Blog #Uncarnival: A showcase for all blogs and bloggers

Join the Uncarnival Parade

I’ve decided it’s carnival time, but this time I want to do things a little differently with an #uncarnival. I’m calling it an #uncarnival because I’m dispensing with the rules and focus areas that usually accompany a carnival. it could be chaos, or it could turn in to a really useful resource.

Heres the outline of how the #uncarnival works.

  • I will review and feature ALL blogs submitted
  • The blog can be in any niche. This is for bloggers and not in any subject area.
  • To register a blog for the #uncarnival you need to post a link in comments and subscribe to this blog in order to get updates. (you can subscribe by e-mail or RSS feed in the sidebar.)
  • The feature will be my view and I can not guarantee that it will be positive. i speak as I find.
  • I ask all featured bloggers to visit the featured blogs as they appear and leave comments in the comments section here.
  • I will be reviewing the blog and blogger, not specific posts.

The #uncarnival will be accompanied by a Facebook fan page and linked in group. Please join and promote them to build the audience.

All posts will be announced on twitter using the hashtag #uncarni. Please add to the stream.

If the #uncarnival proves to be popular I will move it to a dedicated blog and notify all subscribers

Please let me have your blog links and enjoy.

I look forward to your contribution.


14 comments on “Blog #Uncarnival: A showcase for all blogs and bloggers

  1. Hi Bill. Great idea for an #uncarnival. Here’s the link to my blog, Campus to Career: http://campustocareer.wordpress.com. I’d love to know your thoughts even if this one isn’t chosen! Please keep in mind that I’m a part-time blogger. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Bill! I’m hoping for good things!

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