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My 2010

This year has been full of: Thanks for sharing the ride! you’re all ambassadors. See you at #trulondon, in person or on-line. Bill

Another 100 HR/Recruiting and #SocialRecruiting Blogs

Earlier this year I published a blog post on 140 HR and Recruiting blogs I read. This has been one of my most revisited posts of all time and still gets regular shares. As it’s Christmas, and there could be some spare reading time coming up, I’ve added another 100 to the list. I’ve also […]

New memory technology I got for Christmas

#Trulondon Featured Track Leader: @AndyHeadworth

  Andy has led tracks at the last 2 #trulondons and #trunora. Being a recruiter before venturing in to the digital world, Andy started life as a recruiter. this means he approaches social media from a recruiters point of view, which I think makes a big difference to his practice outlook. Andy’s blog “sirona says” […]

WordPress TV and #WordPress 3

WordPress is the blog platform of choice at the moment, judging by the number of new blogs that choose WordPress over other options or established blogs that have migrated to the platform over the last few months. I’m sure the other platforms like Blogger have great features too, but for simplicity, WordPress is my number […]

The Twitter Assassins

My hope for the New year is that people learn to play nicely in the sand pit. for the most part, I love spending time in the twitter channel, more so than any of the other channels. In twitter I do most of my business introductions, learning, social chat, mutual helping and sharing and make […]

Monday Morning Funny

It’s cold, i’m frozen in and in need of some light distraction I rushed to YouTube to watch this origins of interview clip from The Armstrong And Miller Show on the BBC. I dare you not to laugh! Seems things haven’t changed much! Have a great week and remember to record you #truvlog entry. Only […]

#TruLondon 3: Featured Track Leader: KevinWheeler (@KWheeler)

In introducing Kevin Wheeler, it would probably be quicker to tell you what Kevin Wheeler isn’t. He has plenty of global experience around the HR and Recruiting arena, and is one of the most sought after speakers in this space. Kevin is the Founder and chief Executive of The Future Of Talent Institute, the Co-Director […]