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The Social Media Gods Said …

The Social Media Gods looked down from their lofty perches, and declared what social media was about, and what you should understand if you wanted to “get it.” What the language of the day would be, and exactly what the commandments would be:

Though shalt be authentic

Though shalt be transparent

Corporate is bad, personal brand is good

Though shalt all co-operate and share (as long as it’s with me.)

Though shalt spread my word through RT’s and Shares.

Though shalt agree with my every word and agree loudly in the kingdom of twitter, or I shall smite you and call you a “guru.”, and you will be cast out by my many followers.

It will be all about the conversation.

And the people listened and they nodded a bit. They decided just how they would use these new channels. Most didn’t want to engage at all. They chose to lurk and watch, but they liked it that way. The gods still declared “it’s all about engagement” but the lurkers mostly lurked anyway. they decided it wasn’t about engagement and conversation.

Most of the active  networkers did so with business in mind. They were really corporate (just not corporation). They didn’t broadcast ads or blog as a press release. They learnt that content was king, and only by sharing and giving, could they hope to get anything back in return. The gods said “call it personal branding. It’s all about branding. Be authentic, honest and transparent, but don’t say anything that might damage your brand.”

The people considered this, and then declared openly, we are here ultimately to make money or further our cause, we will help others often without expectation of reward, but our eye is on the ROI. If we are going to spend time here, we will be honest and open that we want to end up with a sale or 2. We are corporate, but people, call us “personality brand”, not “personal brand.”

We believe that social media channels are part of our communication, but it’s not our whole communication. We don’t need special policies or rules to govern social-media. It is not the silver bullet but it’s not the devil either. We will fit it in to what we do in the day, it is another outlet, and we will apply the same rules as we do to the rest of our business.” We won’t die without it, but we could improve or add to what we do with it.”

And so it came to pass, after all the exultations from the Social Media Gods, their proclamations and cyber feet stamping, the people “got it for themselves” and figured out what works for one, does not necessarily work for the other.

Common sense, being grown ups and being individual is what makes social work.

What works for you?

The term “Social Media God” is not intended to refer to anyone posting or tweeting, though you may wish to substitute your own names. I couldn’t possibly comment!

What are the “rules” or “sayings” you disgree with? dare to be different and leave your comment

One comment on “The Social Media Gods Said …

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