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Why #ConnectingHR might be a good idea #CHRU

    On Thursday I’m attending #ConnectingHR in London. It’s  an unconference and community for those with an interest in HR and social Media, (though not exclusive to one or the other.) The Community DJ’s are writer, speaker and consultant on most things human capital, Jon Ingham and head of HR Recruiters Courtenay HR, Gareth […]

We Don’t Need #Tru

    Yesterday, I posted under the title “We don’t need #Recruitfest.” The post brought some great reaction and comment, not least from Miles and Ashley from Recruitingblogs.Com . They made some good points on why we need to continue the candidate experience conversation. What I should have titled the post is “We don’t need […]

We don’t need #Recruitfest

    I was commenting on Charlie Judy’s excellent post, “The Recruitfest Drive By Shooting” when I got the urge to write this post. The over-riding message I took from the 9 hours of Recruitfest streaming, and I watched it all, was that Recruiters and HR need to brush up on candidate care, and give […]

Just how “social” is Bullhorn Reach? #SocialRecruiting

Like a lot of people, I was both excited and intrigued to see what Bullhorn were planning when I saw the announcement of the beta launch of Bullhorn Reach. I have been waiting for some time for one of the recruitment software providers to integrate social recruiting in to their standard offering. I was even […]

The Social Media Gods Said …

The Social Media Gods looked down from their lofty perches, and declared what social media was about, and what you should understand if you wanted to “get it.” What the language of the day would be, and exactly what the commandments would be: Though shalt be authentic Though shalt be transparent Corporate is bad, personal […]

The Blog #Uncarnival: 12 Blogs Reviewed

I’m a student of blogging. I say so because I’m not very good at it yet. I’m still learning about the technical aspects, objective, focus, SEO, look, theme, hosting and a whole load of other things. I’ve only been blogging a year and I’m very much a beginner. The best way for me to learn […]

#Recruitfest TV: A Viewers Perspective

12 months ago I spoke at #Recruitfest 2 at Trinity College in Toronto. it was a hot day and noisy in the room. I took my track and we sat outside under a tree and talked about the whole candidate experience. I ran the same track 4 times throughout the day. It was a pure […]

Social media checking goes very Big Brother!

Unusually, this is the second post of the day. I’m writing this post because I picked up on a service being introduced by a company called Social Intelligence. The original post that alerted me to this was in ERE, and was written by Todd Raphael. Thanks to them for keeping us informed. The concept of […]

Blog #Uncarnival: A showcase for all blogs and bloggers

I’ve decided it’s carnival time, but this time I want to do things a little differently with an #uncarnival. I’m calling it an #uncarnival because I’m dispensing with the rules and focus areas that usually accompany a carnival. it could be chaos, or it could turn in to a really useful resource. Heres the outline […]