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Twitter Random Facts #Twacts

Google knows everything

I’ve been checking some stats for some forthcoming posts and a presentation I need to make next week. There are so many stats floating about the internet these days, that it is hard to know which are true and which are made up on the spot.

I’ve found a great research tool that does the work for you if you need stats on just about anything: Google internet stats.

The tool works by conducting a random internet search for stats, giving you back the statement and the source so that you can investigate further.

This is a great way to find facts and sources to back up arguments you might be planning to make or even show you that the stats don’t back up your personal view.

Just for fun, here are 14 stats that were generated when I entered the word “Twitter”:

  • 1: There are now over 42,000 followers for major insurers on Twitter The Customer Respect Group, March 2010
  • 2:20 per cent of tweets – or roughly 83 messages per second – contain a reference to a product or brand Twitter as referenced by the Telegraph, February 2010
  • 3: Although men and women follow a similar number of Twitter users, men have 15% more followers than women.HarvardBusiness.org, June 2009
  • 4: In the UK, 4.1 Million people download applications or software to their phonesThe Nielsen Company, November 2009
  • 5: Researching products and services is the second most popular online activity among Brits with 3 out of 4 UK internet users doing so.Office of National Statistics (ONS) as cited by eMarketer, September 2010
  • 6:When looking for information online, nearly 2 in 3 (64%) people claim to use search engines. This compares to 57% in 2007 and 19% in 2005″The Internet in Britain2009″, OxIS (Oxford Internet Surveys), June 2009
  • 7:On average there are over 90m tweets per day. 90% of Tweets are available to the public, and 25% of tweets contain links as cited by Techcrunch.com, September 2010
  • 8:Twitter have 145 registered users Twitter Blog, September 2010
  • 9: 46% of active Twitter users access it via mobile at least sometimes. 16% of new sign ups now start via mobile Twitter Blog, September 2010
  • 10: 105 million registered users on Twitter globally MediaTel, April 2010
  • 11: Twitter processed 1.76bn tweets in April. This is 47% increase from the number of tweets in January this yearroyal.pingdom.com, May 2010
  • 12: Twitter set a new tweet record during Japan’s 3-1 victory over Denmark in the World Cup 2010. When the referee blew the final whistle, Twitter recorded 3,283 tweets per second.
  • 13: 3/4 of Fortune 500 companies and other top media and
    advertising firms around the world had a Twitter account in December
    2009.eMarketer, July 2010
  • 14: Nearly 1 in 5 (18%) under 25s in the US check/update Facebook or Twitter before they get out of bedRetrevo “Gagetology Report” as cited by eMarketer, September 2010

All a bit of fun, but something I hope could save you hours of research in the future. Perhaps a good starting point for any post or presentation. A few stats always go down well and are very re-tweetable as long as you can back up your original source.

Keep being ambassadors,


Link To Google Internet Stats

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