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Recommended Connection: @SBrowneHR

I was speaking recently with Steve Browne, who hails from Ohio. steve commented that he would really like to get connected and on conversation terms with more HR practitioners and recruiters across Europe, and not just the noisy ones like me. Steve wants to connect with grass-roots practitioners, and introduce them to his own HR Net.

Day to-day, Steve is Executive Director for HR at La Rosa’s Pizza, a pizza chain across Cincinnati and North Kentucky.
Steve has a great track record in reducing staff turnover in what is traditionally a high turnover sector. I have read some of what Steve has written on the importance of getting the hiring process right through competency based interviewing, along with good management and culture.

Steve publishes a weekly newsletter, HRNet which is great reading, and a really good way to connect with others with a shared interest in HR and staffing. I know Steve would be glad to add you to the mailing list once you connect. Steve has been building the list over 8 years, choosing to take a low tech e-mail approach.

Initially, this was because 6 years ago this was pretty much all that was available, and now because using e-mail over social media ensures the list is fully inclusive. How often is it a case of twitter users telling other twitter users why twitter might be a great idea? preaching to the converted?

The HR Net now stands at 6000 members and growing rapidly. Steve wants to add an even more global feel to the net, hence his desire to invite more connections from the Europe and beyond.

Despite the e-mail approach of HR Net, Steve is passionate about social media communication, and the potential this offers for building global connections with what he describes as good people. As an HR practitioner, there is no commercial benefit to Steve’s network, other than the learning that goes on day-to-day through communication between peers.

Away from work and family, Steve holds high-ranking office in the Ohio State SHRM Chapter, and is the chair for the 2011 State conference. It’s going to be a busy year!

Above all else though, Steve is a nice bloke and good to know. he has dedicated his own time during the last 8 years to connecting others, long before twitter or the level of social media we know today. I’m glad to have the opportunity to recommend you all connect with him. He is a real ambassador for HR.

Steves Social Places

@SBrowneHR on Twitter

Steve Browne On Linked In

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