The 2010/11 #truvlog Carnival: Take Part

This time last year I ran a #vlog carnival and review of the contributors. I featured 10 video posts a day and we featured over 100 entries, with around 1000 views per post.

Thanks to my friends at Talent On View and Tribepad, I’m doing the same thing again.

It is very simple to take part, all you need is a webcam. You don’t need to go to YouTube or anywhere else, all you need to do is get your webcam set up, click on the record button at the end of this post and leave your video message.

What your message should be about.

Videos should be around a minute and contain an introduction to you along with your thoughts and hopes about what will happen in 2011.

The talent On view platform is very easy to use., it’s exactly the same as recording direct to You Tube, or you can upload if you would prefer to do it yourself.

You don’t need to worry about any fancy staging or recording. We want to see you and your message.

Thanks again to our technology providers and sponsors Talent On View and Tribepad.

Be ambassadors through broadcast,


PS: screening starts as soon as I get 10 recordings!


Click Here To Register And Record



What Is Tribepad?

Tribepad helps organisations build corporate social networks and online communities and provides social solutions in the areas of talent management, marketing and customer service.

Using social software to connect you with your employees, customers, and partners Tribepad can help businesses be smarter, efficient and ultimately more profitable.

View Tribepad

What is Talent On View

Talent on View was established in 2008 by business partners Lisa Scales and Alexis Twigg who wanted to bring the use of video to a wider audience within the recruitment and talent acquisition industry. Advances in video streaming mean that online video is more accessible than before and companies are starting to see the real benefits to this type of media.

Talent on View was created to enhance traditional recruitment methods and add that extra dimension by enabling a video to be sent to clients and internal hiring managers.

Talent on View is not a ‘run of the mill’ Video CV/Resume product – it allows you to be flexible in how you present your candidates to your clients be it in the form of a recorded interview or a short clip of the candidate summarising their motivations.

Talent on View knows that in order to be successful in the recruitment industry innovation is the key and Video Recruitment is the answer to your clients needs.

View Talent On View

3 comments on “The 2010/11 #truvlog Carnival: Take Part

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