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When apps first come out, there’s always a rush to play with them. The Paper.Li daily twitter papers were no different. when they first came out, everyone had one and the streams were flooded. Now this has died down, with less coming out now they are starting to gain real traction. If you look at the retweets and reads for some of them they run in to the 1000’s. In terms of spreading your brand in a focussed area, there’s a lot of value to having one.

Like anything, the key is content. If people know your content is good, they will both read it and share it. I’ve noticed of recent that the referrals to this blog from the dailys have been increasing rapidly, indicating more people are not only reading them but clicking on the links.

Setting up a daily is quite easy and free (no doubt this will change at some stage.) you just register and go to create paper. The set up pages have changed recently and are much easier to use.

The first option you get is whose links you want to include. Think about the people you follow that post good links without too much rubbish. You will get posts not only from them, but also their followers.

Paper.li takes the links, opens them, reads them and posts the opening lines and pictures in the daily. All you need to do is enter the twitter names you trust to provide good links to content (this will include their own.). It is also important to remember that you also get links from all their followers and you have no control over what appears, (yet, although this is coming.)

Tip: remember to list your own name to feature your content!

The front page is divided in to sections (like the front page of any paper) with headings for Headlines, Video, Stories, Marketing, Technology,Education, Business, Photos, social Media and Art and Entertainment. You get the same tabs across the top of the front page with more posts inside.

From what I can see, the organising and selection of posts (phenomenal when you think of the numbers involved)  from your stream is very accurate in terms of level of interest.

I’m impressed! It all looks very professional without you having to do any design work, and even includes your twitter feed. I’m not sure of the algorithm they are using to rank posts, but it is very clever!

Next you can list hashtags that you want to be included. Paper Li will take any link that is posted on the # stream, open it and position it. For instance, if you want to include posts on social recruiting, add #social recruiting. You can add as many hashtags or twitter names as you want in the latest version.

The next option you have is to load twitter lists for posts. if you have already gone to the bother of creating a twitter list in a specialist area, this can save you the job of remembering and reloading the twitter names you trust, pretty neat!

If you want the basic version, your paper is ready to publish and will go out under your @ name e;g: the @BillBoorman Daily. You don’t need to do anything else, it will automatically scan and update new content every 24 hours and post to the twitter stream. The featured posts will also be listed by twitter name in the stream, which usually guarantees a few retweets to start the ball rolling. the only downside I see with it is that paper.Li credit the poster of the link rather than the original author, if I link to your post, i get credited.

The create custom paper option  is well worth doing because you can really tailor what goes out there, and remember that it is getting published in your name and sits with your brand.

First benefit to this paper is that you can name  the paper whatever you want to, so you can tailor it to your target audience, name it after your blog or business.

As well as adding twitter names or lists as with the basic version, you can set searches to take links from anywhere on twitter that match your criteria. The example given in the set up page is:

“You can query Twitter with a more complex search term than just a #tag (e.g. find all the tweets that talk about climate AND carbon but NOT solar = climate carbon -solar).

You can also restrict the Twitter users that can contribute content to the paper by specifying a Twitter list.”

For recruiters, I see a real benefit to setting very specific posts in your target area to attract a candidate and client audience to your brand. There is no way to link direct to you yet other than your posts, but choosing the right name can do this for you.

All of these features make for quite a powerful way of promoting your brand as a good reference source and it is all in one place. I will be featuring mine as a tab on my blog to add plenty of aggregated content on a daily basis. A great service for readers that takes the effort away from them having to search.

Publishing is as simple as pushing a button, and once its set to run there is nothing else to do, and it goes out each day. there is now a Facebook version in beta that you can sign up for that searches and posts from set keywords taken from updates anywhere on Facebook (not just your friends!)

Take another look and be an ambassador of shared learning,


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3 comments on “Your Daily Social Fix With Paper.Li

  1. I agree Bill my three papers have a combined viewership of over 800,000 per year.

  2. I use these papers for automated accounts but yet do do it on my own @jorgensundberg as I don’t think it’s human enough. What sets my personal account apart is that it’s me tweeting, engaging and thinking out loud as opposed to broadcasting which I do from other accounts. What do you reckon Bill?

  3. Anybody who read this article will be feel usefull, I will wait your more articles next time. thanks mate.

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