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@Sj_Fuller Lands A Job: The REAL Part Of Social Media In Gen Y Job Search

Sarah Fuller (@sj_fuller) is a recent graduate who embraces social media and all that it brings. Sarah is part evangelist, part practitioner, my sometimes intern and blog collaborator. I recently started to feature Sarah as a guest blogger because I wanted to get a real Gen Y view on social-media, because most of the Gen […]

My Twitter Toolbox

I really enjoyed talking Twitter at the london social Media Meet Up, which was a great follow up to Tuesdays london blog club. these local groups, with shared interests offer a great opportunity for networking and sharing with others. I like that the members of these communities are not recruiting/HR. sometimes their take is different […]

Who listens to their employees?

I attended Monitoring social media yesterday in London, a conference organised by Influence People. I’m not much of a conference goer, I much prefer the unconference format, but I was lucky enough to win a ticket from Jorgen Sundberg of Link Humans. Many thanks! Being a pure social media rather than a Recruiting/HR event, it […]

Achieving Influence

I read a lengthy post this weekend from The Fast Company that gives a great definition of influence in the social age. The semantics of what influence means has been the subject of some controversy again recently, prompted by new lists of Recruiter and HR on-line influencers. A few people have really got a bee […]

Recommended Connection: @SBrowneHR

I was speaking recently with Steve Browne, who hails from Ohio. steve commented that he would really like to get connected and on conversation terms with more HR practitioners and recruiters across Europe, and not just the noisy ones like me. Steve wants to connect with grass-roots practitioners, and introduce them to his own HR […]

Linked In Bling

With a profile added to Linked In every second, and a seemingly “same” look to profiles, how do you get to stand out and get chosen when potential clients, candidates or employees look at what you have to say? There is the important stuff like changing your update regularly, having a professional headline that says […]

Social Media Policies Not Needed

I had an interesting conversation with a client three weeks ago. They have been trying to get the board to let them open the doors to social for the last 9 months. Each month its on the agenda, each month it gets blocked. The reason for the block was that they couldn’t agree on the […]

We Exploit Vulnerable And Desperate Job Seekers

  A bit of a sensational headline, but what damage would it do to your employer brand? How about if the headline read:   We only care about you if we want you. Don’t bother contacting us if we don’t contact you. We aren’t interested in you. Or how about: We don’t care if you […]

Great twitter video from @AlisonChisnell

Readers of this blog will know that I attended the first #ConnectingHR unconference last month, organised by Jon Ingham and Gareth Jones. I know from #Tru events, how satisfying it is when someone gets sufficiently inspired to start putting things in to practice, in particular through blogging and social media. Also at #connectingHR was Alison […]

Guest Post: Generation Y And Social Media: A Natural Partnership? – SJ Fuller

  Over the next few months, I’m going to be adding some regular and occasional guest bloggers here on #tru. It is good to hear alternative voices, and to share some internet space with others far more interesting than me.   I’m delighted that Sarah Fuller will be posting here weekly, on all things Gen […]