.com.au/
Paul Harrison – Carve Consulting – http://www.CarveConsulting.com
Deirdre Honner – HR Maven – http://www.thehrmaven.com
Ben Eubanks – Upstart HR – http://upstarthr.com
Women Of HR – Daily guest blog from Women in HR (and some men!) – http://womenofhr.com/
Michael Carty – Xpert HR – Blog community – http://www.xperthr.co.uk/
Carnival Of HR – Fortnightly carnival of HR bloggers with a new host every 2 weeks – http://carnivalofhr.com/
Stephen O’Donnell – Ayewright – http://www.ayeright.com
April Dowling – Pseudo HR – http://www.pseudohr.com
Louise Triance – Louises Blog – Part of UK Recruiter – http://www.ukrecruiter.co.uk
Thomas Shaw – Recruitment Directory – http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/blog
Matthew Stollack (AKA: Bruno) – Truefaith HR – http://truefaithhr.blogspot.com
Smartbrief on workforce – Daily HR News and Bloggers Collective – http://www.smartbrief.com/workforce/
Shauna Moerke – HR Minion – http://hrminion.com
Tanya De Grunwald – Graduate Fog – http://graduatefog.co.uk/blog/
Monster.Com – Guest bloggers On Monster.Com – http://monster.typepad.com/
Naomi Bloom – In Full Bloom – http://InFullBloom.US
Jennifer McClure – Unbridled Talent – http://unbridledtalent.com/blog/
Charee Klimek – Vocci – http://www.vocii.com/blog
Kerry Noone – Sodexo Careers – http://www.sodexocareersblog.com
Pinstripe Talent – HRpreuneuring – http://www.pinstripetalent.com/HRpreneuring/
Amanda Hite – Talent Revolution – http://www.talentrevolution.net/profiles/blog/list
Victorio Milian – Creative Chaos – http://www.creativechaosconsultant.blogspot.com
ERE – Blogging community – http://www.ere.net/
John Sumser – HR Examiner – http://www.johnsumser.com/
HR Happy Hour – Blog for the weekly radio show – http://www.hrhappyhour.net/blog/
Katharine Robinson – The Sourceress – http://sourceress.co.uk
Jacco Valkenburg – Global Recruiting Round Table – http://www.globalrecruitingroundtable.com/
RC Euro – Blog aggregator and news source – http://RCEuro.Com
Margo Rose – HR Margo – http://hrmargo.com
Simon Lewis – Recruitment Waters – http://recruitmentwaters.com/
Roger Philby – It’s Talent Stupid – http://www.thechemistrygroup.com/team/roger-philby
Recruiting Animal – NOT FOR THE FEINT HEARTED – http://recruitinganimal.typepad.com/
James Mayes – Musings from Sussex – http://jamesmayes.wordpress.com
Frank Boorman – Not an HR Blog but my 10 year Old sons Blog – 2beFrank – http://2befrank.wordpress.com/
Graduates Yorkshire – Career Blog – http://www.graduatesyorkshire.co.uk/graduates/blog/
Glen Cathey – BooleanBlackBelt – http://www.booleanblackbelt.com
Mark Williams – Mr.LinkedIn – http://mrlinkedin.wordpress.com
Michelle Rea – Social Honesty – http://www.socialhonesty.com
Graham Salisbury – HR Case Studies – http://hrcasestudies.blogspot.com/
Lisa Rossendahl – Simply Lisa – http://www.lisarosendahl.com/about-lisa/
Etienne Besson – The Happy Employee – http://www.thehappyemployee.com/
Jorgen Sundberg – The Undercover Recruiter – http://theundercoverrecruiter.com
Barry Furby – from the man behind Social Media Monday – http://www.barryfurby.co.uk/
Paul DeBettignies -MN Headhunter – http://www.mnheadhunter.com
The Twintettes – An Interns Blog – http://thetwintettes.wordpress.com/tag/
Net Natives – The Net Natives Blog – http://blog.netnatives.co.uk/
Flip Chart Fairy Tales – http://flipchartfairytales.wordpress.com/
Wendy Jacob – Wendy The Recruiter – http://www.wendy-jacob.co.uk
Mervyn Dinnen – T-Recs – http://mervyndinnen.wordpress.com/
Mark Rice – The Andsome Blog – http://andsomepeople.wordpress.com/
Frank Roche – Know HR – http://www.knowhr.com/blog/
Evil HR Lady – http://evilhrlady.blogspot.com/
Tim Tyrell – Smith – Tim’s Strategy – http://timsstrategy.com
Twitter Job Search – TJS Blog – http://blog.twitjobsearch.com/
Oliver Urpi – Recruitment Reviews – http://www.recruitmentreviews.com
Amybeth Hale – ResearchGodess – http://www.researchgoddess.com/
Dan Nuroo – Say Something Dan – http://saysomethingdan.blogspot.com/

Brave New Talent – Brave New Talent Blog – http://blog.bravenewtalent.com/
Kimberly Roden – Topic Du Jour – http:/

Karla Porter – http://karlaporter.com
Ryan Leary – RecruitingTools – http://www.recruitingtools.com/
Alastair Cartwright – Alastair Cartwright’s Posterous – http://alcartwright.posterous.com/
Steven Newson – THIS IS A MUST READ AND SUBSCRIBE. READ IT.YOU WILL FIND OUT WHY – http://stevenewson.blogspot.com/
Gary Franklin – Gary Franklins Blog – http://garyffranklin.wordpress.com/
Michael Specht – http://www.specht.com.au
Ross Clennett – http://rossclennett.blogspot.com/
Recruiter Daily – Daily HR News from Australia – http://www.hrdaily.com.au/
Marie Journey – Marie journey 2.0 – http://www.mariejourney.com/
Jim Stroud – The Recruiters Lounge – http://www.therecruiterslounge.com/
Dennis Smith – I am medical (great posts between the jobs!) – http://www.iammedical.com/
Gautam Ghosh – Gautam Blogs (from India) – http://www.gautamblogs.com/
Steven Rothberg – College Recruiter – http://www.collegerecruiter.com/
Gerry Crispin – Career Crossroads – http://www.CareerXroads.com
Justin Hillier – Social 360 – http://socialrecruiting360.com/
Resume Bear – Guest Blogs on HR and Recruiting – http://blog.resumebear.com/
Amitai Givertz – Recruitomatic – http://blogversity.com/recruitomatic/
Maureen Sharib – Techtrack- http://www.techtrak.com
Roy Ripper – Ripper On Recruitment – http://www.royripper.com/
Mike Ramer – Recruiting In The New World – http://ramergroup.com/blog/
Digital Recruiting – A blog collective featuring some big names in UK Digital – http://digitalrecruiting.typepad.co.uk/digital_recruiting/
Karen Siwack – Resume Confidential – http://www.resumeconfidential.ca
Jenny De’Vaughn – Social Precision – http://socialprecision.com
Stephanie A Lloyd – Radiant Veracity – http://www.radiantveracity.com
David Graziano – Social Recruiting Strategist – http://davidgrazianostaffing.blogspot.com/
Bill Vick – Bill Vick.Com – http://www.billvick.com/
Geoff Webb – Radical Events – http://radicalevents.wordpress.com/about-us/
Alicia Sanera – Sanera APDC – http://www.sanerapdc.com/

As you can see, I read blogs, the majority of them are corporate. make your blog the ambassador of your brand. please add to the list any missing. To everyone on the list, thank-you for educating, entertaining, occasionally annoying, provoking and for sharing with me. I read and learn more than I ever have done in the past. The biggest benefit to being active in social media!

Links listed In This Post:

Michael Carty – X-Pert HR
My other blog: Social Job Search

52 comments on “140 Blogs on HR and Recruiting #truManchester #ConnectingHR

  1. Great List Bill! http://shennee.wordpress.com/
    Deeply Rutted-HR/Topic of the day

  2. Bill,
    This blog began as corporate relocation@net-speed in 2006 and last year we rebranded it as hrstrategist@Net-Speed. Feel free to add it to your list if you think it fits your requirements.


  3. Nice work Bill. If you’d like to add my voice on New Zealand recruitment it’s on The Whiteboard http://nzrecruiter.wordpress.com/

    Jonathan Rice (Rice Consulting)

    • You just added to my “read load” Dan. Interesting post on the RCSA and your meetings with Greg and Ross. you will have noticed they both made the 140. I was also interested to read of the impact of the earthquake on recruiting in NZ. I’m fairly closely connected to some contacts in the area so related to this. I will follow your posts now and if you need a guest for the whiteboard, feel free to tap me up.
      PS: I’m planning on running #truNZ this year. dates out soon.

  4. Great list Bill; a few unfamiliar ones on there that I intend to check out.

    And yes – add me to the list of HR practitioners who blog. After contributing to Women of HR and a few others, I finally launched my very own blog just this month: HR Schoolhouse at http://hrschoolhouse.wordpress.com/

    • i know you are a practicing HR profesional and one of the most memorable people I have met this year. I remember our conversation at #HREvolution on blogging, and i’m so glad you have taken it up. you have lots to add and say in a realistic, hands on way. I’d be interested in how your bosses view and support your blogging.

  5. Amazing list Bill. Thank you so much for including me among my favorite peers (you included). I wish I could click a button, and add all the ones who aren’t already in my google reader into it with a magic wand “Merge”.

    Great group of people. Thanks again.

    Margo Rose, Founder & CEO of HireFriday
    @HRMargo on twitter http://linkedin.com/margorose

  6. Bill, if you continue adding to this list you won’t be able to organize any more Recruiting Unconferences.

    Like Bella Swan said, nobody gets paid for reading interesting stuff 😉

    • I have to read the interesting stuff to make sure I have somthing worth saying at #tru and to know what the hot topics are. Working on learning about clocks, chocolate and knives in time for #truSwitzerland

  7. I hope your readers will join our #HireFriday linkedin group where we offer tweet construction practice and preparation for HireFriday. We also support job seekers with a variety of pro-bono services http://linkd.in/aJ5f8E

  8. This is a wonderful list and resource! I’d like to introduce everyone to http://www.hrcommunicator.com. We cover HR, recruiting, social media, communication, leadership, and more. HR Communicator is published Monday through Friday. In fact, our team reads most of the blogs/writers you’ve mentioned here as we tap into the pulse of HR and recruiting. Great job on the list, Bill. See you on Twitter!

    Susan Young
    Managing Editor, HR Communicator
    Twitter: @sueyoungmedia

  9. Thanks for including me on the list. What a great idea to create this resource for everyone. Thanks for taking the time to do it!!

    • Trish,
      I wouldn’t have a blog list without you on it. I have seen your blog from the first post and had the honour of being one of your first guests. The rise in readership and popularity globally has been nothing short of remarkable. Im a big Mc fan.

  10. Hello Bill:

    Love this list! So many great blogs listed here.

    Please feel free to add TalentCulture to your list. http://www.talentculture.com/

    We offer a collective of interesting + familiar writers from this list. TC topics include HR, Recruiting, 2.0 Collaboration, Leadership, Social Media, and Workplace. I’m a guest contributor with HRCommunicator, HR Margo Rose/HireFriday, Women of HR, The Red Recruiter, Career Rocketeer, and others.

    Thank you,


    Meghan M. Biro
    Principal + Founder, TalentCulture, LLC.
    Twitter: @MeghanMBiro @TalentCulture

    • I’m adding the collective that is TalentCulture to the list. I think I haven’t dipped in over the last month because I follow you all individually. I will change that in the future. keep up the great work

  11. Bill, do you have a full-time job too? 😉 Right on, brother. Thank you for compiling this list.

    • I’m really unemployable so I have made my own role, deep in social media in order to build #tru. Didn’t you do the same thing with HR Marketeer? your blog will always feature on the read list

  12. Please add http://www.jobblog.co.nz to the long and great list you have compiled!

    • Theres lots coming out of new Zealand at the moment. deloittes have flown the flag, but I know it is much bigger than just them. Your blog looks a good news source for this. Was good to see a post from Richard long in which i got a mention. I’m looking forward to arranging #truNZ in 2011 and will need blog contributors.
      I will be following your blog now for more news

  13. Bill-thanks for including me on your list and taking the time to put this together.

    • Paul,
      The conversation we had about being an HR Practitioner that blogs, and how you need to balance responsibilty to the job with integrity in your blog, and balance what you post and what you don’t has stayed with me and influenced my thinking. You make my list as one of the few practicing HR Bloggers.

  14. Bill – thanks as always for including HRH! Great list!

  15. Wow, what a list Bill, I’d love to have my blog added, http://www.humaneresourceblog.com


  16. Thanks for the mention Bill!

    I probably blog more about recruitment, sourcing and HR relevant stuff at http://uksourcers.posterous.com

    Great list, thanks for putting it together 🙂

  17. Great list Bill and thanks for including Strategic HCM.

    There’s another good list I recommend at HCI.org: http://www.hci.org/cfe/blogs/top.


    • Jon,
      I’m indexing the link. Your blog stands out for me because your outlook and area of expertise is quite different to mine. I like to see other views and expert content to widen my own learning. blog reading is probably more important to me than blog reading. It’s also the only pink blog I know!

  18. Thank you for this amazing list. Please consider including the following blog: The Names Sourcer – Names Sourcing & Internet Recruiting Tips and Tricks: http://www.thenamessourcer.com/

  19. Justin,
    The sourcers craft always amazes me, so another reference source is invaluable. I will add you to the list. We are about 160 now and growing. When it’s finnished, im thinking of creating an RSS feed in to a twitter feed under: Billsreader.
    We need to promote blogs like this to recruiters and HR everywhere.

  20. Bill,

    Good list and as someone who was blogging when I was a corporate HR practioner before working for myself full-time, I know the secret to why HR practioners don’t blog. HR people typically are the square peg kinda folks and bloggers are typically creative types who are round peg people. And everyone knows you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

    That’s it, and I’m quite sure of it.

    Good list!



  21. Hey Bill,

    Be great to be on the list! Am I that off the radar?!? bugger!!

    Must be more social


    • Sorry Dad,
      I haven’t read your blog in the last month so you didn’t make the list. I haven’t read your blog for a while. not because I don’t like it but because it doesn’t reach me via social. Spread the word a bit more through Linked In, facebook (networked blogs) and twitter. thats my library.
      I was looking for your blog the other day and couldn’t find it. you might want to consider that.

  22. […] trouverez l’article d’origine sur son blog: “140 Blogs on HR and Recruiting” […]

  23. I’m really chuffed to be on your list Bill.

    I happen to have some spare time now, so I’ll be having a good read of those listed here.

  24. Don’t forget about the job board site of the equation! I cover it at Job Board Doctor: http://www.jobboarddoctor.com/recent-posts/

    Thanks! Jeff

  25. Hi Bill…

    Great list…I would like to add mine for consideration…

    DNA of Human Capital…


  26. Great list of HR blogs. I have read many of these and met several of the writers. Thanks for sharing many I was not familiar with until tonight!

    Check out my HR centric blog; http://www.thesocialtrex.com

  27. Bill,

    Would love to be included in this great group of bloggers. You’ve reviewed my blog before – it’s now updated. Check it out: Campus to Career – http://www.campus-to-career.com.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kirk Baumann

  28. Hey Bill,
    such a long list – can see where my evening is heading – sitting on the sofa with some great blogs! Here are my musings on recruitment:

  29. Hi Bill,

    This list is awesome. Its gonna take me some time to get through it and add some to my blog roll.

    Have you ever looked at http://bonnieolist.blogspot.com? This is the blog from the hugely popular Canadian Employment Opportunities List. The network circulates HR jobs in the hidden market. It has been around for a long time but only live on the web for about a year. It needs some help with promotion to get the word out about it in the international arena. It has been a cool journey.


  30. Hi Bill

    Hats off to you to assemble a ‘one stop shop’ for the fraternity to keep in sync with whats happening (and not!) in the recruitment domain.

    Do feel free to browse by my blog-I guess I am guilty of rambling off- on quite a few issues that keep going thru my head as I live the life of a recruiter..

    Really havent thought of it..in the user perspective..:)!

    Looking forward to your feedback!


  31. Nice work Bill!

    This is really useful.

    And thanks for including the BraveNewTalent blog!

    Best regards,
    Ramon Bez

  32. Just realized that I met over 30 of the people mentioned in the list in real life (or should I say offline?).

    Now how cool is that?

  33. […] That ends this latest list, if you weren’t listed then send me a link in comments and I will take a look and add you next time around. I haven’t added any blogs I listed last time, and there was 140. You can get that list HERE. […]

  34. This is a great repository of blogs so pertinent to our industry. Fascinating to also read perspectives from around the world. Kudos to you.

    Please feel free to have a look at my little one: http://sbrecruitment.wordpress.com/ …erstwhile known as the Recruit Engage Attract blog. A little bit of HR, and a little bit recruitment from an Australian perspective.

    Anyways, this is a very good list. Great to see.

    Scott Brown

  35. great list!
    we also run a pretty successful blog at

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