Build A Great Resume From Linked In or WordPress

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The boffins at Linked In Labs are on overdrive at the moment, cooking up new ways to use the channel for recruiting, job seeking and business in general. The latest offering is the Linked In Resume that turns your profile in to a resume/c.v. with your own changes as you want them. The finished resume gets its own URL which can go on your profile (I suggest on one of the website listings in the first section of your profile.)
Once you log in to create your resume there’s a selection of templates to choose from. They all have a professional finish and take the work out of design.

Next you pull all the information you have already saved in your profile and edit to add any extra information more relevant for a resume and take out those bits that aren’t. As well as changing the content, you can drag and drop the relevant sections in to any order you want.

Photo Creds: LinkedIn

Once your happy with the look of your resume can save it as a pdf, print it, share it in all your social places via the URL and use it as you need.
I like the finished result and think this will work well for job seekers.

Another option for writing and sharing your on-line resume is the new WP resume Plugin. This app builds your resume in the same way as you would build create a blog. If you are familiar with WordPress this is simple. You can create your own theme or use the theme you have to integrate in to your blog and the template wizard is easy to follow and is based on an established resume format.
You can incorporate all of your contact details by link and include a function for printing and download.
If you blog on WordPress and you’re looking for a job, it makes great sense to use this plug-in.
These are 2 apps that I think make a lot of sense for job seekers. They are free and simple to use.
What other apps or social tools would you recommend in the job search?
Be your own ambassador with a great C.V./Resume,


Linked In Resume Builder

WordPress Resume App

3 comments on “Build A Great Resume From Linked In or WordPress

  1. This is the perfect way of creating a resume and also it is the easiest way of sharing the Resumes trough URL. Thanks

  2. Although my LinkedIn profile page is quite packed the automatically created CV looks bare and full of holes.

    Even if you don’t use the resume builder to create your CV, I recommend that you check it out anyway. It shows the difference between a profile packed with stuff and cool apps vs the “real” CV information.

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