Chilly reception from Employers

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Large parts of the UK are severely effected by snow at the moment. It is pretty clear that the transport agency just weren’t prepared for the level of snow. (friends in Canada must be laughing at our definition of snow!). Many of the major roads are closed and blocked by abandoned vehicles. Trains are being cancelled on many lines. The Airports are closed. for many, it’s a real whiteout and the Police are advising that you only attempt to make essential journeys.
The reaction of supportive British employers, announced on the news tonight is that 8 out of 10 absent workers will not be paid for time off. these are the same employers that have expected many employees to make great sacrifices during the recessionary times. people have been accepting pay cuts and freezes, doing double jobs to cover for employees laid off, doing overtime unpaid, seeing all but contractual benefits and perks removed. Employees have been prepared to share the pain to support their employer and stay employed. In my book, this really isn’t a fitting reward.
To those companies choosing not to pay their staff absent due to snow I would ask:

1: Could some or all of the work been done from home if you used your technology properly?

2: Does your business planning not cover what to do if people can’t get to work?

3: is your opinion of your staff so bad, and morale so low that you truly believe they are all skiving?

4: Do you think this is fair and reasonable?

5: Have you thought through what it might cost you to hire and train the new staff who may well be needed when your current staff walk? Does it equal the money you are “saving” doing this?

Recruiters get ready. This could well be the straw that broke the camels back for many employees.

Employers, think again. I’m not revolutionary or right on, I just think this is WRONG! If nothing else, think of the damage you are doing to the employer brand you are so busy investing in and talking about. I sympathise with the loss of revenue due to the deep freeze, but think about your employees. Pay docking or holiday snatching is not the solution.

What do you think?

Be the ambassador for your employees,



Daily Telegraph: Workers Face Having Pay Docked

BBC News: Snow And Ice Disruptions

2 comments on “Chilly reception from Employers

  1. I can’t believe this. I wonder if of these employees are office workers. It’s 2010, how do these companies not have remote access services set up?

    • I had to ask the same question. I just think it is a sad state of affairs that companies are considering doing this so close to christmas. the hold up could go on for days. There must be better solutions.

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