The 100’th Post with thanks to #blogchat

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This is my 100’th post on this blog. The first was posted on 25th october 2009, a few days over a year ago.  What started out as a two month project to promote the first #trulondon, has grown in to something much bigger. Who would have thought it?

Having stuck with it for just over a year now, despite having other blogs and being a featured blogger elsewhere, I see this as my main base. It has also been closely linked to what I’m doing around the whole #tru brand.

I want to use this post to share some of what I have learnt over the last 99 posts. Before I do, I want to give a shout out to anyone reading, whether you are a regular, subscriber or first time guest:

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I’m always flattered that people take the time to read my stuff and sometimes comment on my musings. Guy Kawasaki says: “There are two types of people. Those that care about numbers, and those who lie!”

Believe me, when it comes to bloggers, though we may have plenty of other marketing objectives, and while getting the right audience might be the most important thing, we ALL want readers, otherwise what is the point in writing?

I get most of my blogging tips on how to get your stuff found and read from @MackCollier’s #blogchat on twitter. It goes out on a Sunday night, or Monday morning in the UK, 2.00 – 3.00am. Though it goes out late, it is worth either being there or downloading the transcript after from WTHashtag.Com. All of the participants are very social and will answer any questions you have from their comments.

The big lessons I’ve learnt as i go along are:

1: Don’t worry about post length. The “experts” will flood you with 400 words as best, but rather than trying to cram it in and edit, just write what you have to say and post it. Your natural style and length will come over time. (I average 600 words.)

2: Use pictures in posts. Google images is still the best source for me. A picture at the top brightens the page. remember to add photo credits from your source.

3: Always finnish a post with a call to action. Leave a question or a request. This encourages people to comment and take part. When anyone comments, reply as soon as you can with more than a “thanks for commenting”

4: Make it easy to subscribe to your blog. Add e-mail subscription and RSS feed with a simple instruction at the top of your sidebar.

5: Don’t be afraid to keep changing themes and look till you find one that works. I have tried five. Make sure your theme supports the plug-ins and the widgets you need.

6: Mix up your content by including video, guest posts, vlogs and just picture posts from time to time. Variety keeps interest.

7: Talk about and feature other blogs and bloggers often. Mentioning others opens their network and brings new eyes. I intend to run my blog carnival featuring any blog every month or so.

8: Tagging of posts brings readers. Tag in phrases based on search terms. The best place to find these is in Google. By tagging “How to invite a connection on Linked In” rather than “Linked In” and “Invites”, increased my google visitors tenfold.

9: Make your blog easy to navigate by using categories and adding an archive, last five posts, and calendar in the side bar. This keeps readers on your blog. put your links at the end of your post not in it. (Why encourage readers to leave?) Post consistently, a few times a week if you have the time. (I now post 5 times a week. Makes a noticeable difference.)

10: Sign up for ping, networked blogs on Facebook, the Linked In outlook toolbar that makes posting in groups easy with attachments. This helps share your posts easily, and add the share tabs to make things easy.

These are the things I wish I knew about 99 posts ago, that have made a massive difference to my readers and subscribers. If your thinking of blogging, don’t worry too much about getting it wrong. If I was still worrying I would still be on post 1.

Lastly, thanks to Andy Headworth at Sirona Says who gave me lots of advice when I started. You really need a blog buddy to help you out from time to time, and not just someone who thinks you are great.

Over the next few weeks we will be moving to self hosted and adding further features to the site like a video jukebox where anyone can record comments, a blog comic and bringing two of my other blogs under the same banner. I really want to end up with one place for all I do.

I’d rather hear what you want though. What would you like to see on The Recruiting Unblog?

Keep your eyes peeled for changes, thanks again for reading and for being my ambassadors,


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4 comments on “The 100’th Post with thanks to #blogchat

  1. Thanks Bill for the kind words.

    When we all start blogging for the first time, it can seem like a very daunting place, with advice coming from every angle. I am more than happy to help out new bloggers, giving advice based on my experiences (good and bad) as a blogger.

    You have proved yourself to be a very pro-active and passionate blogger who is not afraid of courting debate, and with the #blogchat representation, you have probably taken your blogging outside of recruitment into a different sphere.


    • No problem Andy,
      You, Peter Gold and others have led the way when it comes to blogs and have helped us all. Through #tru we (you in paticular), have inspired quite a few blogs to launch, most of which are still going. That is one of the things we set out to do and I’m really pleased with the result.
      You helped me a lot after the first few posts, even though Sara thought you were being harsh. I still try to include plenty of recruiting content but i think the boundaries of what people are interested in these days has got much wider. Ultimately, i hope this is still a recruiting blog.
      Thanks for all your help with #tru, the events and the blog.

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for sharing this info with me over #mmchat tonight. You made some really good points which I will be referencing back to along my blogging journey. One I found interesting was using phrases in your tags. How has that helped your blog? (before and after). Did you see major differences?

    Keep pumping great content out, will look forward to your future posts.


    • Jackson,

      Thanks. I get my tag lines by searching Google for what do people search for on a topic. this usually comes from google ads. (have a free tool.)
      Look at this way. there are 1000’s of wordpress posts tagged Linked in, but only a handfull with “How do i search for contacts on Linked In.” W”hat do you think people are going to put in to google? linked In will always come up top on a search for linked in, but you can get a first page with trhis tagging. you Tube tagging is much the same.
      give it a go,

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