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How one guy got employed via twitter. Sharing is Caring.

Followers of my other blog, Social Job Search, will be aware of the @employkyle campaign. This notification came up on the Employ Kyle site today:

I was impressed with Kyle Clarke’s story from the start. Disillusioned with the lack of progress in the job search using traditional methods, he built himself a website on a free platform, and with a little help from a local designer at low-cost, set out on his mission to get employed.

His approach was to ask potential employers to bid for his services e-bay style. not bid in cash terms, but by offering the opportunity to interview for the best possible job. This was backed up by a clear breakdown of what he can offer and the type of job he was looking for.

His twitter bio reads:

“I’m an award-winning graduate looking to find a great boss! Could it be you? Take a look @my CV, Call for a chat & if you like what you see, BID for my services”

The result announced today:

After 63 days, 452 tweets, 13 interviews, 15 job offers, 1 new boss… And a lot of BIG thank yous!

Kyle used twitter as the main channel to distribute this message, posting against hashtags, conference streams and other popular places. I picked up his story early, and impressed with this approach, wrote a blog post about him and refered to his site in the chats I get involved in.

Kyle came to #truNora recently to share his story and successes, and impressed all the attendees with the way he had taken a social media marketing approach to the job search. In my opinion, there are 4 reasons why this has been succesful, not just for job seekers, but also anyone using social to promote themselves or their offering.

1: He has a good C.V/resume to back up his approach.

2: He gave people something that was easy enough to share. People essentially want  to help job seekers but they need something that looks good and a story to tell. Give them the story and the link and they will share it.

3: If you want people to put their name behind you (and it is like vouching for you), then they need to see well written content with a hook.

4) If you want to go viral, you need to target influencers and proven sharers. Make them WANT to work for you.

Kyle starts his job with Knowledge labs in New York in 2 weeks time. In his own words Karl will be:

“Helping bring mobile and web-based leadership tools to market. Of course, before I get down to the nitty-gritty of launching my first two products (thinkpal, a simple yet delightfully powerful iphone coaching app.”

Thats an exciting opportunity for anybody, made possible by social media and an innovative campaign. Great rules for social!

While we are on the subject of sharing, I want to share another message you can help spread. To set the scene, here are a few facts you need to know:

1: SPARK’s is a UK-based charity that funds research, (with great results), in to illnesses that effect children at birth.

2: Sarah Knight is a mother and hard-working recruiter in the UK. like a lot of recruiters reading this blog.

3: Mount Kilimanjaro is 19340ft at its highest point

4: Sarah Knight is 5ft6 at her highest point (compare the 2!)

5: Sarah is taking on Mount Kilimanjaro on 2’nd Feb 2011 to raise money for SPARK’s. Any recruiter or mum or both, know how little free time is available. Think about the commitment Sarah is having to make to get fit enough to take the mountain on.

5: As well as the physical danger, 3 in 5 climbers suffer from altitude sickness, in some cases severely. Sara takes this risk, because as a parent of 2 healthy children she identifies with the worthy cause.


I have shared the great story about Kyle Clarke, and about how his aims were achieved because people shared his story, and he gave them something to share. This is no different,.

By doing any one or all of the following, you can support not only Sarah, but also the many children and parents SPARK’s were set up to help:

1: You can donate to SPARK’s on Sara’s just giving page.

2: You can visit her blog or follow her and pledge your support by leaving comments.

3: You can write your own post on your own blog about the adventure.

4; You can share Sara’s expedition blog through your own networks.

Good luck Sara. Lets see what we can achieve by sharing.

Be ambassadors of the cause,


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One comment on “How one guy got employed via twitter. Sharing is Caring.

  1. This is an awesome post Bill!

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