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Forget Gen Y, The Gen Z Social Media View


Theres been a little too much written about Gen Y in my opinion, about how they are connected, live at home and want to do meaningful work. For a change, I was going to post about Gen Z, and how the internet is just integrated in to their lives. About how my son Frank uses it at school, naturally turns to google when he wants to know something, quite often helps me out with the technical stuff, and how he spends his money on-line, expecting the best service.

He makes on-line friends easily, has boundaries over what is acceptable to post and an understanding that people may not be who they say they are.

He detests on-line bullies, and in games, is naturally social, building big followings. In all the games he “plays”, there are rewards for being social, and he can get real R.O.I. from applying a strategy. nobody taught him this stuff, he just knows it naturally, and can type far faster and better than he can write.

Rather than write the post, I thought it was best letting him share with you his thoughts on the internet, social networks and social gaming. I have not edited or added to this post in any way and was sent from the room:

This is Frank:

Today the Internet is the greatest invention of the 21st Century, and is filled with stuff that can help you with matters such as homework, websites where you can sell and buy things to make a bit more money in these hard times, or websites that you can just use to have fun. A handful of these are social networks: Places where you can stay connected with your friends, speak to people from across the globe, get help with business, or in some cases, have fun with other people. Here are just some of many.

Facebook: The worlds biggest social network, this can be used to share pictures, update what you’re doing, and talk to your friends. It is filled with applications such as Mafia Wars. These applications often need some friends to play sometimes, so your friends can be a good friend and help you out.

Club Penguin: This one’s for kids, you make a penguin and walk around an island in the South Pole, where you can play games and make friends.

Roblox: Another one for kids but often used by teenagers, you can build your own virtual world and play other people’s worlds, but not alone: There are other actual people, not AIs, wandering around, doing everything from having a nice chat, to blowing you into tiny little plastic pieces with a gun made of plastic bricks. With plastic bullets. Everything is plastic. You can even make your own outfits and sell them, apart from hats, gear, and body shapes. Pretty inconvenient. Currencies involve Tickets And Robux, Tickets being a yellow ticket with TIX on it, and Robux being a dollar with R$ on it. You earn currency by logging in (10 tickets for average players, and an additional 15 Robux for Builders Club) You can trade currency, buy Robux, and you can even earn tickets every time people visit your “Place”. You don’t even need to buy things, you just insert something and build from it! Simple!

Twitter: Remotely similar to Facebook, you can update what you’re doing and also lots of companies use it to dish out their latest product. There are many twitter platforms, such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

OurWorld: Mainly used by teens. You can walk around these different places appearing in the sky, chatting, completing quests, shopping, and playing games. Playing games, dancing, and completing quests, earns you “flow” which you spend in one of three things: The Prize Wheel, The Bubbler, and Daily Jackpot. The Prize Wheel involves spinning a wheel to win coins or clothes. The Bubbler is popping bubbles using “flow” to win considerably more coins than The Prize Wheel, and also clothes. In The Daily Jackpot you use 1 “flow” per day to win coins or even gems (second currency used to buy better things). You can also become a “resident” to have twice the “flow” and more gems.

BinWeevils: A game where you control your very own weevil and wander around a bin. Charming. You play games and watch videos, and not forgetting making friends. You asked for social networks… You also have your own nest, in which you can buy and upgrade it to your tastes and needs. Nifty!

Beasts Of War: A wargaming website where war gamers can meet up and talk tactics, rules, or simply the best armies. The staff post daily videos showing advice, explaining rules, and also, unboxing certain products.

WordPress: The website your currently on, you make your own blog and share it with the world. They can offer advice, review certain things such as games and movies, lay down points, and if you’re me, rant about music, books, and general type of people.

YouTube: Used to post videos of funny stuff, world events, and all sorts of things. You can post, like, dislike, favourite, and comment on videos.

To sum up: A social network is anything that involves meeting other people. Whether is posting photos of eachother, or erupting in a full length firefight with dual machine pistols, if you’re meeting actual people, its a social network. Ciao!

Frank (Author of To Be Frank,), and 11 year old son of Bill Boorman)

I might be a proud Dad, but thinking and writing like this opens your eyes to where they will be in 10 years time, fresh out of University.

What do you think Gen Z will be like when it comes to work time?

Thanks Frank for sharing, you are my ambassador.

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One comment on “Forget Gen Y, The Gen Z Social Media View

  1. Great post. But just important detail he is off the mark on. The Internet was invented way back in the 20th century, not the 21st. I blame confused.com and their confused television advertisement for the confusion. :0)

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