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Linked In Jobs Insider For #SocialRecruiting

A few weeks ago, I posted on my job seeker blog, “Social Job Search”, about the launch of Linked In Jobs Insider. It is easy to see how this works well for job seekers, but I’ve also been thinking about the benefits to recruiters in using this application. A little about Jobs Insider: Jobs Insider […]

Forget Gen Y, The Gen Z Social Media View

Theres been a little too much written about Gen Y in my opinion, about how they are connected, live at home and want to do meaningful work. For a change, I was going to post about Gen Z, and how the internet is just integrated in to their lives. About how my son Frank uses […]

Hold the Recruiter Obituary

You will have read all the posts recently about recruitment dying, and how all companies are going to source their staff directly, and all recruiters might as well shut up shop and go home. From all the talk, the best trade to be in is undertaking, because there are going to be plenty of funerals […]

Are We All On-Line Fakes?

There is some teenage text language that has found its way in to mainstream social media that doesn’t quite fit. In the chat #SMManners, I kept reading the term I.R.L. I gave a definition to someone new to twitter as “In real life.” This got me thinking. Does the term “In real life” not indicate […]

Dump your followers!

This post was prompted by a conversation I had in the #MMChat on twitter, that takes place Monday nights. We got a little hung up on the whole “engagement” thing. I get tired of being told that: “It’s all about the engagement”, “It’s all about the conversation.” Time for a reality check. A minimum of […]

Kinky Boot Thinking

The village where I live, Earls Barton in Northamptonshire is very much a traditional English village. Being in the heart of the Midlands, it was once home to a thriving boot and shoe industry. In the census of 1831, a third of the men in the county were employed in shoemaking. There were seven shoe […]


The term influencer gets banded about quite a lot. I have been on a few influencer lists and have written posts on the topic in the past, particularly when The Fast Company’s “spam” project was in full flow. A deffinition  of influence is: “The ability to alter or sway an individual’s or a group’s thoughts, […]