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Great twitter video from @AlisonChisnell

Alison Chisnell (Photo Creds: XpertHR)

Readers of this blog will know that I attended the first #ConnectingHR unconference last month, organised by Jon Ingham and Gareth Jones.

I know from #Tru events, how satisfying it is when someone gets sufficiently inspired to start putting things in to practice, in particular through blogging and social media.
Also at #connectingHR was Alison Chisnell. Alison is Deputy Group HR Director at Informa Business Information, who is embracing social media for learning, networking, communication and the benefits that can be achieved for HR professionals.
Alison has recently launched her own Posterous blog, and has a few great posts under her belt.

The most recent post featured a lunch time presentation she delivered to colleagues about twitter.
As an introduction for the uninitiated, (or socially unaware), I think this is fantastic. because twitter is explained by someone who is new to the channel in a way that is simple to understand. Alison’s new enthusiasm for the channel and excitement at discovering new connections comes across throughout. Please watch this, visit Alison’s blog and comment.
I also challenge you to send the link to one other person you can think of that is not active on twitter that you think would benefit from being there. you can send it by e-mail. I’m confident that after watching it, there will be a few other new followers.
Once you get new followers, you can take up the other #connectingHR challenge issued by Gareth jones on the #connectingHR blog, and spread the new tweeters account details, so everyone can follow them and make them feel at home. Another great initiative for spreading the social message.

Good luck to Alison on her blogging and social adventure, you really don’t know where you are going to end up, who you are going to impact on or what is going to happen next. Thats the fun of it.

What new bloggers do you know that you think should also be highlighted, and what message would you give to anyone yet convinced that they should be social?

Alison is a great ambassador for social and HR, you should be to!

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Jon Ingham

One comment on “Great twitter video from @AlisonChisnell

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