Linked In Jobs Insider For #SocialRecruiting

A few weeks ago, I posted on my job seeker blog, “Social Job Search”, about the launch of Linked In Jobs Insider. It is easy to see how this works well for job seekers, but I’ve also been thinking about the benefits to recruiters in using this application.

A little about Jobs Insider:

Jobs Insider is a free toolbar that you can download. It doesn’t take up or replace any existing toolbars you might have installed, and sits in the right hand corner of your screen. It doesn’t interfere with google or your searches, and only comes to life if you either activate it or look at a job on either Linked In or the following job boards:

Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Craigslist, SimplyHired, Dice, and Vault.

When you look at a job, Jobs Insider opens on the left hand side of your screen. Without having to do anything else you get details on:

  • Who posted the job
  • How you are connected to them. (If not directly then who can introduce you from your network.)
  • All the connections you have within the company.
  • A list of similar jobs on-line with a brief description and the links.
  • A link to the direct career site of the hiring company, which usually contains a more detailed job description.
  • Who in your network might be interested in the job.

The recruiter in me sees real sales opportunities here. If I’m monitoring jobs from my sector groups via RSS feed on the jobs section, I get notifications as soon as these jobs are posted. If you organise multiple feeds and notifications from Linked In and the job boards, you can divide these by job types or sectors. This gives me a list of currently advertised jobs whenever I have a candidate to market.

I can see my connections within the company to find a route in.
I can research the job and the company prior to the call without having to spend too much time looking. The more informed I am about the job and company, and the better connected I am, the greater chance of success in my approach, whether that is by phone ideally, or failing that, a Linked In or e-mail message.

The suggested other jobs gives me another list of potential targets that are currently hiring and the opportunity to research them in the same way. Searching one job for a candidate will open up a seam of hiring companies that are currently active in my niche. One of them will be interested in working with me, and each job I look in to throws up new suggestions!
If I am connected with my candidates on Linked In, (and you should be), then the suggested connections you might want to forward the job to if you are not interested, even suggests possible matches for you.
Worst case scenario, by recording the company and contact in your sales system, as well as the position type they are advertising for helps to build a targeted sales database for later calls.

Its free to download and doesn’t interfere with any of your settings, as well as connecting Linked In functionality with job board advertising.

What do you really have to lose? This makes your life much easier, and will generate daily sales leads in an intelligent way.

What other applications are you using on Linked In, and how are they working for you?

Keep being ambassadors for effective social recruiting.


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Social Job Search (My other blog.)

Download Linked In Jobs Insider Free

6 comments on “Linked In Jobs Insider For #SocialRecruiting

  1. Bill,

    Excellent review of this tool! I haven’t looked into it yet, but will now! Keep up the great work.

    Kirk Baumann
    Campus to Career

    • Thanks Kirk,

      you should check this out, alongside the linked In toolbar for outlook. They are great apps for jobseekers and recruiters. I also love the fact that unlike other toolbars, Jobs Insider doesnt interfere with my other toolbars or Google. (I hate it when that happens.)

  2. Your website came up in my search and I’m taken by what you have composed on this topic.
    thank you for sharing with us,i like it very much and i will always give attention.

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