Linked In Company Profiles Just Got Sexy #socialrecruiting

Phgoto Creds: linkedIn

Linked In company profiles are really changing, with great applications for recruiters.

You can now post product recommendations  and do a host of other things. Whilst its product headed, you can include recommendations for services like recruiting.
While I think recommendations have lost a lot of credibility on personal profiles due to insincere use and the ease of collecting, requesting them (will post on that another day,) I see the company product/service recommendations as being something different.
For a start, its new and so you have the chance to shape the recommendations you get with some credibility.
On the new Beta Version under Companies you have tabs for:


Tells you about the company.
Your Network

You can see who you are connected with in the company.
New Hires

You can follow who gets hired and also track back where they have come from. Where there is a new hire, there is usually a vacancy at their old employers. If you know the candidate, you can also send a good luck message.
Current Employees

You can see all the current employees on linked in. If you havent paid up, you only get an initial for a first name on your third level connections, but it doesn’t take too much detective work to link this back to the company website and get a full name. Great for sourcing or building connections/contacts. Join one of their groups and you get a great chance of connecting.

A list of all the recent jobs posted, and combined with  the Jobs Insider application, you can get inside the job, see who posted it and how you are connected.

All the companies products and their recommendations. That has to be great for adding products/services under your company page, and recommendations from clients and candidates. You can also easily search the people who made the recommendation. useful if you’re sourcing a technical job related to a product.
Insightful Statistics

You even get a link to see stats on the company and it’s employees. Great for research.

Set up of your own company profile is very simple, every recruitment firm should have one. The new functionality makes following and tracking companies a necessity for any savvy recruiter or job seeker.

I’m starting to get really excited about what is happening at Linked In, and what will be revealed this week at the linked In Conference. Any new functions or features you want to share?
Watch this space for more, become a linked In ambassador by turning your company profile in to your own careers site and reference centre. You have total control over which tabs to add. Get following companies, and take a look at Microsoft and Hard rock Cafe. (I’ve posted these links as 2 examples.)


PS: You can even load an RSS feed to keep you up to date on anything that changes on the profile or a new job added!

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5 comments on “Linked In Company Profiles Just Got Sexy #socialrecruiting

  1. What a great, useful post Bill. Thank you.

    I can’t wait to hear more from you about LinkedIn and job search on tonight’s #LinkedInChat on Twitter!

    Details: #LinkedInChat, Tuesday, November 2 at 8:00 p.m. US EDT.

    Not familiar with Twitter chats? Go here (http://j.mp/bw2qxM) for an easy primer on how to participate.

    You’ll also find info about a few other chats where Bill often shows up to share his good advice!

  2. It’d be interesting to see if they integrate reviews from yelp or getsatisfaction or other review sites or if they allow the option.

    Have you *ever* researched a company (not people) on LinkedIn? Would you? Is this just link-bait and one more place a company must manage its reputation?

    • seeing the way job insider works within other sites, and shows you your connections and other information from Linked In, I think it is only a matter of time.
      This is worth considering now, before the move is forced by change.
      Thanks for your comments and questions.

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