Are we getting engaged?

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This question is not posed in a biblical sense, but in a more social meaning. I have always defined engagement as comments and conversations in social media. I have always looked at individual exchanges of tweets, comments or likes in my Facebook stream or comments on my blog as being the measure of engagement, and it is engagement that all the experts talk about.
In any network you belong to, (I’ve stopped thinking of it in terms of my networks), and any of the social-media places I frequent, there is never anymore than 1-2% of the followers, friends or readers actually commenting or talking.

Using that as the commonly held measure, you could argue that I have a 98% failure rate in engaging with the networks. Thats quite depressing and must mean I am doing it wrong.

Asking around however, even the great @problogger, with his 100,000+ followers commented to me honestly that no more than 1% of blog readers actually comment. I respect Darren Rowse greatly, and he has both taught and inspired me through his blog and twitter. If that’s the stats of one of the greats, I’m not doing so bad!

Photo Creds: Problogger.Com

I’ve also seen a comment on twitter recently, that went something along the lines of:

“All these people are now following me, but none of them are talking to me.”

I have two thoughts on that:

1: Have you initiated any conversation with them?

2: Should we expect strangers to start talking or wait for a common ground or a question they want to ask?

I know I follow lots of people who I only talk to occasionally if at all. Does that mean we are not engaged?

The actions I’m now thinking indicate a level of engagement are:

1: Readers of this blog who visit multiple posts (4+) as they must have searched for them or used the categories menu.

2: Visitors to the “Work with” or “About” pages on the blog.

3: Visitors who complete the poll or click on the links, like the blog or a comment or rate it.

4: Anyone who posts a comment.

5: Anyone who shares a post via the share options.

6: Anyone in twitter or Facebook that retweets or shares a link.

7: Anyone who replies or has a level of conversation in any of the channels.

8: Anyone who follows me or invites me to connect.

9: Anyone who subscribes to my blogs.

This can best be described as anyone who does something active rather than passive, as a result of connecting, reading or reacting to a post.

I’m not sure yet what this level of engagement should or will be, but it gives me a much clearer idea of how people are reacting to what I’m doing, and that is what I really want to know.

how do you define and measure engagement? Is it really important, or should we just worry about other objectives? I would be very interested in your views.

Keep being ambassadors of social,


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2 comments on “Are we getting engaged?

  1. Bill,
    You put forth some really interesting points that are making my wheels turn with ideas on how to engage those with which I would most like to connect. This particular post has made this reader inspired to act…I’d say we are engaged.


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